The Center

The Empower Me Center will be the headquarters of Empower Me, a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the multitude of needs of individuals with disabilities.

        The building will have one large gymnasium/multi-purpose recreational room, four smaller meeting rooms, and a beautiful open gathering area. It will also have office space for Empower Me personnel and additional square footage for outside medical/educational services.

        The Empower Me Center will house Empower Me’s year-round Adult Program and the Summer Day Camp during the months of June and July.

        Each of the four smaller meeting rooms will offer 225 chair seating, or 100 table and chair seating. Two of the rooms will be occupied by the Adult Program. The other two rooms will be used by the Day Camp during the summer months, and available for conferences, continuing education classes, support group meetings, and other outreach programs the remainder of the year.

        The gymnasium/multi-purpose recreational room will offer a regulation size basketball court with bleachers, or seat 1600 chair seating, or 745 table and chair seating. It will be used both by the Adult Program, Day Camp, Recreational Program, and available for sporting leagues, tournaments, conferences, meetings, receptions, and other rental opportunities.

        The building will be approximately 37,700 square feet.

        The building is envisioned as a pre-engineered metal building with brick veneer on the sides and pre-finished steel wall panels along the top edge of the building. Inside flooring will consist of ceramic tile, stained concrete, commercial carpet tiles, and an athletic surface.

        There will be a high-tech security system with video surveillance throughout the building, and an outside covered patio area and fenced in play area.

        The entire building will be handicapped accessible and disability friendly.

The Empower Me Center will include a Community Recreational Building, a Recreational Sports Complex, and Independent Living Cottages.