Relationship Advice from Bible and SOP

We should frequently pray throughout the entire night [2T 202:1]

Seek a setting in nature to pray…this is ideal [1T 55:2; DA 90:0]

We must tell people of their faults, making them plain before them SD 117

Put away all pretense and affectation…act your simple, natural self 4T 522

Essential qualifications to possess: order, thoroughness, punctuality, self-control, a sunny temper, evenness of disposition, self-sacrifice, integrity, and courtesy Ed 277

Don’t listen to the proposals [marriage] of those who have no realization of their responsibility to God [AH 48]
Parents do not allow the use of tobacco, profanity, or drinking in your own house [CG 241]
Do not resort to a physician that has the same addiction you have [5T 443]
Better to break marriage engagements before than separate after marriage [AH 48]
Avoid the society of those who are addicted to the use of one glass of liquor [AH 48]
Avoid the society of those who use profane language, irreverent, lover of idleness, scoffer of hallowed things [AH 47-48]
Don’t listen to the proposals [marriage] of those who have no realization of their responsibility to God [AH 48]
Parents do not allow the use of tobacco, profanity, or drinking in your own house [CG 241]
A promise to another person made contrary to the scriptures should be retracted without delay [5T 365:1]

Do not will means/property to unbelieving companion or reckless children…or even to a believing companion who is naturally penurious and inclined to selfishness and acquisitiveness [3T 119:0; 121:1; 1T 528-529; 2T 654,658 ]

Do not associate with those whose morals are loose [3T 125:2]

Parents should will more money/property to God’s cause then to children who have enough [3T 120:2]

Seek advice of men of experience, proper counselors (who have experience in the truth and knowledge of the divine will) when making decisions to dispose of property/means [3T 121,130]

Do not spend extravagantly on dress or the embellishment of our houses [4T 477]

Place tithes and offerings aside first for God, then the remainder will be blessed [4T 477]

Everyday we should perform little acts of kindness in our neighborhood [6T 264:1]

Let every church member systematically give to the treasury for the poor (this is a thank offering) [5T 150-155]

We are to give to God: tithes and offerings, thank offerings, freewill offerings, and trespass offerings [5T 150]

Do not praise or flatter another human being [5T 75:2]

Bible prophecy and bible history should be a part of the studies in our schools [5T 525:4]

Parents to instruct children in the statutes and requirements of God as well as the prophecies [CSW 56: 2]

Parents should study the Sabbath school lesson with the children [CSW 56: 2,3]

Religious instruction should be given to children from their earliest years [6T 93:4]

Parents, make your children your companions [6T 94:0]

Parents to give consent for their children to be baptized when satisfied that they understand the meaning of conversion, baptism, and are truly converted. But parent’s duty does not end here. Parents to continue teaching by precept and example to guide them to be obedient. [6T 94-95]

All erroneous, polluted literature should be separated from our educational institutions [FE 388]

Heathen philosophy not to be studied for youth in our schools [FE 388]

We should not set young men and young women and those without sufficient strength of character to resist temptation to work among the abandoned and depraved classes [WM 253-254]

Do not indulge in a proud look [1T 304]

Do not spend your means for gratification of appetite, or in pleasure seeking…practice economy…be useful and efficient…be thorough in whatever you do…study books and do manual labor too [COL 334]

Train and discipline your mind to wrestle with hard problems regarding divine truth [COL 334]

Parents to train children in proper habits of speech…teach children to speak respectfully, lovingly to parents and to one another and that only words of gentleness, truth, and purity should pass their lips [COL 337-338]

Speak more of the precious chapters of our experience, of the mercy and loving kindness of God, of the matchless depths of the Savior’s love…our words should be words of praise/thanksgiving [COL 338:1]

Never begin the day w/o committing our ways to our heavenly Father [COL 341:2]

Do not doubt God or His goodness because of what you can not understand [Ed 170:1;5T 699;GC 47:1]

When we can not see the definite outcome of affairs or discern the purpose of God’s providences, do not cast away your confidence…remember His tender mercies, cast your care upon Him, and with patience, wait for His salvation [COL 61:0]

Let the inspiration of the Spirit of God dictate your prayers [6T 367:1]

God’s dealings with His people should be repeated often [6T 364-365]

Missionaries to pray morning, noon, and night [R&H 11-11-1902 C3:0]

We should eat dried fruits [CD 311]

As ordinarily conducted, we should not attend parties of pleasure [Ed 211:1]

We should avoid frivolous associations [Ed 211:1]

We should avoid habits of extravagance [Ed 211:1]

We should avoid habits of pleasure seeking [Ed 211:1]

We should not send our children to some boarding school (or college) for their education [SofT 05-08-1882]

Avoid novel reading [SofT 05-08-1882]

Study carefully the whole book of Acts 6BC 1051:C:1

Do not listen to frivolous vocal or instrumental music [1T 506]

Study: Ezekiel Chapter 20; Ex 31:12-18 [R&H 01-28-1909]

Ezekiel Chapter 28 [4BC 1162:C:2]

Spend thoughtful hour each day reviewing the life of Christ from manger to Calvary…especially closing scenes [4T 374]

Do not be acquisitive (strongly desirous of acquiring or possessing) CS 227

Closely analyze your feelings and your acts 2T 564

Daily review your acts to see whether conscience approves or condemns them 2T 512

Don’t practice vulgarity, sensuality, recrimination, or scandal AH 438:0

Do not indulge in low, cheap, common or foolish talk AH 438

Do not become fixed in our views, feelings, and actions 3T 540:2