the DWFO

The Doctor WHO Fan Orchestra

Are you a musical Doctor Who fan?
Do you want to play Murray Gold's music in a group?
Then join the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra!

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra is a "virtual orchestra" (with choir!) project for musical Doctor Who fans, allowing the group to play and sing Murray Gold's music "virtually" together through independent member contributions.

You will need a microphone and a way of recording your audio performance to digital format, to create your submission to the project. 

You will also need headphones or earphones to listen to the provided "click track" while you perform your part (so we can play together in time to each other).

Latest project - "Donna's Suite"
(released 3 Sept 2016)

"Donna's Suite"

About the DWFO...

about the DWFO

We appreciate your hard work! The success of the project depends on you,
our members, to submit audio recordings of the parts you request!

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