Straight Testimony: What is it exactly?



Note:  At present there is little order to the following counsels.  Further classification will be forthcoming.


No long prayers during family worship or in public meetings…one to two minutes is long enough    [CG 521; 7BC 939; 2T 577-578,581,617, 672; 5T 201,618]


In general, the time for prayer should not be longer than ten minutes and should be after a change of position and singing or exhortation.  Prayer should be voluntary  [2T 578]


Do not open the heart’s affairs during public meetings  [2T 578]


Speak very clearly in public prayer, bible reading, or giving testimony  [CT 241]


When praying in public, do not bow face into hands, but lift head/eyes heavenward

[6T 381; CT 241]


No lengthy preaching  [2T 672]


We should say “Amen” at the end of a public prayer  [6T 383]


Spend much time in secret prayer  [CT 258]


Let the inspiration of the Spirit of God dictate our prayers  [6T 367:1]


Do nothing to attract attention or win praise to self in almsgiving, prayer, and fasting  [DA 312]


Do not have hurried prayers, but rather think, pray, and wait  [7T 243]


Pray in the family circle and do not neglect secret prayer  [SC 98]


Faithfully attend prayer meeting…Seek every opportunity to go where prayer is being made…  [SC 98, 4T 461]


Entertaining, anecdotal stories should not be a part of the sermon  [GW 152,166;TM 318;Ev 210]


Preaching should be directed to and reach the hearts of the hearers affecting the heart and conscience  [TM 62;5T 301;COL 336]


Do not preach of only out of emotion  [5T 301]


Do not preach only to convey information or to convince/appeal to the intellect  [TM 62]


Do not preach with levity (humorous attitude), trifling (of small value/importance)  [GW 147,155]


Do not give fanciful interpretations or flowery speeches when preaching  [GW 147,155]


Preach the word alone  [GW 147,155]


Preacher to teach/ask questions to listeners to illicit involvement/interest  [GW 167]


Sermons to be about one hour long  [2T 117]


Simple exercise of playing ball is OK, but should not be overdone  [2SM 322]


When preaching, less preliminaries and excuses is best…come to the subject  [2T 117, 616]


Do not use unnatural pitch of voice when preaching  [Ev 670]


Do not race along from point to point when preaching  [Ev 670; GW 168]


During Sabbath services, there should be tome for testimony, praise to God, song, and prayer  [GW 171]


Testimonies during prayer or social meeting should be short and of a nature to help others  [GW 171]


Ministers not to act like theatrical performers in effort to present truth  [GW 172]


Do not use long/difficult words, but rather plain language in presentations of truth  [GW 169]


House-to-house labor should accompany preaching  [TM 313; GW 188]


You should have a good manner of handshake when greeting someone  [GW 189]


Do not act as if it is beneath you to come in contact with the poor  [GW 189]


Do not give children special notice or repeat their clever words before them…do not praise their looks, their words, or their actions…do not dress them in an expensive, showy manner  [COL 83]


Do not put children on exhibition before visitors  [CG 38]


Form small prayer bands for daily prayer during evangelistic efforts  [Ev 111-112]


In addition to and after a short Sabbath sermon, opportunity for praise, gratitude, adoration, prayer, and testimony should be given  [6T 361]


Minister-less church should appoint a leader of the Sabbath meeting  [6T 361]


Do not sleep in the house of God on Sabbath  [6T 361]


As you enter the place of worship, ask Lord to remove all evil from your heart  [6T 362]


Solicit prayer from the church for those souls for whom you labor  [6T 80]


Youth should have solitary prayer at dawn, twilight, and throughout the day  [Ed 259]


We should have regular times for rising, praying, and eating  [5T 181]


We should do one thing at a time, do it well, finishing it before starting upon a second project  [5T 181]


“Avoid reading and seeing things which will suggest impure thoughts”  [2T 410:1]


Never indulge in slothfulness or indolence [5T 183]


Do not needlessly unite with those who oppose the truth or place yourself where it is difficult to live out your faith  [5T 183]


Keep your mind on your prayer while praying  [FE 531]


Do not use careless/irreverent expressions when referring to God in/outside of prayer.  Especially should we not couple the words “God” and “Almighty” together in a thoughtless, careless manner.  Do not frequently or needlessly repeat the name of God. [PP 306-307; EW 70; God’s Amazing Grace p. 92; Ed 243]


Never study the bible without prayer  [GC 599]


Pray immediately when tempted  [3BC 1155]


Do not use complicated words when praying, but use simple words, short and direct  [9T 278]




The closet is the best place for an individual holding worship at home [5T 491]


Give cheerful/hearty responses and “Amen” when we agree with and understand the Word spoken to us  [5T 318]




Do not talk about worldly matters or engage in light/trifling conversation upon Sabbath  [2T 703]


Discipline mind to dwell on sacred themes on Sabbath Day  [2T 703]


Do no engage in unnecessary physical labor on Sabbath Day  [2T 703]


Do not sleep during much of the waking hours of the Sabbath Day  [2T704]


We should kindly and solemly reprove those who engage in worldly conversation upon the Sabbath  [2T 704]




We should owe no one anything…pay off all of our debts  [5T 181-182]




Do not oppose something you have not thoroughly investigated, it is a sin  [2T 695]


No one, however young or old should masturbate or fondle themselves  [2T 347,352,391,392,402,403,409,410,469,470,481-483; CD 399-400]


Do not eat butter, eggs, and meat if you wish to best control the animal passions  [2T 362; CD 399-400]


We should all develop the faculty of seeing what needs to be done and doing it without being told  [5T 180]


Do not wait for thrilling missionary appeals to be aroused to give  [4T 474:2]


Promptly give first appropriation of our income to God  [4T 474, 476]


Give tithe, sin offering, and thank offering when you acquire a large sum of money  [4T 467]


Do not drive…home the lessons of the Testimonies to the hearts of the hearers  [6T 122]


Do not mix your filling of words, when reading the Testimonies  [6T 122-123]


Lighten the labor of a pregnant woman  [2T 381]


Pregnant woman should be well clothed and eat nutritious, simple food  [2T 382]


Pregnant mother should not be self-indulgent, selfish, impatient, and exacting  [MH 372; 2SM 428-429]


Pregnant mother should be true to right principles, temperate, self-denying, kind, gentle, unselfish  [MH 373]


Father (G) to study how to make mother happy during pregnancy  [2SM 428-430]


Mothers should not have too many children  [2SM 431]


Keep yourself, your house and the premises around your house clean  [4SG-A  141]


In the morning, the Christians first thoughts should be upon God  [MYP 337]


Do not watch or attend prize fights  [AH 499; FE 320]


Do not have gift concerts, gift enterprises, raffles, lotteries, and prize packages to raise money  [GC 387]


Better to break marriage engagements before than separate after marriage  [AH 48]


Avoid the society of those who use profane language, irreverent, lover of idleness, scoffer of hallowed things  [AH 47-48]


Avoid the society of those who are addicted to the use of one glass of liquor  [AH 48]


Don’t listen to the proposals [marriage] of those who have no realization of their responsibility to God  [AH 48]


Parents do not allow the use of tobacco, profanity, or drinking in your own house  [CG 241]

I am convinced that we will not have a part in the giving of the three angels messages unless we dress appropriately. I think of dressing appropriately as putting on the simple armor that David used in going against Goliath. We have many Goliath's to fight in this day and age. People mocked and made fun of David when he told King Saul that he could not use the King's armour - but opted for the plain and simple dress. I believe dressing like this fits us for battle against the devil's shrewdness today. 


Do not resort to a physician that has the same addiction you have  [5T 443]


Do not attach exalted titles like “professor” to our name  [Ev 132:3; 2SM 164]


Parents should support/sustain the rightful authority of the teachers in the school  [5T 89]


We should patronize the goldly physician in preference to the ungodly, irreligious  [5T 445:1]


Be more apt to distrust the infidel, ungodly, and irreligious physician  [5T 445:1]


We should not have a godless physician at the bedside of the dying  [5T 445:1]


Physician to study the Word of God diligently; be familiar with it’s promises  [MH 121]


All Christians should talk of the promises of God  [MH 488]


A promise to another person made contrary to the scriptures should be retracted without delay  [5T 365:1]


In God’s work, we should be prompt and decisive.  [3T 498,499]


During worship, do not sing loudly with harshness and shrillness that offends the ear  [9T 144]


We should sing and speak so that all can understand  [9T 144]


Select a certain number of people to lead out in the song service, but as often as possible, let the entire congregation join in the singing  [9T 144]


Let the singing be accompanied with musical instruments skillfully handled  [9T 144]


Do not oppose the used of instrumental music in our work, but rather let this part of the service be carefully conducted  [9T 144]


Typesetters, proofreaders, printers and binders:  Do not work if you know the material contains errors and counteracts the work of God  [7T 168]


Avoid grease, cheese, spices, fine flour bread  [CH 114]


Speakers not to speak of politics in the church setting  [TM 337:1]


Do not use haphazard methods to make decisions  (ie, casting lots, flip a penny, etc…)  [2SM 327-328]


Do not entrust your means/property to your children (while alive) unless they are more zealous for God’s cause than you are  [3T 118]


Do not will means/property to unbelieving companion or reckless children…or even to a believing companion who is naturally penurious and inclined to selfishness and acquisitiveness  [3T 119:0; 121:1; 1T 528-529; 2T 654,658 ]


Do not associate with those whose morals are loose  [3T 125:2]


Parents should will more money/property to God’s cause then to children who have enough  [3T 120:2]


Seek advice of men of experience, proper counselors (who have experience in the truth and knowledge of the divine will) when making decisions to dispose of property/means  [3T 121,130]


Do not spend extravagantly on dress or the embellishment of our houses  [4T 477]


Place tithes and offerings aside first for God, then the remainder will be blessed  [4T 477]


Everyday we should perform little acts of kindness in our neighborhood  [6T 264:1]


There should be a fund to aid the “worthy poor” who love God and keep His commandments  [6T 269:2]


We should not establish homes for the elderly  [6T 272:1]


We should not send our elderly family members away from home to receive care  [6T 272:1]


The members of every family should minister to their own elderly relatives.  When not possible, this work belongs to the church.  And if one church is overtaxed in this work, other churches should come to it’s assistance.  [6T 272]


There should be a treasury for the poor in every church  [5T 150]


Let every church member systematically give to the treasury for the poor (this is a thank offering)  [5T 150-155]


We are to give to God: tithes and offerings, thank offerings, freewill offerings, and trespass offerings  [5T 150]


Do not praise or flatter another human being  [5T 75:2]


Bible prophecy and bible history should be a part of the studies in our schools  [5T 525:4]


Needed: a school for those just entering the ministry.  Teach common branches of education, vital truths of God’s Word, and give lectures upon the prophecies  [5T 160:2]


Parents to instruct children in the statutes and requirements of God as well as the prophecies  [CSW 56: 2]


Parents should study the Sabbath school lesson with the children  [CSW 56: 2,3]


Practical lessons of the teachings of Christ should be interspersed with our prophetic studies  [Ev 172: 0]


Show application of prophecy that brings us to 3rd Angel’s Message  [2SM 105]


Show that the Great Day Of God is right upon us  [1T 361]


We must follow the directions given through the Spirit of Prophecy  [GW 308; 8T 298]


Be careful about what you say Sister White said about a subject  [2SM 86]


Give special attention to the books of Daniel and the Revelation  [Ev 577]


Avoid hiring worldly musicians if at all possible  [Ev 127:3]


Charts should be used in the presentation of truth  [Ev 203,577]


New methods of reaching the people with the solemn truth must be devised and attempted  [Ev 70,122,123]


Those with large possessions should lay by in store as God has prospered them for God’s cause and for charitable purposes  [1T 191,192]


Religious instruction should be given to children from their earliest years  [6T 93:4]


Parents, make your children your companions  [6T 94:0]


Parents to give consent for their children to be baptized when satisfied that they understand the meaning of conversion, baptism, and are truly converted.  But parent’s duty does not end here.  Parents to continue teaching by precept and example to guide them to be obedient.  [6T 94-95]


When you enter a place to present the truth, seek to befriend the minister [leader] first…do not give the impression that you are like a fox, stealing in to get the sheep, but lay open before the minister the fact that you want to call his attention to precious truths in the Word of God.  [4MR 116:1]


All erroneous, polluted literature should be separated from our educational institutions  [FE 388]


Heathen philosophy not to be studied for youth in our schools  [FE 388]


The resolves we make in adversity should be carried out in prosperity  [2T 279:1]


Prayers most needed for those entrusted with prosperity and influence  [MH 212:1]


We should not set young men and young women and those without sufficient strength of character to resist temptation to work among the abandoned and depraved classes  [WM 253-254]


Do not indulge in a proud look  [1T 304]


We muyst follow the providences of God’s lead…do not shrink from venturing or advancing [LS 194]


Believe God’s Word, act upon it promptly…do not hesitate or delay…be minutemen, ever ready to move as fast as providence opens the way  [PP 423]


Do not move faster than the unmistakable providence of God opens the way before you  [1T 560:0]


Watch for the movings of God’s providences  [5T 728:2]


Do not doubt God or His goodness because of what you can not understand  [Ed 170:1;5T 699;GC 47:1]


When we can not see the definite outcome of affairs or discern the purpose of God’s providences, do not cast away your confidence…remember His tender mercies, cast your care upon Him, and with patience, wait for His salvation  [COL 61:0]


Let the inspiration of the Spirit of God dictate your prayers  [6T 367:1]


God’s dealings with His people should be repeated often  [6T 364-365]


Missionaries to pray morning, noon, and night  [R&H 11-11-1902 C3:0]


We should eat dried fruits  [CD 311]


For household canning, use glass instead of tin cans [CD 311]


Guard against disseminating false erroneous theories   [CW 154]


Do not lower the price of our publications too low  [4T 597:2]


Our literature to be distributed judiciously on the trains, in the street, on great ships and through the mail  [9T 123:0]


Do not sale publications of little value or merchandise alongside our publications  [1T 687:2]


Health talks and health publications to be presented before believers and unbelievers (neighbors)  [CM 134; CH 462]


Let both health books and religious books be presented in our canvassing  [CM 135]


To prepare for the ministry, let our young men enter the canvassing field  [GW 96]


After preaching, ministers should not act the part of a salesman.  Let others do this as far as possible  [1T 472]


We are never to praise or flatter the minister, exalt God only  [1T 474,475]


Do not quote or refer to writings of SofP to prove things to unbelievers  [5T 669:2]


Exercise long patience and brotherly love towards those who are not too acquainted with and doubt the Testimonies until they find their position and become astablished for or against  [5T 668:1]


As ordinarily conducted, we should not attend parties of pleasure  [Ed 211:1]


We should avoid frivolous associations  [Ed 211:1]


We should avoid habits of extravagance  [Ed 211:1]


We should avoid habits of pleasure seeking  [Ed 211:1]


We should not send our children to some boarding school (or college) for their education  [SofT 05-08-1882]


Avoid novel reading  [SofT 05-08-1882]


Avoid frivolous amusements  [SofT 05-08-1882]


Do not study the adornment of others in an effort to out rival them  [SofT 05-08-1882]


Avoid low, debasing, enervating, exciting, sensual amusements [YI 11-06-1902; SofT 12-06-1905; Testimonies For The Physicians And Helpers Of The Sanitarium p. 71:2]


Do not publish the arguments of those who oppose the truth to everyone  [3T 427]


Facilities for manual labor should be provided in connection with our schools where students should be required to devote a portion of their time to active employment…girls should be taught how to cook, especially how to bake good bread  [5T 90:1]


Do not resort to worldly practices for raising of funds to advance His work (bazaars, fairs, concerts)  [Living By Principle  p. 16:3]


Do not seek to raise means/funds during the camp meeting  [6T 70:2]


Do not wait for an opening to work for God, make one for yourself  [COL 334]


Do not spend your means for gratification of appetite, or in pleasure seeking…practice economy…be useful and efficient…be thorough in whatever you do…study books and do manual labor too  [COL 334]


Train and discipline your mind to wrestle with hard problems regarding divine truth  [COL 334]


Do not speak in low tones or too fast or with thick indistinct utterance or in a high or sharp tone  [COL 335]


Do not indulge in unadvised speaking, evil speaking, frivolous/foolish talk, fretful repining, impure suggestions/hints, covert insinuations of evil or any expression contrary to holy principles and pure and undefiled religion  [COL 337] AH 438


We should speak in full, clear round, pleasant tones in a distinct and impressive manner…  [COL 335-336]


Use pure and correct language, kind and courteous words  [COL 335-336]


 Be careful of our words when seeking to correct or reform others…do not use sharp, severe speech  [COL 337:3]


Drop words or change the subject when in company of those who indulge unbecoming talk  [COL 337:3]


Watch for opportunities to speak to others of the Savior  [COL 339:1]


Speak of Christ to those who know Him not  [COL 338:2]


Parents to train children in proper habits of speech…teach children to speak respectfully, lovingly to parents and to one another and that only words of gentleness, truth, and purity should pass their lips  [COL 337-338]


Speak more of the precious chapters of our experience, of the mercy and loving kindness of God, of the matchless depths of the Savior’s love…our words should be words of praise/thanksgiving  [COL 338:1]


Never begin the day w/o committing our ways to our heavenly Father  [COL 341:2]


Our schools/teachers are not to impart that mass of knowledge that the student can not take with them to the school above  [FCE  525:2]


Ministers should refuse the elaborate dainty dishes, rich condiments, tea, and coffee prepared by well-meaning friends.  [4T 417:1]


Satanic delusions must be clearly met with the Word Of God  [4T 415:2]


Do not eat, drink, sleep, and see [look at things] excessively  [4T 417:2]


Do not receive candidates into full membership who wear excessive jewelry and vain trimmings  [1T 20-21]


We should frequently pray throughout the entire night  [2T 202:1]


Words from the bible alone should be heard from the pulpit  [PK 626:1]


We are to have revival and reformation among us…greatest and most urgent need

[1SM 121,128; PK 626]


Do not enter into alliance with those who do not fear Him [PK 570:2]


Give careful attention (at home/school) to the relation of the physical organism to the spiritual life  [COL 348:1]


Establish more cooking schools  [MYP 218]


Some to labor house-to-house teaching how to cook wholesome foods  [MYP 218]


Mature Christian women should show other women how to dress, especially for the house of God…use tact and skill  [MYP 321:2]


Form a home reading circle where a parent reads to the children in the evening for family study  [CG 38:1]


Do not urge people into public notice  [5T 75:2]


Seek a setting in nature to pray…this is ideal  [1T 55:2; DA 90:0]


Daily review acts/motives to see whether conscience approves/condemns comparing with Decalogue  [2T 512]


Daily learn something new from the Scriptures  [5T 266:1]


Do not listen to frivolous vocal or instrumental music  [1T 506]


Study:  Ezekiel Chapter 20; Ex 31:12-18  [R&H 01-28-1909]

             Ezekiel Chapter 28  [4BC 1162:C:2]


Spend thoughtful hour each day reviewing the life of Christ from manger to Calvary…especially closing scenes  [4T 374]


Do not be acquisitive (strongly desirous of acquiring or possessing) CS 227


Closely analyze your feelings and your acts 2T 564


Daily review your acts to see whether conscience approves or condemns them 2T 512


Don’t practice vulgarity, sensuality, recrimination, or scandal  AH 438:0


Do not indulge in low, cheap, common or foolish talk  AH 438


Do not become fixed in our views, feelings, and actions  3T 540:2


Do not make your activity for the cause of God your saviour; must take time to rest; not substitute for obedience DA 362; ChS 98,99; TM 451; 7T 69


Do not perform fitful, emotional spasms of activity, but rather steady, consistent activity for God/fellowmen  6T 277:3


Do not turn someone away who comes to your door asking for food  6T 278:2


Do not give (money, aid) indiscriminately to everyone who solicits your help  6T 277:3


Mingle your activity for God with much prayer for success ChS 263:2


When presenting spiritual truths, speak with enthusiasm  CT 255:1


Study carefully the whole book of Acts  6BC 1051:C:1


Be able to adapt your abilities to any place as needed, willing to do anything that needs to be done  3T 496:1; MH 499:3


Do not be limp and fiberless, without moral muscle or force of character, waiting for every duty to be specified to you  3T 496:1; MH 499:3


Do not lose your identity, but adapt yourself, in some measure, to the feelings and ways of others  4T 65:3


Avoid adulterated substances (foods) CD 85:1


Startling notices (advertisements) that create an alarm are not wise in the work of evangelism  Ev 130-131; 387-388


There should be no large outlay of money when advertising and preparing for evangelistic meetings Ev 127


Do not hire worldly musicians if this can be avoided  Ev 127


Do not give sharp dictatorial assertions, advice or orders  Ev 638; 3T 535


We must tell people of their faults, making them plain before them  SD 117


Put away all pretense and affectation…act your simple, natural self  4T 522


Essential qualifications to possess: order, thoroughness, punctuality, self-control, a sunny temper, evenness of disposition, self-sacrifice, integrity, and courtesy  Ed 277