empowr Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE:  empowr will attempt to keep this list of questions and answers current;  however please always refer to the empowr Ts and Cs for the most up-to-date information.

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general questions 

1.  Is empowr a completely separate platform from Facebook
and Twitter?

Yes. empowr offers a distinct platform based entirely on its proprietary
suite of technologies and tools. 

2.  Is empowr a free platform, and can people earn on empowr without using their own funds?

Yes.  empowr is a free platform. It has been carefully designed to enable people to build and monetize (which means earn from) a large network of fans, starting with no outside capital.

There are many optional products and services for sale on empowr, available mostly from other community members, but the basic product is offered for use without charge.

3.  To benefit from empowr, will I need to stop using other social media platforms?

No.  Your use of empowr is non-exclusive.  In fact, you are encouraged to continue building your following on other platforms.  

You can even use empowr to auto-publish your empowr posts to your other platforms so you can reach all your audiences with one tool. 

4.  How do users earn on empowr?

Users (called citizens on empowr) can earn via a multitude of knowledge-based roles, including from the views of their photos, videos, status updates and blogs.

Citizens can also sell virtually any product or service; or assist in a variety of roles with the promotion, distribution, reselling, education or dispute management relating to the sale of most products and services available in the the empowr marketplace.

In addition, they can earn by assisting in the growth of the empowr economy, by working as teachers or success coaches to other members of the community.

5.   Is it true that empowr pays its citizens based on views of their photos, videos, blogs and status updates?


6.  How can empowr afford to pay for simple views of posts?

empowr's monetization capabilities stem from the work of nearly 1,000 engineering and product professionals, over a 15-year research & development period.  

Thanks to its patented suite of proprietary technologies, empowr uniquely enjoys three separate and significant revenue streams: 

A.  Transaction fees on marketplace sales (like eBay and Etsy)
B.  Paid advertising (like Google, Facebook and Twitter)
C.  Optional user subscriptions (like LinkedIn, Amazon Prime and Netflix)

As a result of these three large and balanced revenue streams, empowr generates more ARPU (annual revenue per user) than other existing social media platforms, so it can afford to pay its citizens based on views of their posts.

As importantly, empowr was founded and organized to return virtually all profits to its citizens, as opposed to its shareholders, in accordance with its mission.

7.  Can empowr be accessed through iPhone and Android mobile apps?

Yes.  Both mobile apps will be available on the official launch date of the empowr platform.

8.  How often do I earn in empowr?

In empowr, you're earning around the clock, even while you sleep. You continue to earn each time your posts are viewed, and when your products and services are purchased.

Your earnings are applied to your empowr balance daily.  You'll receive an email notification each day when your earnings are applied, and can immediately view details in your account balance.

9.  When can I utilize my profits to further grow my distribution, followers and earnings; spend them in the empowr marketplace; or cash them out?

All earnings enter a maturation period, during which they are carefully reviewed by empowr's algorithms and staff.  Maturation and analysis begin immediately, as soon as your earnings are applied each day.

  • you can immediately utilize all profits to widen your distribution and increase your earnings, by purchasing Power User subscriptions
  • you can immediately utilize some of your profits to purchase products and services; with that percentage growing monthly
  • 60 days after any month, you can utilize profits from that month to purchase empowr ads
  • 90 days after any month, you can cash out profits from that month via PayPal or bank check, or use them to pay ad platform fees for any ad credits utilized. (For more information about advertising, see the advertising section of the FAQs, below, beginning with question 18).
When utilizing your empowr balance, the system first spends any available ad credits followed by any available earnings - spending your most matured earnings first.

10.  What is the empowr ALPHA phase?

Since January 2013, empowr has been progressing in its Alpha (closed-community testing) phase, focusing on improving the product for a limited number of citizens before opening up the platform to everyone.

As soon as 100,000 users signed up as Alpha users, registration (the sign-up process) was closed off to the public and will remain closed until the Beta phase.

11.  What is the empowr BETA phase?

In the upcoming Beta phase, empowr will open up the new platform to everyone.

The Beta product is a completely different platform than the Alpha product, benefiting from the many learnings and improvements achieved during the Alpha phase.

12.   When will empowr open up the BETA platform?

The Beta platform is expected to be released during the summer of 2015.

13.  May I stop utilizing empowr at any time, or am I committed once I begin using it?

Yes.  You can stop utilizing empowr at any time.

14.  Can I get free help when I have questions?

Yes.  At the time of launch, Success Coaches speaking 45 different languages, will be available to help you, at no cost to you. 

15.  What are the benefits of becoming a Power User?

Power Users reach a larger audience with their posts, resulting in faster growing fan bases and greater earning potential. 

They also get first access to the newest software releases, and are able to pay some or all their ad platform fees with non-matured funds.

16.  What are the benefits of having my account "optimized for earning"?

Among other benefits, optimized accounts:
  • Reach a larger audience, leading to faster growing fan bases
  • Earn double or more daily from content posts (photos, videos, blog posts and status updates) due to an expanded audience reach and views
  • Generally earn significantly more from product and service listings due to expanded reach
  • Are automatically upgraded to the next higher power level when their empowr balance allows, further accelerating the growth of their fan base and earnings
In most cases, you can optimize your account with just one click.  

17.  Is there advertising on my empowr profile / customized page?

No.  Your page and content are yours, and deserve to be advertising-free.

That's just one of the many benefits of empowr's democratized advertising platform, meticulously built from the ground up to empower members.

democratized advertising platform  

18.   May I use ads on empowr to accelerate the growth of my fan base, views and earnings?

Yes.  The purpose of empowr ads is to help you do exactly that. 

19.   Does empowr accept advertising from large advertisers, such as Fortune 500 companies?

No.  empowr's ads are reserved for use by its members, in order to keep advertising prices at levels they can afford. 

Everyday people cannot easily compete with the enormous advertising budgets of large corporations, so by asking large corporations to refrain from purchasing advertising, empowr stands a higher chance of its ads remaining affordable to empowr citizens.  

This is just one of the reasons the empowr ad platform is called "democratized":  It has been designed to help return opportunity, hope and influence to individuals, as opposed to large corporations, in accordance with the empowr mission.

20.  May I pay for empowr ads using a credit card or PayPal?


21.  May I use empowr advertising without paying for them in advance?

Yes.  You can utilize ad credits to accelerate the growth of your audience and earnings immediately without paying for advertising ahead of time.

Just pay a small (approx. 2.9%) ad platform fee each month on any utilized ad credits, and pay off your ad credit balance when cashing out profits.

22.  If I choose to not pay for empowr ads in advance, may I also choose to not pay the small monthly ad platform fee?

Yes.   empowr simply asks that you pay any outstanding ad platform fees when cashing out any profits. 

23.  If I do pay the small monthly ad platform fee, may I receive a discount and other benefits?

Yes.  When you pay your ad platform fee on time, you'll instantly receive a rebate of 50% of your fee directly into your empowr balance. 

You can immediately cash out your rebate via bank check or PayPal; spend it in the marketplace; or utilize it to further accelerate your earnings using empowr ads or power user subscriptions.

In addition, you'll earn at least double daily, from views of your posts, when you're current with your ad platform fees and your account is optimized for earning (see question 16, above).

24.   Must I use ad credits solely to fund my own ads, or may I also use them to fund other people's ads? 

Yes, along with funding your own ads, you can also use your ad credits to fund other people's ads. 

25.  If I use ad credits to fund other people's ads, may I participate in any profits those ads generate? 

When you use your ad credits to fund other people's ads, the system automatically splits, and shares with you, any profits those ads may generate for their owners. 

26.   I'd like to use some of my ad credits to fund the ads of other users.  May I ask empowr to manage my account for me -- to find and fund ads for me?

Yes.  With managed accounts, each day you'll notice in your empowr balance how many ad credits were utilized, and how much you earned as a result.

27.   Does empowr charge users for managed accounts?

The cost of managed accounts is built into the ad platform fee.  There are no additional costs for managed accounts.

28.   If I am not happy with the results of my managed account, may I turn off managed accounts at any time?


29.   Along with the ability to turn off my managed account, may I control the level of daily ad credit utilization?

Yes.  You can control your daily ad credit utilization. Simply drag the control, from left to right, to increase or decrease your utilization level, or turn off your ad credits or managed account.

30.   I just paid my ad platform fee by accident.  May I get a refund?

Yes.  Simply visit your transactions page to get an instant refund to your credit card, PayPal or empowr balance.  

31.   I used up a bunch of ad credits and got a bit over my head.  I want to delete my account, then create another account and start over. Will empowr come after me to collect from me, for my old account?

No.  After deleting your account, you owe empowr nothing, empowr will not attempt to collect anything from you, and empowr will welcome you back with open arms.

32.   Can I have more ad credits than the amount that was initially allocated to me?

Yes.  When you utilize all of your available ad credits, your account may be granted more ad credits.

democratized marketplace

33.  May I sell products or services in empowr?

Yes. You can sell almost any product or service on empowr, that's legal to sell.  

34.  Who sets the retail price for items that I list for sale in empowr?

You do.

35.  When I list items in the empowr marketplace, how much do I earn?

You earn 90% of the retail price (that you set) when a sale is made.

36.  What are a couple of benefits of selling in empowr?

Two major benefits of selling in empowr are:

Massive Free Exposure: Each time your product or service listing is viewed -- and then liked, commented on, bid on, or purchased -- that event is broadcast (for free) to the news feeds of thousands of people, on average -- and those feed stories all include a bid or purchase button.

Friction-Free Purchasing:
  Just like yourself, most empowr members are also earning, so they are able to spend directly from their feed with just one click — without the significant friction (approx. 98% drop-off) encountered on other platforms when a purchaser is prompted to enter credit card or other billing details

The result of combining massive free exposure, with friction-free purchasing, is significantly greater earning potential for sellers.

37.  May I price an item with a fixed price, or auction it to the highest bidder?

Both options are available to you.

38.  May I choose between a one-time fee, or a recurring payment?

Both options are available to you.  

For example, if you're providing a dog-walking service for $200/mo:  Each month, the payment process will be handled for you automatically, so you're earning monthly without worrying about when and how to collect from the customer.

39.  When I post items for sale, what are empowr's responsibilities, and what are my responsibilities?

  • Brings you customers
  • Handles the payment details (billing, chargebacks, etc)
  • Provides customer service
  • Handles disputes and refunds
  • Choose the products and services that you wish to offer
  • Decide the retail prices of those items
  • Fulfill the items purchased.  
NOTE: All three of your responsibilities can be handled for you, by companies such as CafePress.com and any of their competitors.

40.  I don't have products or services to sell. How can I generate profits in the empowr marketplace?

Most products and services listed in empowr are available for Sponsoring.  Sponsoring means that, with just one click, you can place an item you purchased back into the marketplace, in order to sell it at a higher price and generate a profit for yourself. 

With Sponsoring (empowr's unique and proprietary innovation) everyone can now easily profit from products and services - not just those with special access to a product line or service offering.

What about people that do have special access to a product line or service offering?  They now have a massive community of people that stand ready to market, distribute and purchase their offerings.

41.  I would like to generate a profit by Sponsoring (reselling) an item.  Can I be assured that the product or service that I purchase to resell, won't sell for a price too low, where I will lose money?

When you are Sponsoring, empowr will not let you price a product or service to where you will lose money on a successful sale.

42.  I would like to generate a profit by Sponsoring (reselling) something.  Is there a way for me to purchase it, in order to resell it, without using my own funds?

Yes.  In accordance with its mission, the empowr platform has been carefully designed to enable people to generate profits without starting out with their own funds.  One way it accomplishes this by allowing you to generate a profit by Sponsoring an item without committing your own capital.

You do not need to have any products or services to offer, or your own capital, to generate income from the empowr marketplace. Those are just some of the reasons why the empowr marketplace is called democratized.

empowr's mission, overarching goal and approach

43.   What is empowr's mission?

To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

44.   What is empowr's overarching goal?

To help half the planet (4 billion people) earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025.

45.   How does empowr intend to achieve its mission and 
overarching goal?

By enabling anyone with access to the Internet, or a mobile device, to build and monetize a large network, starting with no capital. 

46.   Is empowr a place to "get rich quick"?

It is not possible to get rich quick on empowr.  

It is possible, however, to create meaningful income by building and monetizing a large network of people, using the tools and resources available on the empowr platform.