How to become Christlike

"Enoch walked with God three hundred years previous to his translation to heaven, and the state of the world was not then more favorable for the perfection of Christian character than it is today. And how did Enoch walk with God? He educated his mind and heart to ever feel that he was in the presence of God, and when in perplexity his prayers would ascend to God to keep him." --{Last Day Events, p. 71.1}

“If Thou canst do anything, have compassion on us, and help us.” How many a sin-burdened soul has echoed that prayer. And to all, the pitying Saviour’s answer is, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” It is faith that connects us with heaven, and brings us strength for coping with the powers of darkness. In Christ, God has provided means for subduing every sinful trait, and resisting every temptation, however strong. But many feel that they lack faith, and therefore they remain away from Christ. Let these souls, in their helpless unworthiness, cast themselves upon the mercy of their compassionate Saviour. Look not to self, but to Christ. He who healed the sick and cast out demons when He walked among men is the same mighty Redeemer today. Faith comes by the word of God. Then grasp His promise, “Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.” John 6:37. Cast yourself at His feet with the cry, “Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief.” You can never perish while you do this—never."  --{The Desire of Ages, p. 429.1}

When it appeared to Luther that all was lost, God raised up a friend and helper for him. The pious Staupitz opened the Word of God to Luther’s mind, and bade him look away from himself, cease the contemplation of infinite punishment for the violation of God’s law, and look to Jesus, his sin-pardoning Saviour. “Instead of torturing yourself on account of your sins, cast yourself into the arms of your Redeemer. Trust in him,—in the righteousness of his life,—in  the atonement of his death. Listen to the Son of God. He became man to give you the assurance of divine favor.“Love him who has first loved you.” Thus spoke this messenger of mercy. His words made a deep impression upon Luther’s mind. After many a struggle with long-cherished errors, he was enabled to grasp the truth, and peace came to his troubled soul.

The trouble is with yourself. You want your own way, and do not rend your heart before God, and with brokenness and contrition cast yourself all broken, sinful, and polluted, upon His mercy. Your efforts to save yourself, if persisted in, will result in your certain ruin.

Cease your jealousies and your faultfinding. Turn your attention to your own case and by humble repentance, relying alone upon the blood of Christ, save your own soul. Make thorough work for eternity. If you turn from the truth you are a ruined man, your family is ruined. After the fortifications preserving sacred the privacy and privileges of the family relation have been once broken down, it is difficult to build them up; but in the strength of God, and in His strength alone, you can do this. Truth, sacred truth, is your anchor, which will save you from drifting in the downward current to crime and destruction.

A conscience once violated is greatly weakened. It needs the strength of constant watchfulness and unceasing prayer. You are standing in a slippery place. You need all the strength that the truth can give to fortify you and save you from  making entire shipwreck. Life and death are before you; which will you choose? Had you seen the necessity of being firmly settled upon principle, not moving from impulse, and not being easily discouraged, but prepared to endure hardness, you would not have been overcome as you have been. You have moved from impulse. You have not, like our faultless Pattern, been willing to endure the contradiction of sinners against yourself. We are exhorted to remember Him who endured this, lest we become weary and faint in our minds. You have been weak as a child, having no power of endurance. You have not felt the necessity of being established, strengthened, settled, grounded, and built up in the faith.

Your only hope is to seek for thorough conversion and redeem the past by your well-ordered life and godly conversation. Your only hope now is to sincerely repent of your past transgressions of God’s law and purify your soul by obeying the truth. Cultivate purity of thought and purity of life. The grace of God will be your strength to restrain your passions and curb your appetites. Earnest prayer and watching thereunto will bring the Holy Spirit to your aid to perfect the work and make you like your unerring Pattern.

If you choose to throw off the sacred, restraining influence of the truth, Satan will lead you captive at his will. You will be in danger of giving scope to your appetites and passions, giving loose rein to lusts, to evil and abominable desires. Instead of bearing in your countenance a calm serenity under trial and affliction, like faithful Enoch, having your face radiant with hope and that peace which passeth understanding, you will stamp your countenance with carnal thoughts, with lustful desires. You will bear the impress of the satanic instead of the divine.

“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1:4. It is now your privilege, by humble confession and sincere repentance, to take words and return unto the Lord. The precious blood of Christ can cleanse you from all impurity, remove all your defilement, and make you perfect in Him. The mercies of Christ are still within your reach if you will accept them. For the sake of your wronged wife, and your children, the fruit of your own body, cease to do evil, and learn to do well. That which you sow, you shall also reap. If you sow to the flesh you shall of the flesh reap corruption. If you sow to the Spirit you shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

--What is the Plan of Redemption or Salvation?  It is the "conditional" process (2T 691, 5T 692, 3T 481, 1T 440, PP 431, 7BC 931) whereby fallen humanity can be reconciled back to God (PP 331) by their working participation and union with God (AA 482, 6T 372, Ev 596, DA 296-97, 4T 464) in the keeping of His laws (1SM 218, 225, 5T 515), and in the subduing of every sin in their life through the force of their will (1SM 82, DA 311, SC 15, PP 248, MB 61, 5T 513, Matthew 11:12, 1BC 1095-96) to reflect God's righteousness and to vindicate His character before all peoples (PP 68).  Jesus Christ made possible this glorious plan by being born of a virgin, clothing His divinity with, and becoming one with humanity (DA 363), taking man's fallen sinful nature upon Him (FE 408, 5T 235, DA 49, 117, 4BC 1147, 1RH 140, 3RH 421, 2SOP 39), and then engaging the strong foe's temptations with the inward pulling and drawing towards sin, but never giving in to this (5T 177, 7BC 929, Hebrews 4:15, 3ST 264).  This was necessary in order for Christ to experience and overcome the strong temptations with which Satan tempts fallen humanity, and thus Christ broke Satan's hold upon man (PK 586), and provided humanity with a perfect example and pattern of how they can also overcome (Revelation 3:21, 4T 45, 86, DA 49, SD 23, 7BC 925, 5BC 1082, AA 531, MH 180-81).

Christ never once used His own divine power while on earth (4T 45, CT 276-77, DA 119, 5BC 1124), not even for others (angels did the miracles--DA 143), but completely worked with and relied upon His Father for help to overcome the great temptations and to sustain Him in His work (DA 24, 147, 674-75, Ed 80, MYP 58).  Thus Christ had no advantage over humanity, and we can, by uniting with God through Christ by faith, exercise the same powers which Christ had in order to live a pure spotless life out of love for God (DA 24, 664).  Christ bore, suffered, and died upon the cruel cross, rose the third day, and ascended to heaven to minister as our High Priest before God in securing for humanity the choice to serve God or Satan.  Thus the "humanity of Christ means everything to us" (OHC 48), because if Christ did not take on Him our fallen sinful nature, but had an unfallen nature like Adam before the fall or of the angels, then He could not have suffered by being tempted, and would not know what you or I are going through when we are tempted.  Thus He could not know how to succor or help us out of the temptation!  But praise God this is not the case.  Christ did have our fallen sinful nature upon Him, and He did suffer by being tempted.  Thus He can help us in every time of need (Heb 2:10, 16, 18, 5:7-9, 5T 177).

--What is sin?  "Sin is the transgression of the law" of God, or the ten commandments (1 John 3:4, 2:7, Exodus 20:1-17).

--What is Justification?  Justification is the gift from God of full and complete pardon from passed acknowledged, confessed, and forsaken sins (Proverbs 28:13, 1 John 1:9, 1SM 391, 6BC 1071).  Justification is manifested by the transformation of character (6BC 1071), and is not given or retained while transgressing God's law (1SM 213, 366, James 2:24).  It is not "once justified (saved) always justified (saved)!"

--What is Sanctification?  Sanctification is the continual growing in grace (7BC 947) by daily studying God's word (1 Corinthians 6:11, 1 Timothy 4:5, John 17:19) and daily dying to self by conforming to God's will (4T 299).  We must keep God's law to attain and maintain sanctification (CH 69, GC 467, 2T 472).  Thus it means perfect love, perfect obedience, perfect conformity to God's will (Isaiah 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4, 2 Thessalonians 2:13, AA 565).

--What does it mean to "fear God"?  To fear God means to love (Deuteronomy 10:12), reverence (Psalms 89:7), trust (Psalms 115:11), serve (Joshua 24:14, 1 Samuel 12:14, 24), hope (Psalms 33:18-22, 147:11), keep His commandments (Deuteronomy 31:12-13, 17:19, 5:29, Psalms 112:1), and depart from evil (Proverbs 3:7, 16:6, 2 Chronicles 19:7, Exodus 20:20, Psalms 34:11, 14, Job 28:28, Proverbs 8:13).

--What does it mean to "give glory to Him"?  To give glory to God means to reflect His righteous character in your own life and actions (Exodus 33:18-23, 34:5-8, Acts 10:35, 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, Psalms 29:1-2, 86:7-13).

--What does it mean that "the hour of His judgement is come"?  This means that the day of God's judgment had arrived on October 22, 1844 (Ev 223, 1SM 125, 5T 692).  Those who have chosen to serve God and continued faithful to Him would be judged worthy of everlasting life (GC 480, 4T 384), but those who choose to reject God and His means of salvation, and to continue in sin, would be judged unworthy of everlasting life (1 Peter 4:17, Romans 2:5-9, GC 482-86, EW 280).  All our sins are being written down in the record books of heaven for the purpose of the judgment (Dan 7:9-11, GC 487, COL 310), and it starts first with the dead, and then with the living (GC 436, 1SM 125).  The judgment does not free us from sin, but awakens us to the urgency that time is short, and that we must be delivered through Jesus from sin's prison house before we are individually judged and can stand in the judgment (GC 436), or we will face eternal destruction (Revelation 20:11-15).

--What does it mean to "worship Him"?  To worship God means that we honor, serve and obey God and Him alone (Psalms 96:9, 29:2, 5:7, 1 Chronicles 16:29, Matthew 4:10, John 4:23-24), that our spiritual allegiance is to God and Him alone and not to any man or church or government or nation or power (Acts 5:29, Galatians 1:10, Psalms 118:6, 8-9).