We thank you for your gift
 and your smile.
"Smiles are the shortest distance 
between two people."

Each gift you give goes to assist individuals with special needs. You may choose to give one time or make an ongoing monthly donation. 

You may choose for your gift to be 
in honor or memory of a loved one. 

Or you can choose to generously give as you shop 
through our Amazon Smile connection. 

Giving Matter donations are also accepted 
through our connection with 
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. 

Empower Me Day Camp is a 501c3, nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  We offer a Summer Day Camp and many other activities throughout the year for these special individuals to participate with their peers.

We believe every individual has a special gift to give to this world, and our vision is to inspire them to look beyond their current capabilities and explore their world with new-found confidence.  

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of these very special people. 

The smile you shared smiles back, because someone cared!!

 Regular one time or monthly gift
We use PayPal for your convenience. If you have a PayPal account or which to set a recurring donation please follow the instructions. 
If you wish to make a one-time donation using your credit card, follow the directions as they appear. All transaction are processed safely and secured through PayPal

In Memory
or Designated Gift
After you click the PURPLE button
you will first enter the amount of your gift 
and the method of payment. 
  Afterward, a new page will appear, look for the pencil icon to enter the name of the person in whose memory you are donating or enter the type of designation for your gift. 
(Examples - "Memory of Charles Goodlad" or 
"Tickets to Fundraiser")
Continue to complete the form and when complete, click the "Donate Now" button. A green check mark will display accepting your donation. Thank you. 

Amazon Smile
gives back with every purchase you
make through Amazon. Click on logo to sign up.

- Giving Matters - 
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Click on logo to give through Giving Matters.

Please send a check payable to:
Empower Me Day Camp
P. O. Box 672
Lebanon, TN 37088

Phone: 615-453-0005       FAX: 615-444-7988