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Elements Preview

This a preview of the elements that comprise the Human Host Project. I do not believe much in flashy. There are no pictures of people, images of "Watchers" or "Giants". Our culture of books, movies, tv and other have provided a great many of these. Many of these images have been generated from our own knowledge through past experience.
 My own spiritual culture contains a caveat, "You shall make no graven image.......to explain or show who I am.." (paraphrase)
This is simple to explain, the elements here are beyond my 'ken'. They are inside a veil of information that is beyond the physical and is only relayed to us in a way that we find difficult to grasp. Plus, I am not that artistic. You may find peace within these writings, or shock.


An excerpt:

Chapter 1

In the pouch was found a 'book'. Papers chronicling the experiences of one person and the interactions held over a lifetime with a 'Watcher' as they relate to one another.

The primary Watcher, 'X' does not ascribe a name to himself. In his natural spirit venue names are not necessary, other spirits recognize each other far beyond traits given by mere language. This spirit language is ethereal and not necessarily spoken as much as simply understood. The conversations with any specific individual are carried out by the distinction of the individual's language irregardless of the spirit's history. This is done directly through the spirit incarnate in the host. The spirit itself has developed through many different hosts and many different cultures over the history of existence, past, present, and future (not necessarily in any time-line pattern) and has been in contact through the Watcher 'X' throughout all of them. This can be comprehended as being similar to the present 'cloud' of today's computer era, only this cloud is ethereal, not physical. The ethereal cloud is it's own dimension that transcends the physical entirely.

They (the spirit entities) may be recognized among themselves as good, or bad, or noble, or fair, aggressive, passive, violent, or peaceful and they are distinctive. They go through 'time' recognizable as their own distinct entity wherever and whenever they appear to another watcher, or spirit traveler, in whatever host the spirit traveler is in at the time.

At whatever level of existence the spirit has attained, the spirit will be viewed as good, bad or indifferent and the reaction of other spirits may be based on their interaction with that spirit at other times of their existences together in any number of different hosts. Your own spirit's knowledge of someone that your spirit recognizes brings on that feeling of “I know you”, “I have been searching for you”, or even “I am afraid of you”. It can even be “I am worried about you?” And even “You and I are not going to complement each other this time”. Often it is based on the knowledge of how this relationship existence ended previously. It may even reflect how this current iteration of a familiar relationship may be destined to end (as spiritual knowledge is not constrained by time. Time merely is a location in the existence). The resultant interaction can be foreknowledge of trouble, or the opposite, a promise of “what a great experience we are going to have this time around”, and they do.

The spirit existence is one of growth as much as any given physical existence is a structure of learning and adapting. Some spirit/physical incarnations are spirit underdeveloped whereas some reincarnated spirits may have achieved different levels of advancement through their variety of existences and physical experiences. Perhaps the spirit has matriculated to the “Nirvana” level (one of inner peace and tranquility) and are returning to share this vastness of knowledge through the host at that time. In many cases the foreknowledge of the results of chance encounters with familiar spirits with whom one has had interaction in previous lives (or knowledge from future encounters), creates an environment where the spirit growth of one is seen as a threat by the other and a conflict of 'humanity' exits within the shared physical existence of the two separate hosts. This can cause the spirit growth of one entity to either advance, or retreat as the spirit has to either establish more control over their current physical host's level of development or retreat into the 'survival of the fittest mode' of the physical host it inhabits. This becomes the challenge of reincarnation of a spirit, to advance, retreat, stagnate, or reflect the existing environment. Consequently the experiment has as much variety as the universe and the individual existences as much opportunity as imaginable and beyond the comprehension of any single one spirit in it's totality. In a Biblical sense, the Veil of knowledge keeps previous lives separate from the latest, and yet each existence is influenced by the spiritual experiences of previous ones.

In the end, the entire journey of the 'eternal life' that is the journey of the spirit of 'X', is captured in each culture through the writings or tales of the host(s) as placed there through 'X's presence in the journey of that host at that time. It reflects the level of growth and this spiritual command of the nature of the physical host in that existence at that time. The spirit may mature or it may regress, but the object is always to move forward.

The EARTH EXPERIMENT itself, is the scientific research of the compatibility of the spirit entity and the instinctive structure of the physical host and how each affect each other. In turn it studies how they affect, and are affected by, the external physical, and political environment on EARTH, the third planet around the star called 'Sun'. It also studies how these integrations affect the spirit itself via reincarnations at various times of Earth history and perhaps even incarnations in other celestial environments. How does a particular reincarnation affect the history of the Earth environment, change it, massage it, and affect it. How is the political climate of the cultures of the Earth impacted by the journeys of the spirit impacting the lives of hosts and the behavior of the hosts during any particular incarnation. The final chapters deal with can (and is) humanity dramatically affected via the reincarnation of the watcher spirits and can these histories be manipulated to the good (or can be manipulated) by the bad in the instinctive 'survival of the fittest' nature of the host.

Beyond Earth, then, the watcher's, as a culture, compare different planet models throughout the universe to develop and assign the styles of life to be chosen at the time of reincarnation. These choices are based on the development of the spirit so as to eventually create the Nirvana existence that blends physical and spirit in a harmonious environment. This love and respect one another atmosphere, postulated forth by the prophets of religions, reflect their own advanced watcher spirits in their current physical hosts who communicate this future existence as the cultural 'Nirvana'. To enjoy the promised 'HEAVEN' experience requires a planet of hosts whose spirits have all matriculated beyond the instinct of survival of the fittest to the 'HEAVEN' model of 'survival for the benefit and enjoyment of the all. This is reflected in the legends of Nirvana as purported throughout many cultures of history, not because it is unattainable, but because it exits.

The example of Jesus's LOVE ONE ANOTHER, Mother Teresa's caring commitments, and millions if not billions of spirit advanced hosts in everyone's circle of existence, in all times of history, in all cultures regardless of religion, reflect the path of this ethereal journey. This is the manifestation of the sureness of the destination in the structure of the universe. Rather than being just a big bang collection of rag tag masses of physical properties (planets, asteroids, etc), the universe structure is defined, and provides, the opportunity for a spirit presence to participate in a physical existence in an ever-changing environment. This is attained throughout eternity that is contained in a promise of peace and tranquility and yet adventure. This has been prophesied as “Eternal Life” in many of the Earth's cultures. Not restricted to one continuous physical existence, for eternity outlives any single physical life of a given host, but a continuous spirit existence finding adventure in an unlimited (eternal) life of different physical host experiences throughout the vastness of the universe.

This is why the science fiction that enthralls us is not science fiction, but more a spirit remembrance of previous incarnations on this or even different worlds. The variety of science fiction conflicts may simply reflect the variety of conflicts that exist in the universe, not just the writings of a creative mind. To understand The Earth Experiment one must build a bigger mental box, too much information to be contained in a human/physical brain, and more difficult to grasp in a single physical existence.

The thrust of the story is the habitation of the human species of earthlings by these spirit entities for the purpose of seeing if the human species is a suitable host for the spirit essence of this “race” of spirit beings. The juxtaposition of this follows the challenge of the integration of a spirit entity with the instinctive survival of the fittest nature of the human species, an animal that exists on the third planet from a star commonly referred to as “SUN”, in a galaxy at the edge of the Universe “Galaxy” in the plasma quadrant referred to as Milky Way.

All translation in English, as that was the taught and spoken language that the author (James) could comprehend and write in. Were James to be have born in Germany it would have been extended in German, if in China, in Chinese, if Korea in Mandarin, etc. The watchers speak in all languages, as all “speech” is an understood spirit binary language, much as that in the language of computers, and dogs and cats, and most animals. Irregardless of the appearance of the language character, the language is a spirit oriented binary at its root and consists of elements in consistent sequence throughout the developments of the great variety of physical creatures that have developed throughout he universe.


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