New Savings For 2011/2012

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New! - The Shopper's Card

New, Spring 2011 - The Shoppers's Card. After thirteen successful years fund-raising for Panama City groups, The EconomizerTM Dining Card has a new partner in savings. You can click on the card or click here to inspect all of the vendors you will save money with this year.

In the same fashion that made  The EconomizerTM Dining Card a long running success for fund-raisers, youth groups and smart shoppers, 35 vendors sponsor savings to all cardholders with this important distinction. Dining cardholders find out their card is their daily friend. We think that Shopper cardholders will discover that The Shopper's Card is their weekly friend for larger ticket purchases. The vendors who sponsor discounts on the shopper's card are typically, larger, less frequent purchases; yet the nature of those larger purchases will more than likely yield greater total savings than the dining cards. All in all, a valuable addition to your purse or wallet!

A Thirteen Year Success Story

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The Dining Card

The CLASSIC!  Since 1998 the Economizer Dining Card has been raising funds for sports teams, youth groups, schools and church organizations.

If you click on the card you be able to see an image of the front and back of the card listing the 35 vendors who sponsor this year's card. You will also discover why people who have purchased this discount dining card have come to find it becomes their daily friend in saving money.

Advertisers and Fundraisers have discovered that EconomizerTM cards are a no-cost, no-risk addition to their respective organizations

Coming August 2011

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The Fun Card - 2011/2012 Entertainment Savings

Beginning August 2011 The EconomizerTM will add a menu of entertainment discounts to accompany its Shopper's & Dining Card offerings. 

This fall you will find available discounts on miniature golf, green fees for real golf, skating, tickets for venues of all sorts, amongst other entertainment offerings.

If you are a Panama City area or Bay County supplier of any form of entertainment, contact us and be one of thirty-five advertisers for this year's FUN CARD. Remember, this is the only form of advertising that you only pay for when you meet a paying customer! First come, first served.

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