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The great trouble with heathenism was to think that God was so far away, - . . 

Revelation 14:6-12 contains God's last message to a lost world before the return of Jesus Christ (verse 14) represented as being proclaimed by three angels with "a loud voice" (verses 7, 9) to "every nation, kindred, tongue and people" (verse 6). The third angel concludes: 

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus (Revelation 14:12).

This is the word of the Lord. Notice carefully that God's final, apocalyptic "saints" (who accept the three angel's messages) have two primary characteristics: 1) they "keep the commandments of God," 2) "and the faith of Jesus." Thus they combine obedience to God's "commandments" with "faith" in "Jesus" as their Savior. 

Christ is a Saviour "not afar off, but nigh at hand." This was how Ellen White described her initial impression of the message of Jones and Waggoner in meetings immediately following the 1888 Conference. And in order to "consider Christ continually and intelligently, just as He is," it is necessary to see Him as a Saviour who "is able to succour them that are tempted," and who can "rescue man from the lowest depths of his degradation." The "Christ" of Roman Catholicism "is a long way off; . . . I need somebody that is nearer to me than that," says Jones:

"It has always been Satan’s deception, and has always been the working of his power, to get men, all men, to think that Christ is as far away as it is possible to put Him. The farther away men put Christ, even those who profess to believe in Him, the better the devil is satisfied. . . . Is Christ away off still?—No; He is "not far from every one of us." . . . And as certainly as you get a definition of "not far," you have the word "near." He is near to everybody, to us; and He always has been." Jones

Therefore, say the 1888 messengers, we must see the Christ of the Bible as One who has come "near" to us. God sent His Son "in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh." This "likeness" is not "simulated," a plastic resemblance, but is very reality. The same dative construction in the Greek is found in Philippians 2:7 where we read that he "was made in the likeness of men."

But being sent "in the likeness of sinful flesh" does not make Christ a sinner:

He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh. Don’t go too far. He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh; not in the likeness of sinful mind. Do not drag His mind into it. His flesh was our flesh; but the mind was "the mind of Christ Jesus." . . . In Jesus Christ the mind of God is brought back once more to the sons of men; and Satan is conquered.

Though He was "tempted in all points like as we are," yet He was "without sin." He was "that holy thing," "who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth." Jones and Waggoner had "no misgivings in regard to the perfect sinlessness of the human nature of Christ." They clearly taught that "in taking upon Himself man’s nature in its fallen condition, Christ did not in the least participate in its sin." Never did they say that Christ "had" a sinful nature; always they used the inspired verbs, "He took upon His sinless nature our sinful nature, that He might know how to succor them that are tempted," or He "assumed" our nature. The glory of the "message of Christ’s righteousness" is that He "took" our equipment, but His performance was perfect. He "condemned sin in the flesh," judged it, cast it out, defeated it for all eternity, "abolished in His flesh the enmity," cast it out of its last stronghold, that of human nature. Thus He trod the serpent on the head, and crushed him forever. Glorious victory! Jones and Waggoner caught the vision and rejoiced to bring such a message of "good news" to the world. 

It is written, “For which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren.” Not ashamed to call who brethren? Every one that is of flesh and blood, - . . .

It has been Satan’s work always to get men to think that God is as far away as possible. But it is the Lord’s everlasting effort to get men to find out that he is as near to every one as possible. God and Jesus want to dwell inside your body, your mind, so that you think their thoughts. God's "Holy" Spirit is sent to us through His Word, which is Jesus Christ. The personal Christ will live inside our minds when invited. Jesus will help us if we only cast  ourselves upon Him in surrender to his Father's will. It is God in Jesus reconciling us to Him.

You might be surprised to learn that many things you do and even what you eat has been influenced by Babylon.  Babylon, Egypt is known as Pagan or something that God has said to Come OUT of ...He even called His own dear Son out of Egypt. Babylon...Everything, EVERYTHING Pagan in today's world, dates back to the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah. Babylon, the wine of Babylon is what the world is drunk on today...the false doctrines of Babylon. We must repent and turn from our ways to be in harmony with the living eternal, IMMORTAL, invisible GOD, the Father of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. 

Ellen's Top 17 Tips
(yep! count 'em!)

  • God does not want you to give up anything that will truly make you happy here on this earth. All He really asks is for you to give up the things that are not good for you and would ultimately make you unhappy. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 502 - Adapted

  • If you study a lot, you should find some way to relax. Don’t study really hard all the time. Both your body and mind must have exercise. But think very carefully about the amusements that you choose. You should ask yourself: What influence will these amusements have on physical, mental, and moral health? Will I become so obsessed with my amusement that I forget God? 
    Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 652 - Adapted

  • One of the most dangerous places for entertainment is the movie theater. Instead of teaching right and wrong, good triumphing over evil, as is so often claimed, movies are the very hotbed of sin and breaking God’s law. If you habitually watch movies* you will be corrupted.
    Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 652 - Adapted
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  • Movies are the greatest influence and most powerful poison to the imagination, destroying religious thoughts, and reducing the true joy of real recreation. The more you watch, the more you want to watch, just like a drunkard wants more alcohol. The only safe way is to avoid the theater, the circus, and every other questionable place of entertainment. 
    Testimonies for the Church,vol. 4, p. 652 - Adapted

  • God cannot bless the time you spend at the theater or in the dance. As a Christian, would your really want to meet death in such a place? No one will want to be found there when Christ comes.
    The Adventist Home, p. 516 - Adapted

  • As a true follower of Christ, you have to make sacrifices. You will choose to stay away from places of worldly amusement because you won’t find Jesus there—there is nothing there that will help you focus on heaven and grow in grace.
    Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 328 - Adapted

  • There are amusements, such as dancing, card playing, chess, checkers, etc., which we cannot approve because Heaven condemns them. These amusements open the door for great evil. All such games should be condemned by Christians, and something perfectly harmless should be substituted in their place. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 498 - Adapted

  • As a Christian, seek only amusements that would strengthen your love of sacred things and increase your joy in service to God. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 517 - Adapted

  • Turn away from worldly pleasures that have a tendency to corrupt and mislead. Instead, choose innocent fun that will take you down pleasant paths where there is no danger. As a child of God, you never need to have a sad or mournful experience.
    The Adventist Home, p. 499 - Adapted

  • If you want to honor God, it is dangerous for you to hang out with friends who don’t honor Jesus. If you seek out unchristian friends, and enjoy their dirty jokes and nasty stories and stupid talk, the pure and holy angels remove their protection and leave you to the darkness you have chosen.
    Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, p. 222 - Adapted

  • Cherish your influence and use it to win your friends to Jesus. 
    Messages to Young People, p. 391 - Adapted

  • Some types of recreation are great for both your mind and your body, but you must make an effort to find the best entertainment. Recreation in the outdoors, where you can think about the works of God in nature, will benefit you the most. 
    Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 653 - Adapted

  • No recreation helpful only to yourself will prove so great a blessing as that which makes you helpful to others. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 506 - Adapted

  • As a Christian, you have many sources of happiness and you can know with unerring accuracy what pleasures are lawful and right. If you can take Jesus with you and maintain a prayerful spirit, you are perfectly safe. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 513 - Adapted

  • Any amusement in which you can ask the blessing of God upon it in faith will not be dangerous. But any amusement which makes you less interested in your prayer time, in your personal devotions, and in attending prayer services is not safe, but dangerous.
    The Adventist Home, p. 513 - Adapted

  • Never lose sight of the fact that Jesus is a wellspring of joy. He does not delight in your misery, but loves to see you happy. 
    The Adventist Home, p. 513 - Adapted 
  • How About Jesus' Example as a Youth?

  • Jesus was a hard worker, which is how He got His exercise. He had no time to indulge in exciting, useless amusements. He had nothing to do with anything that would poison His moral and lower His physical fitness. He was trained in useful labor; even for enduring hardship.
    The Adventist Home, 
    p. 506 - Adapted

Please pass this message along to your family, friends whether they be Christian, Jewish, Believers or non-Believers, we have an obligation to love each other and warn each other.  Delving into pagan rituals is NOT a light matter, regardless of one's "intentions"!

Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, AND the faith of Jesus." and in Rev. 19:10 "...for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

OUR Motto: "To obtain a Christian education as old and moral as the Ten Commandments and as modern as the Internet."

When we learn the power of God's word, these are the questions we will ask for every situation:

1.) What IS God's Command? and  2.) What IS His Promise?

―Only he who receives the Scriptures as the voice of God speaking to himself is a true learner. He trembles at the Word; for to him it is a living reality. Our words should be few and well chosen.

Find out if you have anything in your life, that you should consider stopping. How far are YOU willing to come out of Egypt? Let's not murmur and complain like the children of Israel did. Let's obey, without delay!

  • The Origin of Christmas Celebrations
  • The Origin of the "Honeymoon" and Wedding Rings/Jewelry
  • The Origin of the Trinity of gods
  • The Origin of Valentines Day
  • The Origin of Easter
  • The True Sabbath and Origin of the False Sabbath Which Day is the Christian Sabbath? Saturday or Sunday? God commands “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Yet, people concoct endless arguments as to why the Sabbath command no longer applies. Was this day only for the Jews, or only for ancient Israel? Does the New Testament establish Sunday as the Lord’s Day? Does it make any difference? God’s Word does reveal that the Sabbath was made for all people, for all time and you can prove this straight from the pages of your Bible! Few will look to the Bible for their Authority. 
  • The degeneration of Human beings based on their diet, starting with Cain, the firstborn son of Adam & Eve.
  • What happens when you die? Rest in Peace
  • Which church is the one true church?   Have you ever given any thought to the origin of the church   steeple? Could it be a modern representation of the pagan obelisk? Indeed! Check out this page on Pillars/Obelisks...interesting? Did you know that your church Steeples is Nimrods penis? Christendom was birthed out of the pagan
    Roman Catholic Church which is the biggest sun-god worshiping cult on the face
    of the earth along with all her little whore protestant daughters which proudly
    sport Nimrods penis on their roofs!!!  Today's so called Christianity is nothing more than Pagan Sun-god worship!!!  We believe the tree represents idol worship as mentioned in jeremiah. There are so many of us that know these things, but many choose to ignore it and go on with the pagan celebration. Even those that call themselves christians. It was hard for me to give it up but i did. We celebrate and give year round in the name of Christ.  Might be a good idea to do some research and see just what Pagans really are.  In a bible study Sunday at our home this was brought to light. I was shocked but it goes to show we don't know as much as we think we do. I don't want to be apart of anything that our Lord didn't inspire. I know it's difficult to walk away from things you were born into to, but you have to if you Love the Lord. We don't recognize Christmas. If our Lord wanted us to celebrate His birth, don't you think He would've told us the exact day of His birth. In Jeremiah 10:1-4, it speaks of the tree being decorated as so many do. He tells us there to stay aways from tradition and idol worship. Everyday is a new learning experience. He reveils things to some   who really want to walk the straight and narrow path. He knows the ones who won't. Don't be one of those who choose the ways of the world and not the ways of Our Lord........ May Yah our Elohim and his most precious son our master and king Yeshua truly hold and bless you and yours in ALL you do!!!
  • Who can we eat with? 1 Corinthians 5:11 (KJV) "But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat."

How to become ONE with God and His Son

Let everything that has breath

Praise YHWH!


Praise and worship gives us a true perspective of Who Yahweh is

in our lives and who we are in Him.

Praise and worship to our Father YHWH connects our Spirits in the Ruach HaKodesh (Set Apart Spirit) of the Father in an amazing way.  When we desire to grow our Faith we also learn to delight we see unlimited ways of giving Praise and Worship unto our Master YHWH.  Praise comes about by seeing the Hand of Yahweh in everything and knowing His Truth and Authority of His Word and that He is YHWH, Master of the Universe, a loving Father who delights in blessing His children, a rewarder of all who diligently seek Him.


    Each of us is a "tabernacle" or "sanctuary" in Mashiyach where we are accepted and able to hear from Him.  As the Spirit of YHWH was poured through David he wrote his experience in our Father YHWH and shared the Goodness, Majesty and Justice of YHWH that also transformed his own life.  Praise to our Father YHWH flows through each of us who study Him and pursue Him.


Study is the highest form of worship unto YHWH


     Studying the Word of YHWH enables us to enter in, and see His attributes begin to change us.  Studying the Law and the Words of Yeshua gives the Ruach HaKodesh opportunity to confirm the Word of YHWH in our hearts and transform our thoughts to His thoughts within us.  The Word of YHWH is His Spirit that lives inside of us as we learn and study His Word.  As we study we recognize that His Ruach HaKodesh (Set Apart Spirit) speaks to our minds and helps us overcome the things in our life that we struggle to overcome.  Consider that,


"For the Word of Elohim (GOD) is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12


As we read and study and apply the Word of YHWH to our lives we grow in a dialogue with His Spirit within us, there is no substitute for hearing the Father's Voice for ourselves.  We must train our spirits to learn how to hear His Voice and we all have the capabilities to do so.  So let's see what the spirit inside of us does with this verse,


"He that turns away his ear from hearing the Law,

even his prayer shall be an abomination." 

Proverbs 28:9


     What are your thoughts?  Have you turned your ear away from hearing?  Have you followed a religion that tells you that YHWH's Law is done away with?  It's not for today?  Perhaps you can see a dichotomy between the Word of YHWH, the wisdom of His Word and what religions teach.  YHWH's Word is very often the opposite of what religions teach, this is why many people struggle to hear His Voice.

        Every religion has teachings that cause people to turn their ears away from hearing the Ten Commandments.  Judaism has elevated the traditions of the rabbis over the simplicity of YHWH's Law, Christians are taught to reject "Old Testament Law" and most have never been shown that Studying the Bible means "instruction in righteousness".  Nevertheless, each of us is able to search these things out and this is a most important and necessary form of praise and worship to the Father.  When we study His Word we draw close to Him and we also have the opportunity to ask Him to speak to our souls, to forgive us, to help us, to guide us.

        When we love our Father in Heaven enough to study and live according to His Word this is how we worship Him, and this is how we delight in Him.  It's a matter of truth rather than religious tradition.  It's a matter of having a relationship with the Father rather than hearing more religious ideas about Him.

 YHWH is Faithful and Righteous and worthy of our worship to Him.