Steps to Christ in Song

Beautiful Amazing Grace: 

Because we believe and act out that we are members of the Royal Family, children of the Heavenly King, bound to Jesus.

Great hymns:


Scripture songs with piano - Psalms 91

Psalms 117

There Were Twelve Disciples

Why Your Brain Craves Music
Listening to music is much more than an auditory experience; it activates multiple areas of your brain, lending clues to its feel-good, health-boosting powers.

Who AM I?


by The Talley Trio

In my darkness Jesus found me,
Touched my eyes and made me see;
Broke sin's chain that long had bound me,
Gave me life and liberty.

Oh glorious love of Christ my Lord Divine,
That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine;
Through all my days and then in Heaven above,
My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
And praise Him for His glorious love.

My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
And praise Him for His glorious love.

Oh amazing truth to ponder,
He whom angel host attend;
Lord of Heaven, God's Son what wonder,
He became the sinner's friend.

Oh glorious love of Christ my Lord Divine,
That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine;
Through all my days and then in Heaven above,
My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
And praise Him for His glorious love.

My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
And praise Him for His glorious love.

Oh glorious love of Christ my Lord Divine,
That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine;
Through all my days and then in Heaven above,
My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
And praise Him for His glorious love.

My song will silence never, I'll worship him forever,
I'll worship him forever, My song will end no never
I'll worship him forever, 
And praise Him for His glorious love.

Praise Him for His love.

Here are a couple of articles about trinitarian language in songs today.

MY favorite song! Blessed Assurance JESUS is MINE instrumental...

Here is a great article authored by Dr. William Van Grit
And a article called Catholicism in the SDA Hymnals (Download PDF here)


The rainbow is what the glory of God looks like. "Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD." Ezekiel 1:28. The glory of God also means His Character. Think, from glory to glory, character to character = God shares His Divine Influence with us so we can share His Character. It is embodied in His Son Jesus and in the Father's Ten Commandment law that Jesus spoke from Mount Sinai. Now think of each color of the rainbow as love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance:" Galatians 5:22-23; 

Frank Edson Beldon

NEW! Check out Frank E. Beldon songs below! Belden’s aunt was Ellen Har­mon White.

The Lord is good and full of mercy and love! "O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever" (Psalms 118:1).

We are to SING: to say, "Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever."
2 Chon 20:21 Singing this sends the SPIRIT OF JESUS out before us to fight our battles in front of us! Obey and SING this! "Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever!!!"

A pure and noble life, a life of victory over appetite and lust, is possible to everyone who will unite his weak, wavering human will to the omnipotent, unwavering will of God. MH 176.

What is the NAME of GOD's Son, if thou cans't tell? (Prov 30:4) Jesus NAME is the WORD OF GOD!  Rev 19:13 Jesus says My words are SPIRIT and LIFE! Jesus says, taste me and know! Jesus is sweeter
than honey in the honeycomb!

Jesus, the WORD OF GOD says in John 12:49 For I did not speak of my own accord, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it. John 12:50 I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say."

Join with me in praying this prayer to our dear Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Daddy in the name of His prescious, sweeter than honey, only begotten unique Son whose NAME is the WORD OF GOD
(Rev 19:13):
“You know I cannot do this work in my own strength. You must work in me, and by me and through me, sanctifying my tongue, sanctifying my spirit, sanctifying my words, and bringing me into a position where my spirit shall be susceptible to the movings of the Holy Spirit of God upon my mind and character.” (Manuscript Release, Vol.7, pgs. 267, 268 (Ms 95, 1906, pp. 8-12, 14-17; "Lesson from Romans 15," October 20, 1906.)

Relaxing Instrumental Hymns (29 Songs)

    >I sent this link to some friends of mine thinking what a great song this was.
    They sent this back to me:

    "No, I am sorry, but with the slow "stop anapestic beat " with the emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beats instead of on the 1st and the 3rd- in the background not only is it opposite the heart rhythm, but also a call for the demon 'Auguwa' to inhabit the soul. I did not make it to the chorus. We have studied much on the mental, physical and spiritual effects of music upon us and have taught around the world these subjects. You may want to look into this if you would save your children and yourself from hell. This is Satan's music for sure. Melonie"

    "Few realize the dangerous character of the sentiments that we are having to meet. I have been over the ground. I have been given plain words to speak concerning these specious, bewitching sentiments. If they are not most decidedly met and reproved, souls will be lost. We can not afford to be deceived. We must point our people to the old landmarks. We are to obtain strength and courage from on high, that we may obey the command given me, "Meet it.""  SpM 339.5 

Music is of heavenly origin, but the foe of all humanity, who once walked those heavenly courts is ever near to degrade and destroy that which God has given. There is great power in music to uplift us or to demoralize and destroy us. In these days of turmoil and stress where the popular Contemporary Christian Music, (CCM) has invaded the Churches, many are searching for something better. Today we are seeing Rock Music, Jazz Music, Ambient Music, Country Music, New Age Music, Contemporary Christian Music, Rap Music, Disco Music, Religious Music, Sacred Music, all being mixed together into one sound. This sound reminds one of the three Hebrew men on the plain of Dura with Nebuchadnezzars' image found in  Daniel 3:1-7. We have heard the cry of Christians for simple, pure, melodious Christian music that is not tainted with the music of the world in any way, our goal is to fulfill that need. Check out the articles on music and our store. 

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Music That Kills According to researchers, fast and loud music is a cause of car crashes.
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A letter from behind the closed doors of Russia Music from Hell

Sole Control Through Rock ‘n’ Roll

In shadows dense, a circle forms
     around a darkened figure
Whose cruel eyes gleam with a plot
     of subtlety and rigor.

This being once new heavens best,
     but overcome with pride
Was then expelled because he said,
     “I’ll be like the Most High.”

Now to his demons and Satan speaks, his
     voice intense with hatred,
“I have a plan that will destroy what
     God ordained as sacred.

But first mankind must be convinced
     to wholly sell his soul,
I have the vice that will entice,
     we’ll name and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“Unprecedented in its reach, unhind-
     ered in its course,
It will prevail around the world,
     destruction is its force.

The words will speak of mystic arts,
     rebellion, death, perversion,
Hatred, lust-the'll all be a part
     of one great mass subversion.

It’s music will have equal power,
     strains which are oft repeat,
Sometimes 'twill come in mellow form,
     sometimes with driving beat.

“And thus will smother wholesome
     thoughts with rhythm loud and pounding,
Thereby will gain full-mind control
     with progress quite astounding.

We’ll stifle guilt, in homes so strife,
     send Christian ethics reeling,
Free love, drugs, and alcohol
     will seem much more appealing.

“There are right now some young
     who will set out at any cost,
“I’ll make them rich, and give them fame,
     but I will be their boss.

“They’ll draw the masses, saying my songs,
     and introduce my ways:
The body movements, makeup, lights,
     the flames and smoke and haze,

“The screaming guitars, drinking blood,
     the ‘singing’, and much more,
Will crush the senses, rape the souls
     of young folks by the scores.

“Then suicidal, murder demons,
     go in strength to reap
The lives of dazed and driven young,
     and lay them at my feet!

I well as yet through Rock ‘n’ Roll
     gain worship and control,
And even take from God those whom he
     says are in his fold.

Our strategies won’t need to change,
     nor even will our style,
To get the church-folk will just
     paint a new face with a smile.

“Will keep its structure flexible,
     but all will have my blessing,
We’ll use a method smooth that will
     keep napping Christians guessing.

“But first some groundwork we must lay
     by raising up some idols
Who will with smiling faces quote
     some verses from their Bibles.

“We'll lure with wealth, sidetrack with fame,
     this method seldom fails
In changing goals from winning souls
     to boosting CD sales."

"Contemporary" they’ll sing first,
     and then with bait in tow,

We’ll sway the minds and change the hearts
with ‘Christian Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“We’ll use hits like a drug that will
     grip young lives with addiction,
And many peaceful homes will be
     destroyed because of friction.

Some parents will oppose the young,
     with God stand for a while,
But many will then compromise,
     and say, “it’s just their style.”

“The pastors will let down their guard,
     they’ll want to keep their people;
With force will make a hit on those
     who cry out, ‘No, it’s evil!’

“Will blind the eyes so most won’t know
      that I ordained old Rock,
And with this mighty he tool,” he hisses,
     “I'll Jehovah mock!”
And thus was born in the industry of
     selling God’s salvation;
“it’s free to all,” they sang with gusto,
     “there’s no obligation.”

But then they post folks at the doors
     of concerts who will say,
“I’m here to make sure that you don’t
     come in and before you pay.”

And once inside, they hear of love,
     of Jesus, and salvation,
Sprinkled here and there midst
     Satan’s driving syncopation.

“To help inspire you,” they said,
     “will put in God some zap,
By coming to you on your plane,
     we’ll help to bridge the gap.

“We know of course, that most of you
     consider God as boring,
But if you’ll listen to our songs,
     you’ll soon find him adoring.”

And like the devil’s crowd,
     some use high volume, lights, and smoke,
“While others say, “we’ll hold the crowds
     with stage antics and jokes.”

Then after songs with words that say,
     “We lift you up, all, Christ”,
They flaunt their posters, T shirts, pins-
     the brainwashed paid their price.

They quote the Bible for their gain,
     supporting gain his godly,
And it has younger souls slip into hell,
     they pat their checkbooks a fondly,

So has the church been mesmerized,
     by Satan rocked to sleep;
The fields are white, it’s harvest time,
     and who’ll awake to reap?

But very soon God will arise in
     righteous judgment fury,
There will be none to stay his hand,
     no case by trial and jury.

“You’ve tried to mix the white and
     black, your lives are gray,” says God;
“You’ve put My name two themes of
     lust, your feet and has Satan shod.

You’ve sung another Jesus and a
     gospel that’s not true,
I’m not just love and mercy, I am
     wrath and judgment, too.

“You’ve used My word to ravish souls
     and savagely deceive,
But, know that I, the Holy one, have
     not your songs received.

“And thus have many been seduced and
     used for Satan’s goal,
I, God, and not the author of this
     thing called Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

  1. Seeking the Lost
  2. God's Wonderful People
  3. Redeemed, How I love to proclaim it
  4. "I must tell Jesus"
  5. Trust and Obey
  6. I'd Rather Have JESUS!
  7. This world is not my home
  9. Tell Me The Old, Old Story - I do not know if you know this, but way back when--Mr Ford had a syndicated TV show that was highly sucessful, and NBC came to him offerred a network contract, but demanded that the hymn that was at the end of the show had to go. Ernie told them no thanks; so NBC relented--care to guess what the favorite part of the show was??
  10. Praise Him, Praise Him!
  11. What a Day that will beJim Hill, wrote this song 50 years ago in his home in Rosemount, Ohio.
  12. "Touch of a Masters Hand" J. D. Sumner
  13. Just as I am
  14. Temple Made of Time
  15. Farther Along - The Million Dollar Quartet (Another deep voice here
  16. "How Long Has It Been" By The Old Friends Quartet
  17. The Wise Man built his house upon Jesus Christ
  18. I see the love of God all around me...If I will look I will find it there.
  19. Jesus Paid It ALL!
  20. Our Father Which Art In Heaven (Whenever you want to feel Heaven listen to this!)
  21. Amazing Grace 
  22. I guess we should Pity the man who must use the earth for a bed. Another video here. Another version here. Here is another good one here
    Here are the lyrics for Pity the Man: 








  23. I talk to Grandma on the phone
  24. He Leadeth me (Harmonica) 
  25. He Leadeth Me (Harp)
  26. Jesus holds my hand
  27. I Believe (I don't know how he did it, but I believe!) 5 part harmony
  28. Harmony 5 - Are You Dressed For The Wedding
  29. Cadet Sisters - As The Deer SO PRETTY!
  30. Cadet sisters All day long
  31. Cadet Sisters - He Leadeth Me
  32. Wings Of A Snow White Dove ~ Ferlin Husky
  33. ON THE WINGS OF A SNOW WHITE DOVE  my favorite one of this song!
  34. Kids Time Praise: Savior Like a Shepherd
  35. Kids Time Praise: I Will Sing of the Mercies
  36. Cadet Sisters - Hold On
  37. They are more precious than gold - Acappella
  38. Acappella Lord by the Cadet Sister's
  39. Lead me to rest - Acappella
  40. Cadet Sister's - I repent
  41. I Will Give You Rest
  42. Pillars Weekend Marvel Not
  43. Names of God
  44. "The Sabbath Song"
  45. Don't Forget The Sabbath
  46. In The Sanctuary
  47. Pillars Weekend Take Time to be Holy
  48. I Have Fixed My Mind
  49. Pillars Weekend - The Language of Canaan
  50. Amazing Grace - The Four Quarters with The Four Strong Winds
  51. I Love You Lord (Cover Acapella- Three Part Harmony)
  52. Slim Whitman - Under His Wings - the ONLY SAFE PLACE TO BE!
  53. Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Oak Ridge Boys)
  54. Only a Boy Named David
  55. The Wise man built his house upon the ROCK!
  56. The Heritage Singers: "Someone is praying for you"
  57. Heritage Singers I Just Feel Like Something Good"
  59. I Surrender All
  60. Oh, How I Love Jesus!
  61. Heritage Singers Plenty Of Room In The Family
  62. "The Touch Of The Masters Hand" By JD Sumner
  63. Sweet Sweet Spirit (High Quality)
  64. Heritage Singers - open our eyes/ in his time
  65. Take my hand precious lord, Elvis Presley
  66. Because He Lives!
  67. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
  68. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  69. How Great Thou Art
  70. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  71. When We All Get To Heaven
  72. One Day At A Time - Christy Lane
  73. Redeemed How I Love to Proclaim It
  74. Elvis Presley - How Great Thou Art
  75. Elvis Presley Gospel, In The Garden
  76. Take my hand precious lord
  77. In the garden-Elvis Presley
  78. PATSY CLINE - Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad (With Willie Nelson)
  79. Dry Bones - Kings Heralds
  80. The King's heralds - In that great getting-up morning
  81. (side by side) king's heralds
  82. I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy
  83. Heritage Quartet - My Lord And I
  84. I have decided to follow Jesus
  85. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know
  86. Amazing Grace
  87. What a friend we have in Jesus, Haven Quartet 
  88. Nearer My God to Thee
  90. Marty Robbins Whispering Hope
  91. Alan Jackson - 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
  92. What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Allen Jackson

  1. Jesus loves me slide show with song and lyrics
  2. Jesus Loves Me This I Know
  3. THE B-I-B-L-E
  4. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!
  5. Quickly I'll Obey
  6. I Have Two Little Hands
  7. Child's Prayer
  8. The Butterfly Song
  9. How to Learn Books of Bible by Singing: 1. OT (Tune: The More We Get Together)
  10. Old Testament Memory Song

    When he was eight years old, Belden’s fam­i­ly moved to Cal­i­for­nia, where he first com­posed mu­sic. Due to breath­ing problems, Bel­den lat­er moved to Co­lo­ra­do. He event­u­al­ly re­turned to Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan, around age 30. He joined the Re­view and Her­ald Pub­lish­ing Com­pany, and stayed in Bat­tle Creek un­til about 1910, when he be­gan writ­ing songs for evang­el­ist Bil­ly Sun­day.

    Belden’s aunt was Ellen Har­mon White, one of the pi­o­neers of the Se­venth Day Ad­vent­ist Church. Though Bel­den’s lat­er years were marred by mis­un­der­stand­ings with the church lead­er­ship over his roy­al­ties, he did do­n­ate his pa­pers and man­u­scripts to the church’s sem­in­ary at his death.


    1. Ask for the Showers of Blessing
    2. Build on the Rock
    3. Cover with His Life
    4. Hold Fast Till I Come
    5. I Will Sing of Jesus’ Love
    6. Joy By and By
    7. Judgment Has Set, The
    8. Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright
    9. Look for the Way-Marks
    10. Stand by the Bi­ble
    11. There’s No Other Name Like Jesus
    12. ’Tis Love That Makes Us Happy
    13. We Know Not the Hour
    14. Wholly Thine


    1. Belden

    Belden, F. E. (Franklin Edson), 1858-1945  Texts

    Franklin E. Belden

    Franklin E. Belden (1858-1945) 
    Born: March 21, 1858, Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan.
    Died: De­cem­ber 2, 1945, Mar­shall, Mi­chi­gan.
    Buried: Oak Hill Cem­e­te­ry, Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan.

    When he was eight years old, Belden’s fam­i­ly moved to Cal­i­for­nia, where he first com­posed mu­sic. Due to breath­ing problems, Bel­den lat­er moved to Co­lo­ra­do. He event­u­al­ly re­turned to Bat­tle 


A beautiful star arose one nightF. E. Belden (Author)
A broken, contrite heartF. E. Belden (Author)
A glad New Year to all we bringF. E. Belden (Author)
A greeting to this Sabbath dayF. E. Belden (Author)
A merry, merry welcomeF. E. Belden (Author)
A snowy robe is waiting thereF. E. Belden (Author)
Above the clouds that veil the blueF. E. Belden (Author)
Adown the arch of azure skyF. E. Belden (Author)
Afar from earth, where angels dwellF. E. Belden (Author)
Afar from the East the wise men cameF. E. Belden (Author)
Again to Thee we join in singingF. E. Belden (Author)
Again we hail the rest day sweetF. E. Belden (Author)
Again we hail the Sabbath sweetF. E. Belden (Author)
All hail for youthful volunteersF. E. Belden (Author)
All my class not one forgottenF. E. Belden (Author)
Always speak kindly wherever you goF. E. Belden (Author)
Am I my brother's keeper, Or serving self aloneF. E. Belden (Author)
Angel voices sweetly callingF. E. Belden (Author)
Angels are building fair mansions aboveF. E. Belden (Author)
Answer the call, ye brave menF. E. Belden (Author)
Are you on the Lord's sideF. E. Belden (Author)
Are you tenting on the lowlandsF. E. Belden (Author)
As homeward the lone bird is wearily flyingF. E. Belden (Author)
Ask for the guide book, the BibleF. E. Belden (Author)
Ask for the old paths, by the prophets trodF. E. Belden (Author)
Ask for the showers of blessingF. E. Belden (Author)
Ask not to be excusedF. E. Belden (Author)
Ask of the Lord and he will giveF. E. Belden (Author)
At evening time no gathering nightF. E. Belden (Author)
Awake for the conflictF. E. Belden (Author)
Away, away with the ruby wineF. E. Belden (Author)
Beautiful angels, watching close byF. E. Belden (Author)
Beautiful city, haven of peace!F. E. Belden (Author)
Behold how sweet, how calmF. E. Belden (Author)
Beyond the blue is the city of goldF. E. Belden (Author)
Beyond the yearsF. E. Belden (Author)
Bless us, Lord, as we part todayF. E. Belden (Author)
Blessed Lord, how much I need theeF. E. Belden (Author)
Blest are the pure in heart, For they our GodF. E. Belden (Author)
Bravely say no, when tempted to sinF. E. Belden (Author)
Bring a glad and thankful offeringF. E. Belden (Author)
Bring your treasureF. E. B. (Author)
Burdened soul, there's rest in JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
By thousands now rejectedF. E. Belden (Author)
C-L-O-C-K--The world is like a shelfF. E. Belden (Author)
Carry the joyful tidingsF. E. Belden (Author)
Cast out the buyers, LordF. E. Belden (Author)
Cheerfully give, cheerfully giveF. E. Belden (Author)
Cheering little sunbeamsF. E. Belden (Author)
Closer than a brother, Jesus, dearest FriendF. E. Belden (Author)
Cold water is the cup that cheersF. E. Belden (Author)
Come from your toilingF. E. Belden (Author)
Come, 'tis Sabbath morningF. E. Belden (Author)
Come, tonight, come tonight, with yourF. E. Belden (Author)
Come, tonight, come tonight, with your burden of anF. E. Belden (Author)
Come, ye straying, sad, despondingF. E. Belden (Author)
Could you wait, could you wait if a brother were lostF. E. Belden (Author)
Count your many blessingsF. E. Belden (Author)
Creation's Lord displayed his mightF. E. Belden (Author)
Crown the Sabbath with a songF. E. Belden (Author)
Dear as thou wert, and justly dear, We would not weep for thee:F. E. Belden (Author)
Dear Savior, I will seek thy faceF. E. Belden (Author)
Dear Savior, lead me erring steps aright, I'll follow theeF. E. Belden (Author)
Eternal Father, God of love, Creator of the UniverseF. E. Belden (Author)
Fair were thy fruits and fadeless thy flowersF. E. Belden (Author)
Far across the rolling seaF. E. Belden (Author)
Father, we come to theeF. E. Belden (Author)
Fear not, little flock, 'tis your Father's good pleasure toF. E. Belden (Author)
Fleeing from destruction's fair palaces of strifeF. E. Belden (Author)
For Jesus, all my morning hoursF. E. Belden (Author)
Forbid them not, our Savior saidF. E. Belden (Author)
Forward soldiers in the holy warF. E. Belden (Author)
Foxes have holes, birds have their nestsF. E. Belden (Author)
Fresh from above, for one and allF. E. Belden (Author)
Fresh from the throne of gloryF. E. B. (Author (st. 4))
Friend and companion, dear to each heartF. E. Belden (Author)
From day to day, O gracious GodF. E. Belden (Author)
From the lips of angels spokenF. E. Belden (Author)
Gather the children to the SchoolF. E. Belden (Author)
Gently, dear Savior, now we bringF. E. Belden (Author)
Give, said the golden sunF. E. Belden (Author)
Give up all for Jesus, weary childF. E. Belden (Author)
Give your heart to Jesus nowF. E. Belden (Author)
Glory, honor, praise, and power Are the Lord's this very hourFranklin E. Belden (Author)
Go ye into all the worldF. E. Belden (Author)
God bless our Sabbath School, Christ superintendentF. E. Belden (Author)
God made the liliesF. E. Belden (Author)
God of light and matchless splendorF. E. Belden (Author)
God shall be first in everythingF. E. Belden (Author)
Golden harps in yonder cityF. E. Belden (Author)
Great joy to all people, good tidings we bringF. E. Belden (Author)
Guide and guard us, O our FatherF. E. Belden (Author)
Hail! oh little Christian sailorF. E. Belden (Author)
Hallelujahs to Jesus, Hallelujahs foreverF. E. Belden (Author)
Has the cross of Christ been liftedF. E. Belden (Author)
Have you any room for Jesus, Room to restF. E. Belden (Author)
He will mention them no more foreverF. E. Belden (Author)
Hear the voice of loving [love and] dutyF. E. Belden (Author)
Hear the voices calling o'er the stormy mainF. E. Belden (Author)
He'll remember them no more foreverF. E. Belden (Author)
Help the erring, help the wearyF. E. Belden (Author)
He's coming once againF. E. Belden (Author)
Hold to the helm sailorF. E. Belden (Author)
Hold to the helm sailor when the skies are clearF. E. Belden (Author)
Holy day, Jehovah's RestF. E. Belden (Author)
Holy day, Jehovah's rest, of creation's weekF. E. Belden (Author)
Hour by hour kept by his powerF. E. Belden (Author)
How slender is life's silver cordF. E. Belden (Author)
How sweet to rest in JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
I am not ashamed to speak a word for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
I am resting in the shadowF. E. Belden (Author)
I am safe if Jesus holds my handF. E. Belden (Author)
I am waiting for the morningF. E. Belden (Author)
I cannot drive the nails againF. E. Belden (Author)
I cease to sing of sweet tomorrowF. E. Belden (Author)
I come to Thee, my SaviourF. E. Belden (Author)
I have a song, a song so sweetF. E. Belden (Author)
I will not let thee go, my LordF. E. Belden (Author)
I will pour water on him that is thirstyF. E. Belden (Author)
I will sing of Jesus' love, Sing of himF. E. Belden (Author)
I would be, dear Savior, wholly thineF. E. Belden (Author)
If any little word of mine May make a dark lifeF. E. Belden (Author)
If I were a sunbeam, This is what I'd doF. E. Belden (Author)
I'll sing you a song of a cityF. E. Belden (Author)
I'm kneeling at the crossF. E. Belden (Author)
In a world of sin and strifeF. E. Belden (Author)
In ancient Egypt's pagan landF. E. Belden (Author)
In him O life of gloryF. E. Belden (Author)
In love's azure firmamentF. E. Belden (Author)
In the blood of JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
In the path of duty lies the promiseF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus has something for children to doF. E. B. (Author)
Jesus holds me fastF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus in his temple holyF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus is passing, Jesus is passingF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus is the Light, the Life, the Truth, the WayF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus is waiting, pleading, callingF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus, Jesus, chiefest among ten thousandF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus, Jesus, gentle ShepherdF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus, Jesus, tender ShepherdF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus knows the children's loveF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus, Savior, hear us prayF. E. Belden (Author)
Jesus, Saviour, pilot meF. E. Belden (Author)
Joy today! joy today! Christ has burst the bars of death!F. E. Belden (Author)
Joyful greeting to thousands who sing Jesus'F. E. Belden (Author)
Keep praying as you goF. E. Belden (Author)
Keep the pages white, dear JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
Kind words are the sweetestF. E. Belden (Author)
Launch the life boat, many souls are strandingF. E. Belden (Author)
Launch the life boat, see, the ship is strandingF. E. Belden (Author)
Let every lamp be burning brightF. E. Belden (Author)
Let me fly to the Rock in the desertF. E. Belden (Author)
Let us hear the conclusionF. E. Belden (Author)
Like as a father, pities his childF. E. Belden (Author)
Like Caleb and Joshua standF. E. Belden (Author)
Like faithful soldiers, true and braveF. E. Belden (Author)
Like refreshing shows in a thirsty landF. E. Belden (Author)
List, to the chime, 'tis holy timeF. E. Belden (Author)
List, to the chime, 'tis holy time And Sabbath bells are ringingF. E. Belden (Author)
List, to the chime, 'tis meeting timeF. E. Belden (Author)
Little crowns are waiting, Waiting to be wornF. E. Belden (Author)
Little fishermen are we And the world is like a seaF. E. Belden (Author)
Little ones may be just like the fruitful treesF. E. Belden (Author)
Little volunteers are neededF. E. Belden (Author)
Long ago the children sang a songF. E. Belden (Author)
Long years ago on blue GalileeF. E. Belden (Author)
Look for the beautiful look for the true, sunshine and shadowF. E. Belden (Author)
Look for the way marksF. E. Belden (Author)
Look not behind thee press manfully onF. E. Belden (Author)
Look not upon the wine that sparkles in its flowF. E. Belden (Author)
Look to the cross sinner believe itF. E. Belden (Author)
Look upon Jesus sinless is HeF. E. Belden (Author)
Look upon the golden imageF. E. Belden (Author)
Low bend the willows over life's dark, human tideF. E. Belden (Author)
Make duty plain, O LordF. E. Belden (Author)
Many are the little dutiesF. E. Belden (Author)
Moment by moment, hour by hourF. E. Belden (Author)
More diligence give meF. E. Belden (Author)
More of my Savior, says my soulF. E. Belden (Author)
My anchor holds when hurricanes sweep the seaF. E. Belden (Author)
My first thought shall be of JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
My heart is in the homeland, beyond the azure seaF. E. Belden (Author)
My heart's a tuneful harp when Christ abides withinF. E. Belden (Author)
Nearer Thee and ever nearerF. E. Belden (Author)
Never be ashamed to own your SaviorF. E. B. (Author)
Never come late to the Sunday schoolF. E. Belden (Author)
No tears in yonder home, There all sereneF. E. Belden (Author)
Not a wasted moment in the morning fairF. E. Belden (Author)
Not in the hour of death, not when the pulse is lowF. E. Belden (Author)
Not one single jot or tittle hear the great teacher sayF. E. Belden (Author)
Now I lay me down to slumberF. E. Belden (Author)
"Now the God of peace be with you"F. E. Belden (Author)
O beautiful smiling summer land, Beyond these gloomy years!F. E. B. (Author)
O blessed, blessed Sunday-schoolF. E. Belden (Author)
O blessed rest when we reclineF. E. Belden (Author)
O blest are they that mournF. E. Belden (Author)
O blest are they who oft have saidF. E. Belden (Author)
O Christian, have you heard itF. E. Belden (Author)
O Christian, idle all the day!F. E. Belden (Author)
O Christian, on the billow of life's seaF. E. Belden (Author)
O Christian trav'ler, hold the light!F. E. Belden (Author)
O Christian, triumphantly singingF. E. Belden (Author)
O Father in Heaven, Thy promise we claimF. E. Belden (Author)
O give us a parting blessing As from Thy house we goF. E. Belden (Author)
O guard us till we meet againF. E. Belden (Author)
O heart bowed down with sorrow, O eyes that longF. E. Belden (Author)
O holy book of truth divineF. E. Belden (Author)
O Jesus, my Redeemer Thou art my Joy and SongF. E. Belden (Author)
O raindrops bright with liquid lightF. E. Belden (Author)
O the wondrous love of Jesus, 'Tis my joyF. E. Belden (Author)
O there'll be joy when the work is doneF. E. Belden (Author)
O there's a better world on highF. E. Belden (Author)
O Thou, who dwellest up on highF. E. Belden (Author)
O voyager, idly drifting downF. E. Belden (Author)
Oh! there is joy, for the summer is pastF. E. Belden (Author)
On time's wide waste of watersF. E. Belden (Author)
Once again has come my birthdayF. E. Belden (Author)
Once again has come my birthday Happy time, I'mF. E. Belden (Author)
Once I heard a footstep, twas Jesus at the doorF. E. Belden (Author)
One more new day for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
Only gleaners in the harvestF. E. Belden (Author)
Only one step to JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
Only thee, in joy or sorrowF. E. Belden (Author)
Open the windows of heaven, O Lord, Here are my tithesF. E. Belden (Author)
Open thou mine eyes that I may beholdF. E. Belden (Author)
Our Father in heaven, thy promise we claimF. E. Belden (Author)
Out upon an angry oceanF. E. Belden (Author)
Paradise! O, hope of ages!F. E. Belden (Author)
Pearly portals swinging openF. E. Belden (Author)
Plant blossoms, beautiful blossomsF. E. Belden (Author)
Praise be to God and songs of thanksgivingF. E. Belden (Author)
Praise him, praise him, mighty creatorF. E. Belden (Author)
Praise to God, the everlasting OneF. E. Belden (Author)
Praise to thee, O dear RedeemerF. E. Belden (Author)
Pray for the erring ones faith shall reclaim themF. E. Belden (Author)
Pure cold water we would recommendF. E. Belden (Author)
Put on the garmentsF. E. B. (Author)
Put on the white garmentsF. E. Belden (Author)
Raise the banner high, Sound the gathering cryF. E. Belden (Author)
Raise the standard high sound the gatheringF. E. Belden (Author)
Rally for the cause of temperanceF. E. Belden (Author)
Remember the Sabbath day, The day by heaven blestF. E. Belden (Author)
Remember thy Creator, E'er youthful days departF. E. Belden (Author)
Rest, sweet rest, for weary hands foldedF. E. Belden (Author)
Roll on, thou crimson streamF. E. Belden (Author)
Saved to serve in any stationF. E. Belden (Author)
Savior, keep me pure in heartF. E. Belden (Author)
Savior, Savior, be my guide, for the way is dark and drearF. E. Belden (Author)
Saviour, meet us while assembledF. E. Belden (Author)
Saviour, Saviour, be my guideF. E. Belden (Author)
Scatter smiles, loving smiles, all alongF. E. Belden (Author)
Scatter sunshine, scatter sunshineF. E. Belden (Author)
Seven times round the boasting walls,F. E. Belden (Author)
Shall one be missingF. E. Belden (Author)
Shall we stand at his comingF. E. Belden (Author)
Shepherd divine, thou leadest meF. E. Belden (Author)
Shout for joy! your tribute bringingF. E. Belden (Author)
Shout forth the tidings joyfullyF. E. Belden (Author)
Silent in death he liesF. E. Belden (Author)
Sing, O sing the glory of ImmanuelF. E. Belden (Author)
Sing to the Lord, ye his peopleF. E. B. (Author)
Sleeping sweetly on his bosomF. E. Belden (Author)
Soldiers in the holy strifeF. E. Belden (Author)
Some glad morn not far awayF. E. Belden (Author)
Someone is straying in downward wayF. E. Belden (Author)
Someone the beautiful city shall seeF. E. Belden (Author)
Soul, amid the earth sorrows dwellingF. E. Belden (Author)
Sound an alarm, all ye wathcmenF. E. B. (Author)
Sowing in sadness through long, weary yearsF. E. Belden (Author)
Sowing to death or life, Sowing to reap!F. E. Belden (Author)
Speak well of the land of promiseF. E. Belden (Author)
Speed away, speed away over mountains and seaF. E. Belden (Author)
Stand by the flagF. E. Belden (Author)
Stand by the law once proclaimedF. E. Belden (Author)
Stand for Jesus, fighting boldly!F. E. Belden (Author)
Stand for the right, O Christian true!F. E. Belden (Author)
Stand like Caleb, though the world opposeF. E. Belden (Author)
Star of beauty, star of splendorF. E. Belden (Author)
Suffer them, the little onesF. E. Belden (Author)
Sweet and low, sweet and low, voice of the Holy SpiritF. E. Belden (Author)
Sweet be thy rest And peaceful thy sleepingF. E. Belden (Author)
Sweet promise, I will come againF. E. Belden (Author)
Sweet promise is given to allF. E. Belden (Author)
Sweet Sunday school, with hours so fullF. E. Belden (Author)
Thanksgiving to the Lord belongsF. E. Belden (Author)
The angel of the Lord encampethF. E. Belden (Author)
The coming King is at the doorF. E. Belden (Author)
The day is dead, and Egypt's night returningF. E. Belden (Author)
The desert way he sometimes leads usF. E. Belden (Author)
The golden light is fadingF. E. Belden (Author)
The guests are few, the hour is lateF. E. Belden (Author)
The hem of his garment touch, believingF. E. Belden (Author)
The judgment has set, the books have been openedF. E. Belden (Author)
The Lord is my God and CreatorF. E. Belden (Author)
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; He maketh me to lie downF. E. Belden (Author)
The Lord worketh, let us work tooF. E. Belden (Author)
The saints may rest within the tombF. E. Belden (Author)
The world's glorious harvest is fast drawing onF. E. Belden (Author)
There are little crossesF. E. Belden (Author)
There are riches <em>better than gold</em>F. E. Belden (Author)
There are two ways for travelersF. E. Belden (Author)
There came a stranger knockingF. E. Belden (Author)
There is a land of promiseF. E. Belden (Author)
There is something at home for the children to doF. E. Belden (Author)
There is sunlight on the hilltopF. E. Belden (Author)
There is sweet rest for feet now wearyF. E. Belden (Author)
There was a star that shone in splendorF. E. Belden (Author)
There's a cross to be borneF. E. Belden (Author)
There's life in a look at the sacred crossF. E. Belden (Author)
There's no other name like JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
There's room for you to anchorF. E. Belden (Author)
These two little hands were givenF. E. Belden (Author)
This is the love of GodF. E. Belden (Author)
Thou hast kept us, blessed SaviourF. E. Belden (Author)
Thou Savior of the sinsick soulF. E. Belden (Author)
Though seas like mountains hedge thy wayF. E. B. (Author)
Thro' all the year, most gracious GodF. E. Belden (Author)
Through the gloom that gathers o'er usF. E. Belden (Author)
Thus one by one our loved ones goF. E. Belden (Author)
'Tis love that makes us happyF. E. Belden (Author)
'Tis merry, merry Christmas time!F. E. Belden (Author)
To Jesus, to Jesus, Give the coming yearF. E. Belden (Author)
To obey is better than sacrificeF. E. Belden (Author)
True hearts are needed to work for the schoolF. E. Belden (Author)
Until we meet againF. E. Belden (Author)
Wake, freemen all, whose homes are dearF. E. Belden (Author)
Wake the slumbering melodyF. E. Belden (Author)
Water, pure water, that sparkles soF. E. Belden (Author)
Water, pure water, that sparkles so brightF. E. Belden (Author)
We are building every day, at our workF. E. Belden (Author)
We are on the King's highwayF. E. Belden (Author)
We are sentinels for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
We build on the sure foundationF. E. Belden (Author)
We come with joy to greet you hereF. E. Belden (Author)
We greet thee here, O glad New YearF. E. Belden (Author)
We know not the hour of the Master&#8217;s appearingF. E. B. (Author)
We love the blessed BibleF. E. Belden (Author)
We love to tell the story Yet there is more to doF. E. Belden (Author)
We never stay away from Sabbath schoolF. E. Belden (Author)
We offer praisesF. E. Belden (Author)
We shall meet beyond the skiesF. E. Belden (Author)
We should be like gardensF. E. Belden (Author)
We should never be lateF. E. Belden (Author)
We sing about the home of beautyF. E. Belden (Author)
We thank thee for Thy merciesF. E. Belden (Author)
We welcome this blest Sabbath dayF. E. Belden (Author)
Welcome, welcome, merry welcomeF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll build on the RockF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll give this week to JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll live in the sunlightF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll shine as yonder stars sometimeF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll stand by the Bible, God's message to manF. E. Belden (Author)
We'll tarry by the living watersF. E. Belden (Author)
Were always at the school with joyful greetingF. E. Belden (Author)
We're coming, we're coming with songs of rejkoicingF. E. Belden (Author)
We're faithful daughters of the KingF. E. Belden (Author)
We're going home, a pilgrim bandF. E. Belden (Author)
We're little Christian soldiersF. E. Belden (Author)
We're loyal soldiers of the LordF. E. Belden (Author)
What says the Bible, the blessed BibleF. E. Belden (Author)
What shall I do for Christ, my SaviorF. E. Belden (Author)
What shall I do with JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
What shall it profit a manF. E. Belden (Author)
When circles are brokenF. E. Belden (Author)
When departs this hallowed dayF. E. Belden (Author)
When Isr'l came to Jordan's stateF. E. Belden (Author)
When Jesus calls his jewelsF. E. Belden (Author)
When Jesus shall make up his jewelsF. E. Belden (Author)
When softly fades the dying dayF. E. Belden (Author)
When softly falls the twilight hourF. E. Belden (Author)
When softly the springtime breezes are blowingF. E. Belden (Author)
When temptation assailsF. E. Belden (Author)
When the cross is hard to carryF. E. Belden (Author)
When the cross seems [is] hard to carryF. E. Belden (Author)
When the Judge shall weigh our [your] motivesF. E. Belden (Author)
When the load looks big to carryF. E. Belden (Author)
When the tempest gathers o'er usF. E. Belden (Author)
When through earthy seas of sorrowF. E. Belden (Author)
When we lay our burdens downF. E. Belden (Author)
Where hast thou gleaned today for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
White pages before us, thank God this is soF. E. Belden (Author)
Who is dauntless, who is daringF. E. Belden (Author)
Who is on the Lord's side? Always trueF. E. Belden (Author)
Who will be like MosesF. E. Belden (Author)
Who will be the next to come to JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
Who will speak a word for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)
Why should we ever be gloomy and sadF. E. Belden (Author)
Wide is the gate and broad the wayF. E. Belden (Author)
With, a song, the angel voicesF. E. Belden (Author)
Wonder of the countless spheresF. E. Belden (Author)
Word and will of God immortalF. E. Belden (Author)
Words of cheer from the battle of lifeF. E. Belden (Author)
Words of cheer from the battlefield of lifeF. E. Belden (Author)
Work for the school let no one sayF. E. Belden (Author)
Would you fear to have your windows openF. E. Belden (Author)
Would you know why I am singingF. E. Belden (Author)
Ye laden, sad and wearyF. E. Belden (Author)
Ye temperance warriors braveF. E. Belden (Author)

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Building for Eternity
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