Adult Program

The Adult Program is for individuals ages 21 and up and is open to those who have graduated from our Day Camp Program and/or other young adults in the community.

The Adult Program will be open Monday through Friday and led by teachers, therapeutic professionals and other support staff. It will consist of gardening, cooking classes, pet care, volunteer opportunities, self-care/home management training, computer classes, physical recreation activities, field trips, and much more.

Participants in the program will be responsible for managing the Empower Me Gift Shop and the on-line store which will sell Empower Me items and homemade gifts. They will also offer special gifts for sale corresponding with holidays throughout the year, including, but not limited to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. As part of the cooking classes, the participants will periodically offer breakfast and lunch meals for people in the community.

Many of the adults living in the Independent/Supervised Living Area will participate in the Adult Program either full-time or part-time. Some will have jobs in the community and will participate on days they do not have to work. 

Special activities will be coordinated each week which will include shopping for the supplies for Friday-evening festivities. 

Dances, movies, pizza parties, ice cream socials, and other events will be planned in conjunction with the adults in the Multi-Living Program.

The Day Dreamers Program began in 2018. It's called "Active Adults Accessing Adventure with the Community."  Activities include pizza parties, movies, cooking, field trips, crafts, community service, and sports. Click HERE for flyer about this program.