PreK  Color Groups
  • Read:  Star of the Week by Barney Saltzberg - Georgia Picture Book Award Nominee

    At the mid-section of the book, illustrate what Stanley is doing.   Draw the 'noodle' and turn it into a worm.  Draw Polly's squiggle.

    At the end:
    Do a few more squiggle drawings on the board.

    Check-out at mid-time

    Watch a book Franklin Goes to School on Tumblebooks
Flippity: Evans * Fuller * Gustine * Toering 
Colors:  Evans * Fuller * Gustine * Toering
Flippity: Dombroski * Graves * Madison * Morrissey
Colors: Dombroski * Graves * Madison * Morrissey
  • Map Skills Introduction
  • Bookflix account access:  People and Places : Map Skills
  • Using MOBI to highlight items in the legend of a map and finding that item in the map.
  • Terminology
    • map
    • legend
    • city map
    • street map
    • historical map
    • elevation
Flippity: Caruso * Grant * Price  * Willis
Colors:  Caruso * Grant * Price * Willis 
    • Presentation on Labor Day.  Short video clip from History Channel:  History of the Holidays: History of Labor Day.

      Followed by review quiz:  Labor Day.ppt
    Flippity: Champlin * Ivey * Kahley * McCullough  
    Colors:  Champlin * Ivey * Kahley * McCullough  
      Flippity: Johnson * McLaughlin  * Serbun
      Colors:  Johnson * McLaughlin * Serbun
        Flippity: Eller * Ericson * Whitson
        Colors:  Eller * Ericson * Whitson
        • Read: Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers

          Discussion:  Did an 11 year old girl really convince Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard?

          Materials Needed:  Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers book.  Presentation bulletin and PPT on Linconln's Whiskers (5th Grade Lessons folder).