Recreational Program

The Empower Me Recreational Program will be a year-round program designed specifically for individuals with disabilities of all ages.  Our amenities include acres of green space along with our
        "Miracle Field"   
"Accessible Playground"   "Covered Sports Court"    
"Splash Pad"   and  "Garden of Dreams"
The Miracle Field will be available for adaptive baseball including a spring and fall league. Miracle Field League Baseball Tournaments will also be held to raise money for the organization. 

A basketball league will be run indoors in the gymnasium during the months of January through March. 

Bocce, volleyball, and soccer leagues will also be established by partnering with other local agencies. 

Our one-day Fall Sports Festival will include coordinating with Belmont’s Physical Therapy Department to offer a fun, active day in September. 

We also will partner with Special Olympics to host various sporting events and offer training opportunities. 

Empower Me will collaborate with colleges, universities, sports complexes, and other sports agencies to provide volunteers and support for the various programs.

Garden of Dreams_____________________________________
The Garden of Dreams is an accessible area where individuals of all ages and abilities will be able to create their very own flower garden.  
Many of our participants, due to their physical disabilities, have great difficulty coordinating being on the floor or ground and being able to independently use their arms in a functional task.  
At the Garden of Dreams, these individuals in wheelchairs will be able to maneuver right up to the boxes and will be able to reach in and create a masterpiece.  

The Garden will also encourage a fun place for sensory exploration as many of our participants are tactile defensive to various textures including sticky, rough, wet and dirty.  This Garden of Dreams will enhance cognitive development, fine motor skills, sensory play, and emotional health.  

Freenotes Harmony Park Instruments will also be scattered about where there are no wrong notes.  The pure musical tones generated by Freenotes instruments create an instantaneous response of joy and used therapeutically with individuals with disabilities across the United States. 
They provide a safe and enjoyable means of stimulating the senses.  

In essence, the design of the entire garden WILL EMPOWER EVERYONE!!