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 I. General behavior: Gentlemanly and sportsmanlike conduct will be expected from all participants in TEL events. This includes respecting other fighters, calling hits honestly and fairly, maintaining a good attitude at all times, and otherwise contributing to an atmosphere that allows everyone involved to enjoy themselves. Certain behaviors absolutely will not be tolerated at TEL battles, and include the following:

    A. Foul language - The Eastern Legion was formed and is operated by Christians. As such, we seek to honor Christ in our behavior at events. Vulgar, hateful, or blasphemous speech will not be tolerated at our events.

    B. Outbursts of temper
- Sparring is a high-intensity, emotionally involved sport. We understand that emotions will run high at times. However, due to the nature of the sport, TEL requires that participants maintain complete control over their attitudes and actions at all times. No offense is worth someone getting hurt over.

    C. Alcohol or drug use of any kind - TEL will under no circumstances allow anyone to participate whose judgment may have been impaired by alcohol or drugs. This s a zero-tolerance policy.

    D. Disrespect or disobedience to marshals - When a battle is in session, the marshal is the authority on the field. When he or she gives an order or makes a call, it is for a reason.

    E. - Cheating, lygin, or other unsportsmanlike conduct - Sparring is an honor-based sport; the marshals simply will not see every single thing that happens. TEL participants are expected to call and take hits honestly and fairly. If there is a genuine disagreement, the marshal's word will be the final authority.


II. Officer's Code of Conduct: Those who have been granted a rank above Man-at-Arms are expected to carry that rank with honor and dignity. A higher standard will be applied to officers. The following Code of Conduct is to be adhered to by ranking officers of The Eastern Legion, in addition to the above mentioned general guidelines. The higher the rank, the stricter the standard.

    A. A spirit of Deference - If a question occurs about a hit, the officer should always be willing to take the hit if it will help to preserve the atmosphere for other players.

    B. A spirit of Courage - Officers are expected to lead the charge for their team and fight to the end.

    C. A spirit of Kindness - Officers must be willing to help train and encourage the fighters beneath them, and excercise patience and understanding to new players at all times.

    D. A spirit of Respect - Officers are to show respect for other officers, even when there is a disagreement.