In"Opportunities provided by Empower Me Center to enhance the knowledge of the community through training, classes, and seminars."

The Empower Me Educational Program will become a year-round program geared to provide disability awareness to elementary-aged children, and educational opportunities on various health, medical and educational topics for professionals and the general public.

Currently, our elementary school program is geared to educate second graders about various types of disabilities and what makes each individual unique and special. It’s a hands-on, interactive program with various media and tools to allow student’s experience that will remain with them forever. The program highlights physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, and hidden disabilities. It teaches these students that just because a child may have unique needs, they still have special gifts to give this world.

Another important part of this program includes presentations to various colleges and universities regarding different disabilities individuals may have and their specific needs.

The Empower Me Center will become a hub of medical and educational conferences and seminars on a variety of learning, behavior, therapy, nursing, CPR, and other topics. We will offer continuing education units and encourage community attendance and participation.

In 2018 we began the program with monthly CPR classes offered and other medical/educational training provided.   Please click HERE for the CPR Flyer for additional information.