Boeing Dream Liner 787 Jet is a marvel of engineering

Not since the introduction of the jet plane, has an air-frame gone under so many changes. The new plane is built with the environment in mind. Composite materials bring big savings in weight allowing less fuel to be used.The Rolls Royce engines are designedto fly over 50 million miles. The environment friendly engines save large amounts of fuel, lowering operating costs for airlines.Reports have claimed up to 20% better in fuel consumption. That is huge as jet aircraft use enormous amounts of fuel in flight. Some airlines such as Virgin Airlines, are experimenting with bio-fuels. Other airlines will be switching to bio-fuel as well. The test planes have performed flawless flights using the alternate jet fuel.

The Boeing 787 Dream Liner has been ordered and delivered in many countries around the world. Fuel supply inventory at airports will determine which grade or class of fuel is used most. Also some airlines purchase fuel through the "Hedge Fund Market" trying to fix their fuel costs. If they have a year long contract, they buy the fuel at the same price whether or not the market price increases or drops. This is good for financial management as fuel costs are predictable, but can lead to airlines paying more if fuel costs drop dramatically.

A fuel saving jet is a smart choice for investors.The 787 Dream Liner is also built with this in mind.

Boeing has proven itself over time as the leading aircraft builder in the world. Their records prove it. That is something money can not buy.

New Dream Liner Lithium Ion Batteries issue updates. Boeing Official news letter on the 787 Dream Liner Passenger Jet.CNN reports on the new Dream Liner Jet.

Dream Liner has been built for traveler comfort

The plane boosts bigger windows and higher interior air quality. The cabin is pressurized to similar aircraft but at 2000 feet lower. The wings on the aircraft are designed to flex giving it a smoother ride. Just like shocks on a vehicle, the flexible wings absorb a lot of the bumpiness when encountering rough air. The interior also has more headroom for taller people. It gives the plane a more luxurious atmosphere. There is no longer window shades to pull down. Simply push a button to electronically lighten or darken the windows.

and phone connectivity. 33-44 inches of leg room for standard configuration. Some airlines offer 38" leg room and leather seats in their premium class. An upgrade to a 9" touch screen tablet is also a choice for first class seats. Wide selection of movies available. Down load data option.

The Dream Liner 787 will be popular with the flying public. The plane is a technical wonder. The horizon is view-able from all passenger seats. The windows are 3X size of normal planes. The lighting controls help keep you in tune with changing time zones. The cabin is user friendly and even at its lowest point, it is 6 feet high. Higher cabin pressure allows the body to absorb more oxygen allowing you to feel fresher upon arrival destination. If a sleep is needed, the plane has a 60% reduction in noise over most passenger jets. Every seat has a 9" LCD screen TV with tablet