Synopsis of the two books

The End Times Passover
Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation
 by Joe Ortiz

This author has examined the word of God against a myriad of prophecy books written by a throng of theorists for over twenty-five years. After deep study, he began writing down the major biblical discrepancies he encountered amid the many theories being presented by numerous eschatology writers. These notes formed the outline that eventually became the foundation for writing these two books in 1984. The books were basically finished by 1987, but were not completed until May 2004. Twenty years! It took this length of time to do an indepth study of the material presented in The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation.

The author did not want to ‘put them out there' until he felt that he had examined the scriptures as clearly and as concisely as he possibly could. He feels the timing to release them to the public has arrived. He is confident that the word of God confirms that the evidence presented in The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation will provide clear challenges to the Left Behind theory and many of the major issues contained in the premillennial, Pre-Tribulation doctrinal myths that have been perpetrated on the Christian Church, especially in the last 200 years.

He believes the work presented in these two books will clearly refute the speculative conclusions many theorists coin proper nouns to, such as The Rapture, The Great (Pre, Mid, Post) Tribulation, The (Pre, Post and A) Millennium, The (church is the) Bride of Lamb, The Promised Land (is in the Middle East), and that The Restrainer is the Holy Spirit. The author presents in these two books scripture that refute the myths that there will be two and maybe even three resurrections, two or three judgments, that remnant Israel is not part of the true Church of God, and that God’s true church did not begin until the Day of Pentecost. These and many other myths will be debunked, including that the heavens and the earth will not be restructured anew until 1000 years after The Second Advent.

This aspect (new heavens and new earth) is one of (if not) the main keys to understanding one of the most crucial messages being conveyed to us by God in the Bible; which is, that Jesus Christ is God.
These two books will refute the varying millennarian doctrines and biblically prove that the Lord's Kingdom reign will not be in heaven; but, rather, it will be an eternal reign on earth, and obviously longer than 1000 literal years. This new heavens and earth aspect will prove that God’s Holy City, New Jerusalem, is the true Promised Land and it comes down to earth much sooner than is perceived by most theologians.
The author specifically deals with each and every one of these issues, providing scripture upon scripture that literally disprove the majority of varying Rapture theories, great tribulation and millennial myths and other dispensationalism doctrines.
The first of Joe Ortiz' two new book deals primarily with scripture that clearly refute a secret pre-tribulation escape to heaven. He also debunks the assumption that the reign of Christ on earth lasts only 1000 years. He provides scripture that refutes the notion that a special geopolitical kingdom will be established solely for Jews in the land we today call Israel. He also proves that the Christian Church is not the Bride of Lamb, but rather that New Jerusalem, God's Holy City is the true Promised Land, and the future residence of God's children of promise, right here on earth!

In his books, The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation, Ortiz uses Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, various concordances, figures of speech and an etymological analysis of key Bible passages to dramatically prove that modern day interpretations of the Bible have, in reality, been reversed by theorists to convey a different meaning than God intended.

For example, many pre-tribulation theorists use the scripture in Luke 17:34-37 to support their theory that Christians will be “taken” to Heaven and unbelievers will be “left” behind to suffer God’s wrath during the so-called Great Tribulation. However, if you examine the definition of the word “taken,” you will notice that the Greek word is “paralambano,” which means “to seize and to bind,” whereas the word for “left” in the Greek is “aphiemi,” which means “to forgive (pass over, leave them alone, do not touch and 'paid in full').” In essence, theorists’ interpretation of this scripture is truly a reversed and contradictory premise to their pet theory and, in reality, those verses harmonizes more so with the scriptures concerning the separating of the chaff from the wheat for burning when He returns.

This is one of over a hundred similar biblical word comparison study examples that The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation contain that refutes a pre-tribulation escape to Heaven. These two new books include irrefutable and biblical proof that Christians will remain on Earth not only during the so-called “Great Tribulation,” but will also be on earth during the time God pours out His great wrath on heathen non-believers.

Ortiz’ books offer biblical proof that the Christian will be protected during God’s wrath-outpouring. God has provided an End Times Passover rescue program for His chosen people, just as he did when He rescued Israel from Egyptian bondage, Noah from the flood, Daniel from the lions den, and Meschaq, Chadrack and Abednego from the fiery furnace.

The second book (Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation) deals primarily with the subject of tribulation, its purpose and its impending reality. The last three chapters of the second book unveil God’s End-Times Passover for His children of promise.

The author believes the reader will become more enlightened by the verifiable scripture-based facts presented in these two books, which definitely refute and debunk the many theories that proclaim that the Christian Church will not experience great tribulation because it will supposedly be caught up in a secret escape to heaven before The Second Advent of Jesus Christ. The author is convinced that many theorists (intentionally or unwittingly) have twisted and taken out of context much scripture in vain attempts to strengthen their secret escape to heaven theories; but, in these two books, the Bible speaks for itself!

As the reader finishes Chapters 10 through 15 of the first book (The End Times Passover), he or she will probably say ‘nay’ or ‘yea’ to much of the scriptural evidence being presented herewith. However, after reading those six chapters, the author believes they will be able to use the scripture evidence in these chapters to unlock many mysteries that heretofore have served as scriptural stumbling blocks that prevent many Christians from clearly seeing the true redemption program God has planned from eternity.

Therefore, since all of us Christians truly want to learn, know and understand God’s truth, and apply it to our earthly journey, the author merely asks that the readers not jump to any early conclusions, but keep an open mind until they read each entire book. Then, after reading them completely, ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation.

As stated before, the author’s intent here is not to trouble the Body of Christ; but, rather, he hopes and prays that the reader will find in these two books new light to the ongoing Rapture debate. Hopefully, these books will provide all of God's children of promise with peace, comfort and joy knowing that God can rescue His true church while at the same time pour out His wrath on the unbeliever, (Psalms 91:7,8; 2 Peter 2:9; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Revelation 3:10).

More importantly, the author believes these books will provide for the reader who fears a physical death, a renewed hope and spiritual comfort in the knowledge that God can rescue His children of promise without having to remove them from earth during the so-called Great Tribulation, through The End Times Passover!

Joe Ortiz


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