Chapter Eighteen

Rachel went to bed early. She wanted to get into the dream as soon as possible. Maybe because the dreams were fun. Exciting. Or maybe it was more about her real life being so dull. 

It took her quick moments to fall asleep and she soon found herself sitting next to David in an auditorium.
"Hi!" David said.  His voice echoed in the vast emptiness. "What's up?"
 "Nothing." Rachel said, realizing she was slowly losing her shyness. Or at least she wasn't feeling completely tongue-tied. "How are you?"
Then Daphne appeared. "Howdy, Ugly People."
Rachel pretended not to notice her arrival. David seemed to be doing the same.
"Where's the old guy? Did he die?"
"That's a nice thing to say," David said.
 "I'm such a sweetheart," Daphne replied. She laughed.
"You're sick," David said.
"Did I ever tell you I think your acting totally sucks?"
"Did I ever ask your opinion?" David asked. "Do you think I care what you think?" But to Rachel, he did seem a bit pissed off.
"I think you're a good actor," Rachel said, but her voice lacked the enthusiasm of her true opinion.
Daphne laughed.
David disappeared.
"That was very rude," Rachel said. "Why do you have to be so mean?" And why did she make David disappear like that. Well, not that she knew for sure that Daphne had caused it.   But she was upset that he was gone. What if he never came back?
"Wow! Miracles of miracles. The teenage drool factory can actually talk." Daphne laughed.
Rachel answered Daphne with a glare.
"Oh I've seen the way you drool over that stupid actor."
Rachel wondered--worried that she was that obvious. What would David think if he knew she was one of his fans...Fanatics. Would he be disgusted? Find it funny?
And then Daphne disappeared.
Rachel was left alone.  She found herself in a huge auditorium. She really wished David would return.
Then she heard a noise, a pounding noise coming from backstage.
A red elephant pounded out from behind the curtain.
    "Hello!" A talking red elephant.
Then an orange elephant appeared.
And a yellow elephant.
It was all kind of cute. Rachel found herself glad that Daphne had disappeared. She'd be making snide little insults about the whole thing.
"If you guess the color of the next elephant, you win a point."
Easy enough. "Green," she said.
"Right!" You get 1 point.
Rachel reminded herself that the point didn't matter. None of it mattered.
But at least it was entertaining.
 Colorful elephants.
How fun.



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