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Joe Ortiz

A Brief Testimony

I was born in Indio, California, a small desert town right next door to the famous resort city of Palm Springs, California. I was raised in impoverished conditions along with 7 brothers and sisters, cared for and loved by a single, hard working woman who was abandoned by her husband. I didn’t finish high school, but was forced to help support our family working as a dishwasher and cook after dropping out of high school during my junior year.

I was raised in the Catholic Church; both confirmed and made my first holy communion by age twelve. I soon left the church after several negative incidents involving corrupt priests.

I was first introduced to the living Jesus Christ and God’s word in 1955 at a Baptist church camp located in Hume Lake, California; where at 14, I responded to an altar call after a sermon by one of its preachers, and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I never followed up on that experience until 20 years later.

After leaving the Air Force in 1963, I spent most of my adult career working at various social service organizations, very active in the civil rights arena, which lead to a radio and television talk show host career for over 25 years. During this period I managed to get my high school diploma, attended numerous colleges and eventually obtained teaching credentials from UCLA in 1977.

After living a hectic jet set lifestyle, I attended an Assemblies of God Church in Montebello, California and turned my life over to God in January 5, 1975. After deep study of God's word, I left the AOG church in 1984 and formed God's Broadcaster Ministries, Inc.

Although I have experienced many struggles since accepting Christ as my savior (as most Christians should acknowledge exist in their respective lives), I have managed many great periods of humble service and studying God’s word. Through the auspices of God's Broadcaster Ministries, we worked on a variety of projects that involved raising funds for the poor and by helping natural disaster victims, as well as providing free publicity to many Christian groups and non profits who worked to combat problems of youth violence, alcohol and drug abuse and homelessness. I also functioned as an evangelist from 1979 through 1985, during which I time I began researching, studying and writing The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation in 1984.

Unfortunately, this period of ministry afforded little income, primarily due to the fact I would not resort to the nefarious fund raising tactics currently being employed by many of today’s evangelists and ministries. Admittedly, raising a family to the cutlural and financial standards they were accustom to forced me back into a secular marketplace. From 1988 through early 2000, I worked as a public relations consultant Joe Ortiz Associates  for numerous politicians, celebrities and civic groups in the greater Los Angeles area. This period caused much grief and spiritual inner strife in my heart and soul.

I could spend much time boasting about the myriad of successes I accomplished as an educator, civil servant in community and government affairs, and one of the most uniquely successful careers as a radio and television talk show host, journalist and news commentator in the highly competitive media market of Los Angeles. Much temporal fame, fortune and power resulted during that period of time; but not the peace I hungered for, which can only come from walking daily with Christ.

None of those accomplishments in the secular arena have any meaning to me now, none whatsoever. Nothing matters anymore except for my current and constant walk in Christ, where I devote each and every moment pursuing God; not only in accepting His gift of salvation, but (more importantly) by responding in obedience to and making Him my Master and Lord in everything I do!

Recognizing that working in the secular market place was impeding my walk with Christ, I walked away from this fast-paced arena, surrendering everything to the Lordship of Christ and returned to my hometown in June 2000. I chose instead to work with the poor and the homeless as a manager of a shelter in Palm Springs, California. I could have stayed in the fast lanes of glitz, glamor, tons of money and political influence. However, that arena provided nothing towards my spiritual growth nor inner peace. Those 12 years away from "front line" ministry cost me and my family a heavy price. I chose to walk away from the vain world of Hollywood and the self-serving, greedy and power-seeking realities of the political world, to serve God and His People regardless of the cost!.

Being a resident manager of a homeless shelter required much hard work and toil. I lived at the shelter and manned my post 24 hours a day, without any days off, not even weekends or holidays, for two and a half years straight. I did everything from counseling clients, job development, donations, marketing, building and landscape maintenance and even scrubbing toilets and floors. While this part of life’s journey has been one of the most gratifying times in my life, this effort resulted in my injuring my back, shoulders, knees and feet, requiring me to go on medical disability since July, 2003. The most redeeming aspect at the homeless shelter, apart from leading many to Christ, was spending much quality time in the late evenings and wee hours of the mornings to prayer, study and gaining greater insights to God and His word.

These past few years (from June 2000 to the present) have allowed me the time and opportunity to finally finish The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation on May, 2004, an effort that began almost 20 years ago. While most of the manuscript for the two books was completed in 1986, the last five years (2000-2005) have been spent on formatting the books, extensive editing, and perusing for errors (both grammatical and Biblical) before releasing the books to the public.

Prior to releasing the books (and posting them on this web site), I sent it to many authors in the prophecy and eschatological genre to get their opinion as to its biblical veracity, including renowned prophecy authors such as Dave MacPherson and Ralph Woordrow (who also lives in Palm Springs), as well as Hal Lindsey and Dr. Tommy Ice. Both Ralph Woodrow and Dave MacPherson praised the book, but Lindsey never responded. Dr Ice responded by stating he "didn't have time to read any 'Jewish' books."

Unlike many who read this testimony, I make no claims of having absolute truth nor the final word on the eschatological issues discussed in this book. I also do not belong to nor support any doctrinal camp whatsoever. I do not claim to be a member of any religious denomination, synagogue, sect, nor any professing Christian group such as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, et al; nor do I claim to have or adhere to any set belief system or doctrine of any kind. I have a close circle of friends with whom I assemble and fellowship with on a regular basis, for the sole purpose of confessing our sins to one another and sharing in those burdens, as well as studying God's word together.

I do not possess any seminary, correspondence school or Bible college training, nor have I earned nor possess any certificates or licenses to preach or teach the word of God. If lacking these associations or credentials fails to qualify me as an authority of God’s words, so be it. I make only the claim that I believe I have been blessed with the power gift of discernment and teaching from the Holy Spirit, and possess a tenacious and undying love for the deeper meaning of God's word. My approach to the study of God's word is etymologically-based and journalistically inclined. If any of the material and personal writings I present in my blogs, books and on this web site ring true in your heart and soul, its confirmation is between you and the Holy Spirit, of which only He can validate the truth of its content.

The sole purpose of this web site is to provide the insights I was freely given by the Holy Spirit, because I sought God's truth. The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation were available for free (for three years, prior to becoming published in 2007) to whomever wished to download them. However, after much prayer I felt that the book should be published by a traditional publisher, solely to utilize their vast distribution and marketing network to reach more people than this web site was able to provide. Our sole goal is to be a source of encouragement to those who believe and obey God's word, and to help them to prepare for great tribulation.

We do not ask for any funds or donations, nor do we seek prominence in the eyes of any man, or any religious community. We solely seek God's grace, mercy and lovingkindess, and pray that we may be found worthy each and every day, and especially upon His final return!

One thing is definitely certain, as it states in Acts 14:22, ...that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

Yours in Christ,


Joe Ortiz, author

The End Times Passover [Etymological Challenges to Millenarian Doctrines] (2007) Author House Publishing

Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation [The Sequel to The End Times Passover] (2007) Author House Publishing

Saved? What Do You Mean Saved? (1983) GBM BOOKS


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