** I am using this space for some excerpts as I detail THE BOOK itself. These excerpts appear in the Book as included in the pouch of James. Watch for the book itself .

Karl looked at me and mentioned a caveat. "There will be those who will say that we are playing favorites. It is not what your people think. We are not sharing our knowledge with any favored group of human hosts. There have not been any favorite groups that hold a key to success any more than any others. The Earth Experiment is a study in the reaction of many segments of human hosts to the hosting experience and depends on that human segments reaction to determine the direction that the overall hosting is taking. There have always been those instances where the hosting was unsuccessful. Those experiments, in those other worldly environments, have had to be abandoned because the threat to the universe of the reaction of those hosts to the technology that has been shared by the nature of the spirit hosting has proven un-containable."

9-18-16: From The Book Chapter 1

Karl: “James, I have a project for you this time. I want you to write down what you remember of 'us'. It is not to be for yourself as much as one who will come after and will need to know these things.”

Me: “Why me?”

Karl: “Many have seen us over centuries. They debate more about where we have come from than our purpose. Where we have come from is not as important as what we have done here.”

Me: “Like I know?” “What all you've done here.”

Karl: “You know some things. The things that have involved you. Where we have come from will mean nothing to them. What we have done will mean everything.”

Me: “And that is what you want me to write down? What you have done”

Karl: “The ability and the conversations will all be given to you as you write. You are a vessel of our minds. You will never know everything and we won't expect you to write down everything. You can not write down what you are not familiar with. You will not write down everything that has ever happened. All is not important. Why we have done? will not be your concern. Only what we have done in regards to you. Many have been given this and similar tasks. Now it is your turn.”

Me: “When will I know when I am done?”

Karl: “It will not be a constant project. It will be done in bits and pieces as it comes to you and will no doubt take years, maybe your lifetime. Don't let it concern your life or take away from your wife and children or friends, only when a chance arises. You will be done when you are done. This is not a test.” (I have always disliked tests, school, authority for the most part, and 

such. It's why I have always preferred my own little task in my own little shack, and my own little projects by myself. Obviously they know more about me than I am willing to admit.)

There was a common nod of understanding and Karl walked a moment about the site, looked at some of the artifacts, beer bottles, pop bottles, trash. He shook his head from side to side, had a frown on his almond shaped face and then went up in the light and just as quickly was gone. (It was the first time that I recognized that frown. It was like my dad's and his dad's. Perhaps disgust is a better word.) The disk did not go up like a plane, it was gone. Less than a blink of an eye. Pretty much like always. I walked back to the house. I don't write. I took some real basic typing in the couple years I was at college before the war. The war changed most things. I bought a typewriter for my daughter for college years ago that was stored in the loft of the car barn. I pulled it out and brought it over to a small table in the loft and sat down.

8-11-16 (Posting here date)
There is another observation I have made concerning the structure of the universe. The closer to GOD (love) that we become, the stronger is the marshaling of life's forces against it. When the challenges of life become greater it is because you are always drawing closer to your spirit self. What I am saying is that the challenges reflect a positive direction in your journey. The challenges are saying that you are on the right track and your spirit is saying "We've got your back." The 'they' escapes most people's consciousness, but moments of reflection will realign you with the spirit that fills, nurtures, and strengthens your resolve.  I too have to always move forward to achieve what I truly desire, and to help those whom 'they' have assigned to my care the same way 'they' assign others to take care of me.

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