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2018 Special Needs Day

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What is the purpose of this event?  To allow individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enter the Wilson County Fair free of charge and have access to ride some of the rides before they open to the general public.
Who is it sponsored by?  Wilson County Promotions, Empower Me Center, the Shriner's, Reithoffer Shows, and Regions Bank.
Where is the Special Needs Day Located?  This special event will take place at the Wilson County Fair, James Ward Agricultural & Community Center, 945 East Baddour Parkway, Lebanon, TN.  You may enter the fairgrounds at the Peyton Road Entrance or the Fiddlers Grove Entrance ONLY and then proceed to the line established at the Green Gate for your tickets.
What date will this take place?  The event will be held on Saturday, August 18th.
What time does check-in begin?  Check-in will begin at 8 am.  Entrance for this event will be from 9 am to 10 am.
How do I register?  You must download the Registration Form from www.EmpowerMeCenter.com and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.  REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED ONLY DURING THIS SEVEN DAY PERIOD BETWEEN AUGUST 8th-15th. You must register by mail, fax or e-mail to reserve your spot.  Please complete the bottom of this form and return betweenAugust 8th-15th, or be sure to include all information requested in an e-mail. With over 2,000 people registering, PHONE RESERVATIONS WILL NOT BE TAKEN AND FAXED RESERVATIONS WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED.  AGAIN, REGISTRATION BEGINS AUGUST 8th AND ENDS AUGUST 15th
What happens if I arrive after 10 am After 10 am, this special gate for this SPECIAL NEEDS DAY will be closed.  You will not be able to enter later in the day and take advantage of this FREE EVENT.  If you attempt to enter late due to any circumstances OR through another gate, you will have to pay full price. 
What time does it end?  You may stay all day, or if you want to leave and come back later, check with the attendant at the gate for a ticket or special stamp to regain entrance.
What time does the Fair open to the general public?  The Fair gates open at 10 am to the general public.
Do you have to be a Wilson County Resident?  No, this event is open to any individual with a disability.
Who gets in for free?  For EACH special needs child in your family, TWO additional family members or accompanying medical staff may enter and ride the rides for free. 
What if I have other family members that would like to also attend?  For additional family members or accompanying medical staff, they MUST purchase tickets to enter the fair at the GREEN GATE TICKET BOOTH which will be located beside the SPECIAL NEEDS ENTRANCE GATE.  Cost is $10 for 13 and up, $4 for ages 6-12, and children 5 and under may enter for free.  A Ride Ticket Booth will also be open once you have entered the fair to purchase a stamp or tickets if you would like to ride the rides with the other family members.
What will be given at check-in?  You will be given two tickets.  One to gain entrance into the fair for free, and one to turn in to receive your stamp to ride the rides for free.
How will the ride attendants know we are with the Special Needs Day?  When you check-in, everyone in your family will be asked to wear a special sticker on your shirt to indicate you are with this event.
I have very small children, is it appropriate for them?  Not all rides will be open or accessible to all individuals.  By law, individuals must meet height, weight, and other restrictions in order to ride the rides.  Because of these regulations, there may be only one or two rides available for very small children during this special needs event time frame.
Where do we enter the fairgrounds?  The main entrance has an address of 945 East Baddour Parkway.  DO NOT enter through the main entrance gate in front of the Expo Center.  Please use either the Peyton Road Entrance or the Fiddlers Grove Entrance.  Peyton Road is south of the main entrance.  Fiddlers Grove is off of Sparta Pike (East Baddour Parkway). 
Where do we park?  Once you have entered the fairgrounds off either the Peyton Road Entrance or the Fiddlers Grove Entrance, alert the Parking Attendant that you are there for the SPECIAL NEEDS DAY and they will direct you where to park. There will be special parking designated for those vehicles with a handicapped sticker.    
Is it just for individuals with physical disabilities?  No, this event is open to individuals of any age with any type of disability.
Can I share this information with other special needs families I know?  Feel free to copy or transmit this flyer to any Special Needs Organizations or Families .  
What happens if it’s raining?  The event will continue as planned.  In the event of LIGHTNING at the fairgrounds at 9 am on Saturday, the 18th, the alternate date will be Saturday, the 25th .  A decision to use the alternate date will be posted on Empower Me Center’s facebook page and website at www.EmpowerMeCenter.com