Quests ► Miscellaneous QuestIvarstead
Quest Giver: Narfi
Location: Broken down shack across the river
Reward: various alchemy ingredients

  • Ask Wilhelm about Rayda
  • Locate Radyda's remains
  • Bring Reyda's Necklace to Narfi


  • While looking for Nirnroot, I found a broken down shack across the river. Thinking it was abandoned, I was surprised to find a man inside. The man, named Narfi, started raving about Rayda.

  • According to Wilhelm, Narfi is a harmless guy. Rayda is Narfi's sister who seems to have disappeared one day. Wilhelm told me where Rayda usually go to collect ingredients.  He thinks she's already dead.

  • I found Rayda's remains not far from the village. It seems sad that she's so close when she died, probably alone. Or, was her remains washed up from somewhere else?

  • I told Narfi the truth. He was thankful I returned Rayda's necklace to him, he gave me some ingredients.