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Click on the links provided and answer the questions on the Microsoft Word document. Be ready to come up to the SmartBoard and fill in the blanks.

Earth Day Network
1. What day is earth day?
2. What year did earth day begin?
3. Who had the idea for earth day?
4. What did this person witness that caused him to think of Earth Day?

1. How many Americans demonstrated Earth day?
2. What year and month did Congress create a new federal agency?
3. What was the name of this federal agency?

1. Who did Nelson meet in Washington D.C. in hopes of convincing him to take a stand on environmental issues?
2. What day did the UN Secretary-General establish Earth Day as an international holiday?

1. What is the job of a senator?
2. What magazine did Senator Nelson write his letter in for schools to see?

DLTK Crafts For Kids
1. Who are the most important stakeholders in keeping out planet healthy?
2. What act was established in 1970?

Planet Pals
1.How do you say Happy Earth Day in French?
2.How do you say Happy Earth Day in Russian?
Olivia Antonopoulos,
Apr 30, 2013, 12:16 PM