About Dunedin

About Dunedin Swim Team

Formed in February 2006, Dunedin Swim Team was initially a high performance swimming club based at Dreghorn Barracks (Edinburgh). In 2008, the club changed focus to concentrate on 'Learn to Swim' and Club Development Swimming, whilst still maintaining our commitment to Competitive Swimming.  

Dunedin Swim Team prides itself on being a family orientated, fun swimming club.  Every swimmer is treated as in individual and it is our intention to provide the coaching and facilities to allow every swimmer to achieve their full potential from swimming.

For training, we currently have access to three swimming pools, namely Ainslie Park, Loanhead Swimming Pool and Forrester High School. All pools provide the club with excellent training facilities.


  • Be the swimming club of choice in our local community
  • Provide the highest standard of facilities and coaching to allow all swimmers to achieve their full potential 
  • Make swimming accessible and affordable to everyone
  • Help bring something positive to the local community
  • Be a fun family orientated swimming club where you can make lots of new friends
  • Promote lifelong positive values and qualities in our members
  • Deliver the benefits of club membership to our swimmers
  • Be a swimming club for all ages and abilities
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for all our swimmers
  • Apply recognised best practice in swimmer development
  • Treat each swimmer as an individual
  • Promote swimming as a lifelong activity


  • Our swimmers are at the centre of everything we do
  • Making swimming fun and enjoyable
  • Good technique is key to improving performance and reducing the likelihood of injury
  • A strong team identity helps to motivate swimmers to achieve their potential
  • Goal setting is a key part of swimmer development. We will encourage the swimmers in setting realistic goals and monitor their progress in achieving these 
  • Each swimmer will be treated as an individual and will have regular individual reviews with a member of the coaching team
  • Creating an individual training plan for each swimmer based on their individual ability
  • Organising swimmers into small squads of similar ability allows for a more focused training program
  • Recognizing that each swimmer develops at a different rate
  • Ensuring that our coaches are fully qualified and use the most up to date training techniques
  • We will invest in our coaching team to ensure their continuing development and help them build their expertise
  • Striving to ensure that we offer the best possible swimming environment in the pools that we use
  • Being an inclusive club and welcoming anyone interested in swimming
  • Welcoming the swimmers families into the club
  • Providing regular feedback to parents and swimmers on progress
  • Encouraging everyone to be part of the community club
  • Having social events for the swimmers and their families to attend