(trans)human mesh network(process)


What We Do

Bridge workers - are people who bring two
or more individuals or groups into contact,
such that we have an overlapping of individu-
als in both groups, not to dissolve groups or
individual autonomy but to create bounds
that last between these various individual as
to work more efficiently by working collective-
ly to reach our common goals

Bright Lights - are those who take (for this
or that moment) the role of leadership or
organizer, as traditionally understood, and
act in that capacity as long as useful, nec-
essary, and desirable, as such, we are all
capable of being bright lights at time, but no
one bright light needs to be lit at all times...
as such leaders come and go as need and
desires dictate, as we will under love... this
is a non-leader-leadership

Our Success Stories

You are our success story. Each time you bring
an individual or collective into contact and co-
operation with another individual or collective you
are doing the work of thee network. Thee means

you. You are thee network, each of us is thee
network, as such it spreads by the touching of
hands from one to the next. It comes in many

We understand Thee Network as an emergent
concept. That means that these networks are
always already, but in naming them we make
them appear, me bring them forward into con-
sciousness that we might develop and knowingly
engage with these that form thee network.
Thee Network has many names, comes in many
guises. We take our inspiration from The Infinity
Network. The Infinity Network brings all currents,
that is frequencies such as 23, 93, 663, which
represent groups that are tuned into each other,
these like minded groups that each make up a
part of the infinite current. Think of it as tuning in
to a channel, and the current like electricity that
runs through each channel. This is thee network.
You are thee network.

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