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Truths Indelibly Traced by the Holy Spirit

"The 1st 2000 years ended in a rejection of God at the Flood; the 2nd 2000 yrs ended in a rejection of the Son. Beware of rejecting the Holy Spirit."

"The great sin of the Jews was their rejection of Christ; the great sin of the Christian world would be their rejection of the law of God (Christ IS the law of God manifested to us - "thy law is truth" and "I am the truth" and they law is perfect and the lamb is perfect without blemish - this is the MIND of God = let this MIND be IN you that was also in Christ Jesus), the foundation of His government in heaven and earth" The Great Controversy 1888, p. 22.2

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" 2 Corinthians 3:17.

"WE WANT THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST.” {Lt66-1894 (April 10, 1894) par. 18} - EGW *(see full quote below)

"Christ is to be known by the blessed name of Comforter.” {Ms7-1902 (January 26, 1902) par. 10} - EGW


PRESS RELEASE OF HOW WHITE ESTATE OFFICIALS HAVE KEPT KNOWLEDGE FROM GOD'S PEOPLE. WHITE ESTATE TRUSTEE'S CLAIM THEY SHOULD NOT ALLOW GOD'S PEOPLE TO SEE ALL OF ELLEN WHITE'S MATERIAL. "The position of SDAnonymous is that the writings held in trust by the White Estate are truly owned by the real beneficiaries of her will – the believers who hold her writings as instructive. For these reasons, the position of SDAnonymous is that the acquisition of these documents is not theft, but restoration."

Pentecost! The day when Christ returned to His children on earth in spiritual form as the Holy Spirit who would now live within them as their Comforter. We are not complete in our heavenly Father, until we receive His Spirit (spirit=words=character=thoughts and feelings) which is holy. "Holy" means the "Presence" of God: which simply means to be in constant agreement with God. Pentecost is when our Saviour and Comforter who was physically manifest on earth in human form would now be with us in His spiritual manifestation as our Comforter.

The Holy Spirit is certainly a living person. It is the person of Christ, His very life with His church. Jesus lives inside consecrated commandment keeping bodies. It is Jesus INVISIBLE, walking UNSEEN beside us and INSIDE us, helping us to be SIN-FREE!


While Jesus ministers in the sanctuary above, He is still by His Spirit the minister of the church on earth. He is withdrawn from the eye of sense, but His parting promise is fulfilled, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt. 28:20. While He delegates His power to inferior ministers, His energizing presence is still with His church.  {DA 166.2}


This is why Jesus could promise;    

I will come to you.  

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I am with you always even unto the end of the world.

Where two or three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.


Please tell me is Jesus with you now in the body (physically), or is He with you by His "Holy "Spirit?

If you still want to make the Holy Spirit someone else, then someone else is with you not Jesus?

Look at who inspiration says is the true comforter;


“The impartation of the Spirit is the impartation of the life of Christ.” DA 80


Christ gives them the breath of His own Spirit, the life of His own life.” MH 159


If you disbelieve the SOP, how do you answer Jn 20:22


John 20:22  And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:


The Word of God here gives us a practical illustration of the impartation of the Spirit; which is the life of Christ, it is His very own breath.

It is a part of Him, Jesus, not someone else. Even young children get this.


Eph 4:4  There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

He died in His natural body; He was raised in His spiritual body becoming a life-giving Spirit. 1Cor 15:44,45

The unity that exists between Christ and His disciples does not destroy the personality of either. They are one in purpose, in mind, in character, but not in person. It is thus that God and Christ are one." 8T, p. 269.

John 15:24 If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father.

The Saviour is our Comforter. This I have proved Him to be.” 8MR p. 49 July 16, 1892

“As by faith we look to Jesus, our faith pierces the shadow, and we adore God for His wondrous love in giving Jesus the Comforter.” 19MR No. 1405 Preston, Melbourne, July 26, 1892 p. 297;Sons and Daughters of God p.124

“There is no comforter like Christ, so tender and so true. He is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. His Spirit speaks to the heart.” Review and Herald Oct 26, 1897

“He is coming to us by His Holy Spirit today. Let us recognize Him now; then we shall recognize Him when He comes in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.” Review and Herald, April 30, 1901

"While Jesus ministers in the sanctuary above, He is still by His Spirit the minister of the church on earth." Desire of Ages p. 166

He gives them His Holy Spirit, the manifestation of His presence and favor.” Testimonies Vol 9, p. 230 1909

"Before the disciples could fulfill their official duties in connection with the church, Christ breathed His Spirit upon them." Desire of Ages p. 805

Jesus is waiting to breathe upon all his disciples, and give them the inspiration of his sanctifying spirit, and transfuse the vital influence from himself to his people… Christ is to live in his human agents.” Signs of the Times Oct 3, 1892

“The Holy Spirit, which proceeds from the only begotten Son of God, binds the human agent, body, soul, and spirit, to the perfect, divine-human nature of Christ." Review & Herald April 5, 1906

" 'The words that I speak are spirit and life' John 6:63. Christ is not here referring to His doctrine, but to His person, the divinity of His character.” 1 Selected Messages p. 249

“We adore God for His wonderous love in giving us Jesus the Comforter” SD 124

 "The Saviour is our Comforter” 8 MR 49


“There is no Comforter like Christ” RH OCT 26, 1897


“He (Christ) is the comforter RH JAN 27, 1903


“The Saviour is our Comforter. This I have proved Him to be.” 19 MR 29

Think about this: ONLY GOD THE FATHER WAS IMMORTAL. "Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen" 1 Tim 1:17.

What IS the WORK OF GOD that WE are to DO? TO BELIEVE!!!

John 6:29 "Jesus answered and said unto them, This IS the work of God, that you BELIEVE IN Him whom He (God the Father) has sent (His Son)."

Micah 5:2 NCV
"But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are too small to be among the army groups from Judah, from you will come one who will rule Israel for me. He comes from very old times, from days long ago."

 The Father & God of Jesus was the literal parent of Jesus in the flesh as well as in the spirit:

"As Christ was twice born, once in eternity, the only begotten of the Father, and again here in the flesh, thus uniting the divine with the human in that second birth, so we, who have been born once already in the flesh, are to have the second birth, being born again of the Spirit, in order that our experience may be the same, the human and the divine being joined in a life union." W.W. PRESCOTT Review and Herald, April 14, 1896 p. 232.

"He was born of the Holy Ghost. In other words, Jesus Christ was born again. He came from heaven, GOD's first- born, to the earth, and was born again, But all in Christ's work goes by opposites for us: he, the sinless one, was made to be sin, in order that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. He, the living one, the prince and author of life, died that we might live. He whose goings forth have been from the days of eternity, the first-born of GOD, was born again, in order that we might be born again."

"If Jesus Christ had never been born again, could you and I have ever been born again? No. But he was born again, from the world of righteousness into the world of sin; that we might be born again, from the world of sin into the world of righteousness. He was born again, and was made partaker of the human nature, that we might be born again, and so made partakers of the divine nature. He was born again, unto earth, unto sin, and unto man, that we might be born again unto heaven, unto righteousness, and unto God." Review and Herald, Aug. 1, 1899 (Lessons on Faith p. 154.)

"“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.” “And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him because we keep his commandments and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.” “And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life. Little children keep yourselves from idols.” The Lord is soon to come. We want that complete and perfect understanding which the Lord alone can give. It is not safe to catch the spirit from another. WE WANT THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST. If we commune with God, we shall have strength and grace and efficiency.” {Lt66-1894 (April 10, 1894) par.

"Christ declared that after His ascension, he would send to his church, as His CROWNING GIFT, the comforter, who is the Holy Spirit,--THE SOUL OF HIS LIFE, THE EFFICACY OF HIS CHURCH, THE LIGHT AND LIFE OF THE WORLD. With HIS SPIRIT Christ sends a reconciling influence and a power that takes away sin. In the gift of the Spirit, [HIS LIFE--THE SOUL OF HIS LIFE] Jesus gave to man the highest good that heaven could bestow." E.G. White, Review and Herald, May 19, 1904. Book 5, p. 42.

"Christ gives them the breath of HIS OWN SPIRIT, the life of HIS OWN LIFE. The HOLY SPIRIT puts forth its highest energies to work in the heart and mind." Desire of Ages, 827.

One point is crystal clear. Ellen White understood that the books recounting the great controversy story embodied what the Lord had revealed to her. Repeatedly she spoke and wrote of this fact. Of the Conflict books beforeProphets and Kings and The Acts of the Apostles were published she said:

How many have read carefully Patriarchs and Prophets, The Great Controversy, and The Desire of Ages? I wish all to understand that my confidence in the light that God has given stands firm, because know that the Holy Spirit's power magnified the truth, and made it honorable, saying: “This is the way, walk ye in it.” In my books, the truth is stated, barricaded by a “Thus saith the Lord.” The Holy Spirit traced these truths upon my heart and mind as indelibly as the law was traced by the finger of God, upon the tables of stone.—Colporteur Ministry, p. 126.

Writing specifically of The Great Controversy she declared:

I was moved by the Spirit of the Lord to write that book…. The Lord has set before me matters which are of urgent importance for the present time, and which reach into the future. The words have been spoken in a charge to me, “Write in a book the things which thou hast seen and heard, and let it go to all the people; for the time is at hand when past history will be repeated.” I have been aroused at one, two, or three o'clock in the morning with some point forcibly impressed upon my mind, as if spoken by the voice of God.—Ibid., pp. 127, 128.

This is the simple record of the portrayal of historical matters in The Great Controversy. Her writing in this area parallels much of Ellen White's seventy years of active ministry—and of the production of books read by millions in the leading languages of the world.

The writing of her own life story and the biographical references in her books and articles are historical writings of an entirely different nature and are dealt with in Chapter 1.

Through the presentation of the Conflict of the Ages story tracing the great controversy story on the backdrop of history of events in the world, we are indeed made “children of the light and children of the day.”

OF PROPHECY - (English)

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I would like to share with you an email I received on June 24, 2006 that has been shared with people from all walks of life that verifies and even confirms what I have shared here. Turns out some Rabbi's got a hold of Ellen White's work and found some rather exciting hidden truths that most readers of her work ever knew. I pray you are blessed by it...

 A Friend sent us this wonderful testimony of a Jewish Rabbi, who read Patriarchs and Prophets and accepted Jesus as his Saviour .

 A Jewish Rabbi and Ellen White

As told by Elfred Lee (Biography of Elfred Lee, artist): http://dialogue.adventist.org/articles/07_1_rasi_e.htm

Rabbi Josef (Joe) Kagan is an Eastern European Jew. His family immigrated to the United States when he was still a quite young. Musically gifted and born with a beautiful singing voice, he made his debut at age 13 in New York's famous Carnegie Hall. He later became a cantor, and then a rabbi. Several years later, he also became a member of the research staff of the then-Governor Ronald Reagan in Sacramento.

For a long time, Rabbi Kagan had very negative feelings towards Christianity and Christians because of an unfortunate incident which occurred in Europe when he was still a child; an aunt was raped by some "Christian" while a priest who held a crucifix stood over her said: "This is what you get for killing Christ." Because of his animosity as a result of her aunt's having been violated by some "Christians", he refused to touch the New Testament for a long time. However, he knew the Jewish Old Testament [Torah] extremely well as a highly-educated rabbi. Fortunately, he later learned that American Christians are not at all like her aunt's European "Christian" assaulters.

It was in 1978 at the Weimar Institute in Weimar, California where Rabbi Kagan and I got acquainted. He was already getting up in years then. After our initial meeting, my family and I developed a beautiful friendship with Joe, his wife, and his son. As our friendship blossomed, we started to study the Bible together and read some of Ellen White's books.

It was during one of our Bible study sessions that he told us an interesting story about how he somehow got hold of a book called Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen G. White. After reading it, he was very impressed at the way it was written, and wanted to know who this Ellen White was. And then he asked my wife and me: "Who is this Ellen G. White anyway? What university did she attend? "When we told him that she had a third grade education only, he was amazed "Then, where did she learn Hebrew?" he further inquired. We told him that, to our knowledge, she did not learn any Hebrew. The more he became amazed. He told us that the information in the book is mishnaic, and the Mishnah, which is part of the Hebrew scholarship, was translated into English only in the 1940s, and that only high-level rabbis are acquainted with the information in the Mishnah. Joe further told us that, what Ellen White wrote in Patriarchs and Prophets was the history of his [Jewish] people and it was very accurate. Moreover, one had to know Hebrew to be able to write like the way she did; her sentence structure was Hebrew---the rhythm, the meter, the arrangement of words and expressions, she wrote as if she was a Hebrew and her writing was just translated into English. Then he surprisingly told us: “I am convinced that Ellen White was inspired by the same source that inspired the Hebrew prophets. Now, I am ready to become a Christian and accept Jesus Christ as my Messiah." I somehow feel that even though the Hebrew Scripture is full of prophecies pointing to the Messiah, it took Ellen White's writings to prove to him that Jesus Christ was indeed the fulfillment of all the Hebrew messianic prophecies. And only then did Joe finally pick up the New Testament and read about Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was a Jew! Many times, I have seen Joe shed tears---for whatever reason, I don't know and I never felt comfortable enough to ask; so, let's just say, I'd like to believe that it is probably because of "his joy in finally finding the Lord". Before Joe and I got acquainted, I was commissioned to paint a mural called "Christ, The Way of Life" for the world headquarters of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. And when Joe and I met, I was in the middle of painting the mural. The painting is based on another artwork originally "inspired" by Ellen and James White, who had commissioned an engraver to do a black and white drawing of the same subject. For some reason, Joe became very interested in the painting, and he confirmed [to me] that Ellen & James White's concept about the whole plan of salvation as  written in both the Old and New Testament was very accurate, but that somehow the engraver had misrepresented her concepts. And for some reason Joe became "quite involved" with the painting to the point where he helped me in making the details of the painting historically and theologically accurate, especially those regarding the sanctuary, the Hebrew writing on the cross, and the scene of the last supper. It was Joe who suggested to paint Jesus and His disciples in an oriental style scene, sitting on mats on the floor---not on Roman couches like some of the European artists did. He also recommended that the heads of Christ and the disciples should be covered, and to make sure that I painted the wine, the unleavened bread, and the bitter herbs "according to the exact symbols" that they were supposed to represent. Joe even made the first "stamp of approval" of the whole painting before its official unveiling.

In late 1979, the painting was unveiled during a ceremony at the Auburn [California] Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Joe even wrote a song based on one of Jesus' last words on the cross: "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" [My God, My God why have You forsaken me?] to go with the painting. And at the unveiling, seated at the organ, Joe sang---his entire body shook as he sang and openly wept. His singing was so beautiful and so moving that there was not one dry eye in the congregation that day.

The original painting now hangs in the new Seventh-Day Adventist world headquarters in Maryland. I could never have done the mural accurately and correctly without the inspiration of Rabbi Joe Kagan and Ellen White. I wish they were still alive!

On Saturday, December 22, 1979, my wife and I were at Joe's secret baptism in the Bear River near Sacramento. There were only four of us present---the minister, Joe, my wife, and I. For whatever his reason might be, he decided not to tell his wife and son that he had become a Christian. As he came up out of the cold water praising God and singing to his new Messiah, he said, "I am now a completed Jew. I have now accepted the Old and New Testament and the Messiah that all Jewish prophets talked about!"

On a recent trip to Europe where I presented workshops on art and some of my archeological work in the Middle East. I happened to meet a Jewish family from Israel. Shalom David is originally from Iraq and his wife is from Chile, and they have become Christians. They are attending college in Europe. Shalom David and his wife invited me to their home for supper on Friday night [Shabbat]. It was a most enjoyable evening as he, his wife and their beautiful children sang and celebrated the arrival of Sabbath as Jews have done for thousands of years. As we ate, I told them the story of Rabbi Kagan, and they got very excited. Shalom said, "Believe it or not, the same thing happened to me! I would have rather burned the Bible than touch it! I wanted nothing to do with Christianity, but after I read the writings of Ellen White, somehow I felt that the Spirit of God was on that woman. Her writings are as if she wrote in Hebrew. You can definitely hear the Hebrew rhythm, meter and expressions in her books. I also believe she was inspired by the same source as the Hebrew prophets. And she has helped me fall in love with Jesus Christ as my Messiah." [Let me point out that, there is presently quite a bit of opposition to Ellen White's writings in Europe.]

After returning from Europe, for some reason, I met another rabbi living here in California, Rabbi Ben, who invited me and a group of Seventh-Day Adventists for guess what? Supper on Friday evening [Shabbat], He went through the whole pre-Sabbath meal ceremony just like Rabbi Kagan and my other new found friend [Shalom David] in Europe. During the meal, I told the group about Rabbi Kagan and Shalom David's separate experiences in "accidentally" reading Ellen White's book, Patriarchs and Prophets. Surprisingly Rabbi Ben said that he had a similar experience. He hated the Bible, particularly the New Testament, until he read Ellen White's book which somehow opened his eyes and "brought him to Christ" and which helped him to read the New Testament and to fall in love with the Messiah.

Rabbi Ben's initial encounter with Ellen White's Patriarchs and Prophets took place while visiting one of the most influential rabbis in America, whose name he preferred not to mention [to protect the rabbi]. As the other rabbi and Rabbi Ben chatted, somehow Rabbi Ben could not help but scan the other rabbi's extensive collection of books which lined an entire wall of the other rabbi's home library, and there he saw the book Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen White. Apparently, Rabbi Ben must have previously heard or known of Ellen White because he asked the other rabbi about Ellen White's book, where he got it, and why he would have a book by a Christian author in his library. The other rabbi simply replied, "It is a very authoritative source about our history as Jewish people."

Finally, somehow the 3ABN television network people got wind of my experiences, and I was invited to share on television my encounters with the three Orthodox Jews-turned-Christian because of Ellen White's Patriarchs and Prophets. After my TV appearance, my telephone has rung day and night with calls from people from as far away as India and Australia telling me that they want to know more about Ellen White and the Jewish Christian converts.

 Elfred Lee is a portrait artist, muralist, and painter. He has studied art in Europe and the United States. He has a doctorate in fine arts, and has taught art classes in several U.S. colleges and universities. He has also traveled worldwide and has been an illustrator and photographer for archaeological expeditions, including Frank Navarre's search of Noah's Ark.

As I have said many times before, if you really want to experience to Word of God in a more clear manner, try this. Some of you use "bible helps" from a diverse group of authors like Spurgeon, Easton, and even Scofield. Why not try this one time. Each morning as you read the Word, try reading one chapter at a time. After each chapter look into Sister White's writings to see what she says about that particular chapter. (You can access her work online here) After doing this for a few days you will find that she never uses words like the others. Words like "maybe", "perhaps", "could be", and "possible" are NEVER found in her explanations of the Scriptures. Reason being is, like a true prophet will always do, she points RIGHT TO THE VERSE in the Scripture that explains the one in question. It's amazing how much you may be missing! So far, everyone I shared this method of study with have 100% of the time closed the "bible helps" from the other "authors" to never peer into again and opened Ellen White's books!

Try it! What have you got to lose?