Chapter Fifteen

David climbed out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and then turned on the TV. He flipped through his DVR list, trying to decide what episode of The Simpsons he wanted to watch.  Or maybe he’d watch Lost?  Maybe Charmed?
The phone rang.
David groaned. His mom's traditional Saturday call. He picked up the receiver and pressed talk.
"Did I wake you?" she asked.
"Nope. I'm showered and everything." He felt like a teenager, trying to prove to his mother that he wasn't wasting another weekend."
"Are you okay?"
"Fine," David said.
"Still having those...dreams."
"I'm still having the dreams. But it's okay."
"When Billy died, I had horrible dreams for months. I kept seeing the accident in my head."
"I know," David said. He began deleting shows off the DVR. Might as well multi-task. Giving his mother his full attention couldn't be healthy. "You told me."
"Sometimes I wish I had actually seen the accident," his mother said. "Does that sound crazy? But it's just I know it couldn't have been worse than my dreams. Fantasy is usually worse than reality."
David nodded his head.
 "Oh yeah. Sorry." He had forgotten that he wasn't using a video phone. Not that he even owned a video phone. Well, he did. Maybe? Did he? He didn't know. Well, the point is he never even used a video phone. He had forgotten this was a phone conversation, and that his mother couldn't see him nodding.
 "Are your dreams really bad?"
And then David suddenly remembered something. A memory popped into his head. And made him feel suddenly...melancholy. Not morbid. Melancholy. "Mom?"
 "Do you remember when I hit Billy with the baseball bat?"
"I remember." She laughed a little. "Mothers don't forget things."
"He had to go to the emergency room. Thirty stitches." Brothers don't forget things either.
"When I went to identify his body, I saw the scar. At first I thought it was from the accident. But I realized it was from the bat."
David felt sick to his stomach.
"I was just playing. I didn't mean to hurt him."
"I know," his mother said gently. "It's all in the past. No use dwelling on it."
And then David found himself crying.
"Oh Honey," his mother said. "Don't do this."
"You're going to make me cry. And I don't have time for that.”

 Rachel walked around the mall.
She looking at guys, trying to find ones that would make her fall in love and forget David.
No luck.
There wasn't even a twinge of attraction.
She eventually gave up and went to Dairy Queen. She ordered a with lots of chocolate. Medium, not small. But hey, also not large. The guy turned it upside down before giving it to her. Rachel didn't understand that. What was the point? She had once written about the whole thing in her food blog, which reminded her she hadn't written in that blog forever. The damn dreams were overshadowing everything.

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