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Before the Legion...

    In times before the Legion was officially organized, what eventually became the great unit it is today was merely a few neighborhood kids who liked to hit each other with sticks. So they did. From time to time, three or five guys got together and fought each other with boken, rake handles, or whatever happened to be at hand. Soon, however, other people began to hear about how much fun the "sport" was and the group slowly grew. Still a casual and inexperienced mob of barbarians, the group began to venture into the possibility of creating new types of weapons. Javelins, flails, and maces were envisioned, and these ideas eventually led to what the Legion recognizes as the PVC age during which swords and other new innovations were constructed of PVC wrapped in foam and duct tape.

    As news of this sport spread, a few more cautious, but genuinely interested people came to watch and participate. It was not long before the group boasted its first honorary members. But as the group gained amateurs, people inevitably suffered injury. After a sprained ankle here, a poked eye there, a few broken hands, and countless blows to the future children of the players, the original members decided it would be wise to invest in additional safety measures. Eye protection was deemed mandatory, and armoring certain areas of the body was encouraged. This new interest in safety led the group into the fiberglass age. New weapons were discovered for sale at the Edhellen Armoury that were foam-padded and constructed of fiberglass cores. Swords, javelins, maces, flails, pole-arms, spears, shields, and more were made available to the group, and the sport became an instant hit!


Founding of a Legend...

    In early 2006, a group comprised of the original few and the eight or ten that had since joined them organized an official unit, soon to be christened as The Eastern Legion. Regular sparring battles were organized and the unit leader registered the Legion with the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. Inexperienced members grew out of their amateurity into formidable warriors (some more graceful than others...). Each would invite friends, and those friends would invite their friends. It did not take long for another explosion of interest hit the Legion, resulting in a group of over twenty interested fighters.

    Then, in  September of 2006, the unit leader organized a handbook and ranking system, and promoted the more experienced players to positions of leadership to help organize and control the increasing activity of the Legion, and to train the new ones to be warriors of skill and honor. To this very day, the Legion barrels forward with pride. Over twenty people strong, the Legion is constantly looking for ways to increase membership, quality of activity, and to train its members to be the best in the East, and abroad.


     Sometimes, when group outgrows itself, changes are necessary. Such a problem presented itself when TEL grew to its current size. Unit Leader Coden issued a decree that TEL would change from a single unit to a realm supporting multiple units. With this new change came a brand new, and accurate, Roman ranking system.  What was once The Eastern Legion became the Wolf Legion commanded by Legatus Coden and Tribune Reval. Plans for a second legion, based in Tigerville, SC, are being reviewed.

About the Members...

     The Eastern Legion was founded and is operated by Christian young men who consider this unquestionably fun sport to also be a facet of their Christian testimonies, and a way to spread the light of the Bible to others. It is an imperative to the officers that The Eastern Legion be known for its sportsmanlike attitude, and the maturity of its members. Each practice is begun with prayer, and the Legion strives to honor Christ in its every deed and action... even the fun ones.