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About Me

I am Dennis Wheeler. I was born in Northern Iowa, grew up, worked hard and grew older in Minnesota, Kansas, back to Minnesota, Montana, Utah, back to Iowa and Texas.
I never imaged myself as the philosopher, singer, web designer, or older as I grew up in elementary school. I went to a Methodist Church with my parents, and I always asked stupid questions. Like "Why did God make bad people? Certainly God must be perfectly capable of making good people." 
I pondered different ideas. "I can not imagine not waking up everyday." 
I was fascinated by the expanse of the universe.
People told me to pray to Jesus. I found it just as comforting to go right to the source and cut out the middle man.
Then as I got older I wanted to narrow down the source. What I have here, on this site and other related sites, is what the journey has discovered, hypothesized, and thought about. 
Perhaps what you read here may disturb you. Throw it out of your mind, do not come back, it will have no affect on your daily life. I do not extend recipes to make you feel better, or ask you to behave a certain way. 
You are not required to agree. You are not obliged to read, buy a book, listen to a song or anything else.

I want you to, if you wish, expand your thought. Think out of the box, and for some, this may explain a lot.

Contact me at :  wheeldc51@gmail.com

You can see more writings at www.unorthodoxchristianity.com

Facebook: dennis wheeler

Have a great day and enjoy it. 

Thanks for stopping by.