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Submission deadline:  Sunday 17 July 2016

The next DWFO piece, “Donna's Suite,” will feature music from Donna's debut episode, "The Runaway Bride", as well as from Series 4. It will include the character's quirky Latin-American-influenced theme, some chase action music and the heartrending "Rueful Fate", to name but a few. For this project we will also be including an extra special mini-piece for the choir only ("Song of Freedom"), to be used during the video's end credits. We thank you for waiting patiently for this new project to start, just as Donna waited to find the Doctor again - and we think it will have been worth the wait!

Please note:

- The "Runaway Bride" excerpt is challenging and contains several key changes.

- Members' work for this piece will occur mostly over the northern hemisphere's summer holidays, so please consider your access to your musical instrument(s) and your recording setup.

- SUNDAY 17 July is the final deadline for all "Donna's Suite" submissions. The deadline cannot be extended.

We are excited to do this piece together and we hope that you are ready to work on it with us.

Notes for applicants - please be patient!
Initial parts distribution will start after open signups close.
Parts will be distributed as soon as possible, but may take up to a week.
Parts distribution requires human volunteer oversight; it is not fully automated.

Before you sign up, review the parts list so you can request the proper material.
You will need a music-quality microphone and means of making a digital audio recording for your part submission. 
Mic and recording setup required
you must have a mic to record your part

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We appreciate your hard work! The success of the project depends on you,
our members, to submit audio recordings of the parts you request!