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We invite you to be a part of the "Empower Me DREAM" 
by participating with us financially, volunteering, or serving our community of individuals.

Our Mission... to empower special needs individuals to achieve their full potential in a community filled with possibilities for meeting their emotional and physical needs through love, acceptance, friendship, and family led by professional and therapeutic staff.

Our philosophy…..We believe every individual has a special gift to give this world. Empower Me is a community that offers a safe, positive learning and social environment. Empower Me is a fun place where growth takes place and lifelong friendships are formed. We strive to increase responsibility and independence and develop a sense of spirituality in every individual. We value their strengths and their differences and are dedicated to empowering these individuals to live fun, fulfilling, and productive lives.

 Our Values Statement….. Every child in America deserves the same opportunities. Empower Me enables individuals with disabilities to participate in activities of their peers through adaptations or modifications. We are based on mutual respect, optimism, creativity, and equality between the employees, participants, and their families.

 Our Vision Statement….. Our vision is to inspire each individual to look beyond their current capabilities and explore their world with newfound confidence and with the knowledge that they each has a special gift to give this world!


Our Motto: "Every person has a special gift to give this world"