Tesco's Political, Social and Legal Factors

As discussed on previous pages there are many factors that affect Tesco's and other businesses. These factors are so influencial that they cause Tesco's to change their activities. 
The main Legal factor would be that no individual can work more than 39 hours on an average working week. This is the law. The way this could influence Tesco's activities is that Tesco may need to have a rota to share the working hours during the day and during the night shifts. This will allow no individual to work no more than 39 hours a week. If this was no law however Tesco's might not have a rota to keep track of who and how many hours they are working during a week. However the individual can work more than 39 hours if they do over time. They can sign away their rights. It can also influence how many people they take on with this statute because the less hours someone works the more employees Tesco's will need to fulfill the work load that needs completing throughout the average work week.The Rota scheme basically shows who is on a shift and how long they are actually working for during that shift. This allows the employees and employers to be aware of how many hours they/themselves are working.
The main social Factor would be the current poverty that is taking place within the world in places like Africa and other poverty struck places. This is because Tesco's have a charity that responds to peoples needs on places like Africa that need all the help they can get. If the poverty gets worse over weeks/months/years then Tesco's have to widen their response to how they can make an impact on poverty struck places. This could include advertisements that may ask for sponsorship money for charity events or even shoe box appeals that could be launched to give a child a better christmas just like "operation christmas child". The charity has to base it activities around the poverty that goes on throughout every day lives of third world countries. For example if there was no poverty or poverty had fallen then they would be less need for Tesco's charity that focuses upon issues like these. Tesco's keep records to show how poverty has risen or fallen over a certain amount of years and then they can base their activties around them results. If it wasnt for these records that Tesco's keep they would be unaware of the problems in third world countries which could affect Tesco's charity hugely in more than one way.
The main political factor would be the status on how many grants and loans they take out to help their business out. For example since we are in the middle of the recession people will not want to spend as much money as they would within the growth period of the economy. This will affect Tesco's because they will then not make as much money as they would like to gain because people wont be spending much theyll be holding back with their money. Tesco's job was to then take out loans from banks so that they can use some of the money to get Tesco's running again to try and beat the recession in the economy. They use these loans also to buy new technology to make sure that their business is up to date with the modern day world. This affects Tesco's activities because they will keep a record of how many loans they have taken out and how much they have taken out at a time. They do this in case they take to much out and are unable to pay it back which will then send their business into meltdown because they will be unable to pay back all the debt they owe to the banks. Therefore the records prove useful because it can be the difference between going bankrupt and not going bankrupt.
They also have records for grants that the receive from the government. This then allows them to keep note of how much money they have received and when they had received it from the government. This keeps them up to date with how much money they have been given or lent so then they know how much to owe back. If they were not to do this it could send Tesco's down and during the recession it would be very hard to get back up to where they are now. 
What recommendations would I make ? 
Obviously moving into the future things will change within the economy, politically, socially and even legally. With these developments Tesco must adapt to them because they would not able to cope with the developments otherwise.
For example the main social factor that we looked at previously on this page for Tesco's was the charity that they are running for people living in poverty in third world countries. Their activities may be including giving out water, food and first aid or medical treatment to all these unfortunate people within third world communities. Wherever poverty is , Tesco's charity is also there to make sure they can make a difference. However if Poverty was to increase by the year 2015 Tesco's would have to widen their charity possibly across more countries. They may also have to buy more medication, water and food to try and actually make a difference to the increase in poverty all over the world. This would mean possibly advertising for sponsorship to actually get out their and been able to actually afford to make a difference to poverty stricken lives in the year of 2015. However it wouldn't just be small amounts of money they would need , it would be quite a lot because advances in medicine will mean the cost will most likely go up which means Tesco's need to pay more. 

Again as previously discussed on this page , the main political factor is grants and loans. The way the economy is going government support will shoot up simply because of the recession. As discussed, people will not want to spend as much money within the recession period simply because they will not have the money. The economy is right in the middle of Recession right now and still will be within the year of 2015. To adapt to this Tesco's will probablies have to take out grants and loans to overcome people not spending as much money as they would when it is the growth period. Tesco's obviously need money to keep their business up and running throughout the years to come and provide the great service that they do. Obviously they need to pay back all the money that they borrow from the government but once they buy the resources or products they need they will most likely make money again from the customers that shop at Tesco's. This will be the best way to cope through the recession as it increases.
The economic main factor would be the recession. Every company and every business and service is affected by this in some way. Tesco's is especially affected by the recession because sinse they are a global organisation not only will they be affected in England they could also be affected in America. To pull through this i would suggest to make a lot of cutback within employment simply so then they wont have to waste much money on wages that dont need to be paid for needless jobs. Doing this could in the long run lead to saving hundreds of thousands of pounds all over their global business. I would also recommend to put special deals on that maybe more but also in the long run makes more money also. This could be offers like 2 for 1 or buy 1 get one free. Again this will help them pull through the recession when it is at its worst because they wont continue to lose money they well very slowly gain money. Once things have improved they could employ people again. 

Finally the main legal factor that was discussed was the discrimination acts of employees and customers. More and more people from different origins are visiting and deciding to live in our country. Unfortuantly we face acts of discrimination  still even though it is illegal. For Tesco's to over come this they could ban anyone who makes any suggestions of discrimination or any acts of this from the Tesco's stores around the world. This would help promote zero tolerance on discrimination and would make more and more people from different backgrounds want to visit Tesco's. I would also suggest that Tesco'sshould make advertisements like the football red card advert to show how much against racism and discrimination they are. This will help them adapt to the growing population of different orgins entering our country.