"Yes, it is my Father’s will that whoever sees the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and that I shall raise him up on the last day." 

So what is this eternal life? Mom and Dad (or a friend or close relative) have passed away many years ago. Haven’t had coffee with them lately and probably will not. Unless you have had the dream when they come back briefly sitting next to you in a bus, on a train or plane or while on a walk. Maybe even when you drift away at the coffee shop. A few comments made that you are aware of, yet have a hard time resurrecting not too long after awakening from the initial dream... 

Have you been there? The scenario above? Was it real or imagined? 

The Earth Experiment

“Where we are from will mean nothing to you. What we have done means everything.”

In the Pouch were the papers. The writings of James as requested by Karl, the Watcher. Many pages after years of work, remembering the many visits over a lifetime. The task was to write down just what 'They' had expressed to James over a lifetime of visits. This little site presents some excerpts and conclusions from reading THE BOOK.

What is The Earth Experiment?

The Earth Experiment answers a few simple questions. Where do we come from? How did we get here? Where are we going? As I said, it is a simple book. 

What I discovered within the papers were answers. Far fetched for my mind, it required thinking out of the box. Well outside of the box.  In this forum I have jotted down some concepts culled from the papers left by James.


THE BOOK involves A great quest. The quest is about providing a physical existence for what are spirit entities. 

The universe is beyond our comprehension and the role of our "EARTH" in it is probably replicated throughout the universe. Finding the suitable hosts for the spirit entities that exist on the planet "EARTH" requires much research and experimentation to determine if the hosts are viable or not for a long term hosting existence. The research includes Earth’s environment, Earth’s physical entities and the survival instincts pre-built into the human hosts, and how these hosts react to spirit hosting. It is a study of how the spirit and physical incarnation exist together in the structure of the Earth Host program. It delves into the successes and failures of hosting a ‘spirit’ entity  in a human host versus a universe of spirit host habitations on different planets, at different levels of advancement as the spirit moves throughout the journey toward the Nirvana environment. The Nirvana experience is what is vaguely referred to as Heaven, or the 'after'  life, or what is called Nirvana in Buddism, or any one of dozens of linguistic attempts to grasp the emporium of what existence may be like beyond the physical lifetime of a given physical host's "spirit". We have been told that 'life' is eternal. Eternal is a long time. How it is structured for the spirit is as much a quest for the spirit to discover as it is for the host once involved with the spirit.

The experiment as presented in THE BOOK is then designed to, by its nature, to focus on the education of the lower, or most basic, primitive host to achieve the highest level of spirit advancement and behavior in a culture that is, overall, ruled by survival of the fittest as it’s basic premise. It is also a study of how that development in one physical journey may be more a repose between journeys than a permanent environment. Can the spirit growth in one incarnation be regressed in a subsequent physical incarnation. If so, is there a way that forward progress can be made throughout the journey of eternal life and can that growth be duplicated enough to change the instinct of the physical host from survival of the fittest to a natural order of LOVE ONE ANOTHER. The answers have been given to us in many forms over our physical existence as a species on EARTH. One classic example is the obvious science FICTION. Which is much more FACT than fiction. The truth of the FACTS of existence has been expanding prolifically through the mediums of books,  movies and the invention of television within the recent culture of this writer. All of this 'out of the box'  FICTION has provided the answers that are provided by the spirit entities to the host and then confirmed to many by their Watcher researchers. The task is to keep track of how the host cultures respond to the knowledge that is offered and to what result does that knowledge achieve in its implementation. This occurs through each group of hosts from what amounts to an unlimited amount of host cultures throughout an unfathonable universe of cultures in similar EXPERIMENTS.

Somewhere in the vagueness of what has been termed science fiction is truth. From Jules Verne or the prophets of our religious cultures, what seemed to be fiction in its day has proven to be truth in ours. How did that occur? Where did the perceptions, dreams, creativity and more come from. I have pondered that since a young boy. I am much older now.
This book is about where we are from in the spirit aspect of us. Not religiously spiritual but that aspect of humanity that causes us to create rather than to live solely by instinct. In that part of us that stretches beyond our cultures and creates computers, travels through space, and creates weapons of war is that part of us that, in my religious life, is called a soul. That soul has been offered "Eternal Life", but the example of eternal life has been a forum for debate forever. This pondering over the years has created discussion groups centered in religious cultures and eventually has become a basis for wars, strivings for power, interpretations of writings and the proclamation of millions over the years that what they believe is the quintessential TRUTH that all others must ascribe to or be eliminated by the powers that they represent.
What happens to our cultures when the desire to become the dominate culture is the goal and objective of a multitude of powerful cultures who have discovered the ability to destroy each other at a moments whim?
These are the questions the future holds for the research for we have reached that point in our human development.   Within this preview you may discover more.

 The Elements Preview within this site is the philosophy and is the basis of the book itself on the journey. THE BOOK page will have excerpts from time to time as THE BOOK is detailed. Your real life experiences may become a forum here. The sheer volume of you who have been a part of the experiment is incomprehensible. Especially should you be capable of accessing elements of your spiritual journey throughout many lifetimes. Enjoy the philosophy. It affects us all.