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 Ring of Fire

The unit forms a wide circle around one member, the defender, who uses any assortment of armor and weaponry he chooses. Then, one by one, those forming the circle jump in the ring and battle the encircled member. If the defender kills his attacker, the attacker returns to his position on the circle. However, if the attacker kills the defender, he becomes the defender, and the slain defender takes his killer’s position on the circle.  The battles must remain inside the circle of attackers. The first to step beyond the “ring of fire” dies. Those along the ring may shove the fighters back into the middle if they venture too close to the perimeter.

Alternative playing style: Tournament

            The same rules apply, but instead of the dead fighter returning to the circle, he sits out, and the last man standing is the winner of the tournament.


Sherwood Forest

A convoy with some of the king’s best men are escorting valuable supplies to Sherwood Village. But to reach this village, the convoy must pass through the beautiful but treacherous Sherwood Forest. Rumor has it that a band of pillaging thieves roams the forest, but who listens to rumors, right? Brave and confident, the convoy sets out through the forest, guarding its precious cargo. But they are soon attacked by thugs who have been hiding along the path. The convoy must protect its cargo from the attackers at all costs, and deliver it to Sherwood Village. The supplies are safe from thievery until there are only two members of the convoy alive. Then they may continue to kill, or they may attempt to steal the supplies. The thieves may also hide and attack in any way they see fit. Also, the convoy need not kill every thief before reaching the end of the path.


The Trail

A trail is marked and “assassins,” who must remain in the general area of their original placement, are placed at checkpoints along the trail. Once the game begins, a marshal stands at the beginning of the trail and sends in single “travelers” at intervals of his discretion. The objective for each traveler is to reach the end of the trail, but to do that he must follow the trail, meeting the assassin at each checkpoint. If the traveler kills the assassin, he moves on to the next checkpoint and the assassin resumes defense of the checkpoint to which he is assigned. However, if the assassin kills the traveler, that traveler becomes the assassin assigned to that checkpoint, and the original assassin goes to the line of travelers and waits to be sent in by the marshal. In the event that two or more travelers meet up with each other or with an assassin, every man fights for himself (i.e.- The assassin does not want the travelers to pass his checkpoint, and each traveler does not want the other to make it to the end before him). The first traveler to reach the end of the trail wins the game.