The Energy Stability Project/Institute


            Energy-based hegemony, the change from a Fossil-fuel (oil , gas ,coal) based world economy to a Renewable-fuel (solar, wind, water, thermal) based one, has begun. The issue of exchanging our global energy infrastructure from a non-renewable to a renewable one has local, national, and global implications (political, economic, cultural). Critical review, planning and implementation  of Renewable energy technologies and infrastructure is essential to Global Energy Stability.  The Energy Stability Project is designed  to forward our renewable energy knowledge base, research, commercialization, and interest thru action based global service.

            The plan for action is a simple one.  We will follow the models of what I call demonstration projects similiar to the widely known DOE/GM sponsored SUNRAYCE competition and the Ford sponosored robotics competition.  While these models represent what are essentially solitary research efforts where one demonstration project is being developed, the ESP has multiple demonstration projects being developed concurrently. 


            In the same way that a faculty member works on multiple projects, the ESP is providing project concepts and securing funding.  In addition, the ESP is recruiting/developing personnel and infrastructure to engage in evidence based research that is not "what if," but with a few exceptions, is viable, verifiable and publishable.  The overall expressed intent of the ESP is to commercialize the results and build out the emerging alternative energy industries.  In an effort to structure a well balanced collaborative,  a consortium-partnering model is also being actively encouraged between the ESP and it's partners (current and future).


            The institute is located at the newly renovated Tuskegee University Solar Home in Historic Tuskegee Alabama.There are currently 13 Design projects ranging from geothermal and oceanthermal to solar and biodiesel.  I welcome and look forward to your participation and input.  For further information, discussion, and/or involvement, contact me, Chris Marshall at (804)690-1753 or purpleshorts@aol.com.  Thank You

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