The Virgin Diet

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The Virgin Diet, of course, since it's a primer on food intolerances.

Except for this diet saying it's ok to eat animal meats - she is on the right track as far as I can tell....from what little I've seen.

Search for this on Google: chips without corn soy or wheat
Allergen-Free Food | Find Foods for Food Allergy | Hypoallergenic ...
cute mini-chips free of dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut ... Nutrition bars without dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, soy, gluten, corn, and shellfish ... from gluten,wheat, peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy, casein, egg, corn, fish and shellfish.

Unglued: The Sticky Truth About Wheat, Dairy, Corn and Soy ... › ForumsCurrent EventsHealthShareJul 16, 2012 – Unglued: The Sticky Truth About Wheat, Dairy, Corn and Soy ... soy-milk-guzzling, cheese-nibbling, corn-chip having Americans would probably be ... Or findwheat that can be eaten without massive preparation and cooking.

Beanitos Health Benefits - Bean, Gluten-Free, Corn Free, Low ...
... Pinto Bean and Flax with Cheddar Cheese chips are the only bean chips that are 100% cornwheatsoy, and potato free! Yes, we said absolutely no corn!

Pea/ rice protein powder. This is my absolute favorite. It tastes incredible:

Hi JJ, Excellent program really. Here is my challenge, and apologies if you have addressed this with one of our many fans already. I am vegetarian. Any advice on a modified form of your program for vegetarians?
Reply · · November 18 at 8:12am

JJ Virgin · Top Commenter · Rancho Mirage, California
Renee, I answer this in the FAQ page. Stay tuned: I am creating a vegetarian guide that will be out soon!

In the information I've read so far it seems that all or most of the protein you recommend is from animal sources. My question is: can your diet work for vegans? Thank you.

Here is the 7 foods she says to leave off for 21 (trial) then we won't want to eat them very much after that because of the benefits:

  1. SOY
  3. CORN
  4. SUGAR AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS  (No more than 5 grams of sugar per serving.)
  5. EGGS
  6. DAIRY
  7. GLUTEN - gluten hides in EVERYTHING - (Pickles... mustard... etc.)
Completely normal to feel bad a few days after you've pulled the 7 foods. It's your body's way of protesting against all those cravings! Check out my FAQ for more top questions:


Aspartame is a poison, and it is hidden in
thousands of processed foods and soft
drinks under the brand names Nutrasweet
and Equal, among others.

If aspartame were a natural substance, it
would probably be banned in the U.S. by
the FDA. Some experts say aspartame
receives 75% of the complaints to the FDA
about food additives.

The documentary Sweet Remedy gives
insight into the effects of aspartame. If
you can't watch the full documentary, the
first 25 minutes give an excellent

If you can't watch 25 minutes, I've also
included the link to the 3-minute trailer.


The 3-minute trailer

The full documentary

Breakfast: The Virgin Diet Shake! Pea/rice protein, So Delicious Dairy Free unsweetened coconut milk, berries, flax or chia seeds. Easy and filling.

poster: I thought my diet was pretty good. Oatmeal (have to check if it's gluten free) with berries and apple pieces and flax meal. I will change to coconut milk for coffee. Snacking on walnuts and almonds during the day. I have a whey protein shake and will have to change to something else. I also have a kale salad everyday with broccoli, snap peas, yellow and red peppers with parmesan cheese. I do feel bloated a lot as well as constipation (may be due to medications) So any way I can improve with your wonderful diet will definitely be good and maybe get rid of some of these symptoms.
Reply · · November 15 at 1:58pm

JJ Virgin · Top Commenter · Rancho Mirage, California
You want to do pea/ rice and not whey protein. Here's the one I recommend and it tastes GREAT!

You've got to make sure the 7 foods are COMPLETELY out during phase 1. This will make more sense in when you read The Virgin Diet. Have you considered getting a personal coach to help you one-on-one with your issues? They can help you custom-tailor the plan to work for you to address your symptoms:

Dairy can stall fast fat loss. You need to pull all 7 foods for 3 weeks
  1. soy (milk and any soy products) (Monsanto strikes again)
  2. peanuts - switch to Almonds (almond butter instead of peanut butter)
  3. corn (one of the worst "Monsanto" GMO altered foods). You feed corn to pigs and cows to fatten them up. Hello! Eat it if you want to "fatten" up! Agree totally with corn, when I don't eat feel much better. also stopped nosebleeds when I took out of my diet.
  4. sugar & artifical sweetners - It's sugar. See my sugar article:  I have been using Lakanto for is a non GMO fermented sugar from Japan and my family loves it....Do you know about this sugar JJ and would you recommend it? It is expensive but worth every penny! Well, it's a blend of monk fruit and erithytol. Monk fruit is fine. Erithryol is a sugar alcohol. It's probably ok to use a little bit.
  5. eggs - causes a lot of asthma problems, headaches, etc... Eggs are eggs. They've got to go.
  6. dairy (if you are in the dark about dairy - search for these keywords on Google "walter veith udderly amazing"videos- and watch the 8 videos on this will be amazed at all the lies you've been fed, literally!)  I'm trying to shift my whole family from cow's milk to other alternatives: coconut, almond, and rice milk products.
  7. gluten (wheat products = wheat bread etc things made with wheat products
I like your approach JJ but I'm a little on the fence about dairy and here's why. Because I am a proponent of Raw dairy. real dairy from real cows raised on real grass and not subject to processing. This is a pipe dream I know, because it is so extremely difficult to find that I'm wondering if it is easier for you to just say..."no dairy" or is there an alternative break-down to this discussion? I understand removing it as an elimination/challenge but then?
  • JJ Virgin ·  Top Commenter · Rancho Mirage, California
    Kate, I answer this question in the FAQ page. But to summarize: in phase 1 you need to pull ALL dairy. Yes, grass-fed/ humanely raised dairy is FAR better than conventional dairy, and I want you to use that when you challenge dairy in phase 2. But in phase 1, it's got to go. The Virgin Diet book will help you understand this better.
Ideas for kids - foods kids will like: almond-crusted

How do you feel about Teeccino as coffee alternative? It's fine as long as it doesn't have added sugar or any of the NO foods.

fun fruits and veggies, quinoa, sweet potato fries, etc.  (in combination with a rainbow of non starchy vegetables)

JJ Virgin ·  Top Commenter · Rancho Mirage, California

I suggest lateral shifts. Instead of white rice, for instance, have quinoa. And instead of white potatoes, have sweet potatoes. Far richer in nutrients & fiber.

Will this diet help with hypothyroid? Can hypothyroid be fixed?
Reply · · November 14 at 6:37pm

JJ Virgin · Top Commenter · Rancho Mirage, California
Yes, absolutely! Soy, for instance, is a thyroid inhibitor. Check out this book:

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You've got to make sure the 7 foods are COMPLETELY out during phase 1. This will make more sense in when you read The Virgin Diet. Have you considered getting a personal coach to help you one-on-one with your issues? They can help you custom-tailor the plan to work for you to address your symptoms:

What do I use to replace my whey protein in the protein shakes if I need a whey protein that does not contain dairy? Pea/ rice protein powder. This is my absolute favorite. It tastes incredible:

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