Books can be purchased here ~

The are several ways to order the three books written by Joe Ortiz. You can easily purchase the books by clicking one of the web sites below (or cut and paste to your browser) at:
(1) You may purchase the books directly from the publisher Author House Publishers and get them 
      cheaper and sooner: Book Order Department at (888) 280-7715 or visit their web site at:

(3) Barnes &
(4) If you would like to purchase a book with a personal autograph by the author, send us an email and we will arrange 
      your purchase and we will then mail it directly to you; or, you can purchase the books and send them to us for the 
      personalized autograph.
(5) To order the book Saved? What Do You Mean Saved? orders need to be purchased directly from GBM Books,     
       c/o Joe Ortiz Associates, 626 N. Dearborn Street, #165, Redlands, CA 92374.  This book (written in 1983) is 
       now considered a rare book and a collectible item. There were only 1000 books printed and there are only 20 
       books left. The selling price for an autographed copy is $50:00 plus $5:00 postage for a grand total of $55.00 ~
Book Reviewers can get free copy simply by contacting Author House and tell them your organization wants to review the books. Contact Author House at