PreK  Color Groups
  • Dex : the Heart of a Hero
  • Dot the Firedog
Flippity: Evans * Fuller * Lane * Toering 
Colors:  Evans * Fuller * Lane * Toering
  • Read:  Johnny Appleseed from Bookflix.

    Discussion:  show print copy and discuss e-books vs print books

    Materials Needed:
    LCD Projector - access to Bookflix / people and places
    Print copy of Johnny Appleseed
Flippity: Dombroski * Graves * Madison * Morrissey
Colors: Dombroski * Graves * Madison * Morrissey
  • Read:  Manana, Iguana a 2008-09 Children's Picture Book Nominee

    Discussion:  Foreign Languages

    Exercise:  Read the book along with the accopanyingPPT to discuss the different languages

    Materials Needed:  book, PPT file in my z: drive, and the LCD Projector
Flippity: Caruso * GrantPrice * Wyatt-Frizzell
Colors:  Caruso * GrantPrice * Wyatt-Frizzell

    Flippity: Champlin * Larson * Layman * Willis
    Colors:  Champlin * LarsonLayman * Willis
      Flippity: Johnson * Phillips * Serbun
      Colors:  Johnson * Phillips * Serbun
      • Voyage of Columbus
        Not the biographical information.
        Discuss and show Columbus.ppt from 4th grade folder the specifications of the explorer's ships as well as life on board and food eaten.
        Demonstrate the length of the ship. 
        Flippity: Eller * Ericson * Whitson
        Colors:  Eller * Ericson * Whitson
        • Booktalk on several Margaret Peterson Haddix (2010 Georgia Book Award Nominee) titles including the 'Among the' Series, Found, House on the Gulf, Just Ella, and House of Mirrors.

          gSlides * gDocs

        • Scholastic Video on Margaret Peterson Haddix  My Videos/Scholastic DVD/2009 spring