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Chapter Ten

 "Would you like some candy or popcorn to go along with that?" Eddie asked, his role now being concession stand worker.
"Yes," David said. "I'll have some popcorn."
Eddie smiled. "Good." He scooped up the buttery popcorn and handed David a large bag. "Now don't eat too much. We don't want you to lose the honor of Hollywood's tightest abs."
 Rachel couldn't help herself. Her eyes took on a life of their own and actually looked at his abs. She quickly looked away.
"I've actually never gotten that honor," David said. He lifted his shirt and relaxed his muscles. He pinched the not-so-tiny bit of fat there. "I like to eat." He turned to Rachel as if this must be important to her. "Sorry."

 "That's okay," she said and completely hated herself. That's okay? What? Was she giving him permission to eat? To not be perfect? She sounded like a shallow bitch.  "Sorry," she mumbled, and wondered if she sounded like she was making any sense...whatsoever.

 David just grinned, took his popcorn, and went to sit alone on a bench.  He didn't seem bothered by Rachel's words which she was relieved about. Although she still felt like a complete idiot.
Jason's turn came next. "Chocolate covered Raisins please."
 Eddie handed him some raisins.
"And the young ladies? Can I get you two something?"
"You can get me out of here," Daphne said.
"Can't do that," Eddie said. He directed his attention toward Rachel. "How about you?"
"No. Thanks." Talking in front of David was hard enough. Eating would be complete humiliation.
"Come on, Rachel." David called out from his bench. Her name! He had said her name! So simple, but what joy. What a gift. Something so incredibly wonderful about his simply saying her name. "This is just a dream. You don't have to worry about gaining weight."
What? What did he mean by that? Did he know she was trying to lose weight? Was it obvious? Did she look like she needed to lose weight? Did he think she was fat?
"I guess I'll have a Diet soda," she said. "Please?"
"You're too thin for diet drinks," David said, and Rachel's love for him tripled.
Eddie poured her the soda and then came out from the confession stand. He walked over to the theater door and opened it. "Welcome to Eddie's Dream Theater. Here is where you find your wishes and nightmares."
"Shouldn't this be private?" David asked.
"Nope," Eddie said. "We're going to all share. Well, at least you guys are." He turned to Rachel and whispered. "It's your lucky day... night. You're going to learn things about David that no magazine, website, or TV show would ever be able to tell you." His words made Rachel feel dirty and guilty.
Then David whispered into her other ear. His breath against her face made her whole body tingle. "I don't want to do this. Let's say we run and escape from here."
He wanted to run away with her! No one had ever said anything so romantic to Rachel in her entire life.
"But I guess Eddie probably won't let us do that."
"This is just a dream," Daphne blurted out, probably just because she thought they all needed a reminder. "None of you exist."
"Come on!" Eddie interrupted. "The movie is about to start." He motioned them into the theater.
With an air of confidence, Daphne quickly took a seat in the back. Eddie directed Jason to the front, saying he could hear better there. David took a seat in the middle, and Rachel stood there like an idiot, wondering where to sit. She really wanted to sit next to David. Of course! But there was no way she could do that.
"Hurry and find a seat," Eddie demanded.
 "Okay," Rachel said, but then she just continued to stand there.
"You can sit here," David offered. "Next to me."
There was no way she could sit next to him.
She didn't deserve to sit next to him.
She wasn't worthy enough to sit next to him.
And then he stood up. Actually, stood up. He walked over. He took her hand, and Rachel knew she could have enjoyed the moment more if she wasn't worried that her palms were sweating. He pulled her over to the center seats and insisted she sit down.
"I don't bite," David said. He winked at her. Rachel should have been grateful for the opportunity to sit next to the human being she loved most in the whole world, but in a way the situation was too stressful. It was like eating a piece of chocolate cake that was way too rich.
"Okay!" Eddie shouted. "Roll Film."
The lights dimmed.
The film began.
A cloudy sky.
A running track.
"Whose wish is this?" Eddie asked. "Can't wait to find out." Rachel wondered if he truly didn't know, or was just playing along.
 "I don't know if it's mine or not," David whispered to Rachel. She loved his whisper. She loved his voice period. Once she had collected all these MP3's of his voice and had listened to them on a bus ride home. But it seemed kind of pathetic. Creepy. So she had deleted the whole thing.
"Is it your wish?" David asked.

    "I don't think so," Rachel said, wanting to have a beautiful sexy whisper, but knowing she failed. She probably sounded more like a dying frog.  "I don't have any wishes about running." That's one thing she knew for sure.

    A young man approached the track and began to sprint. He was handsome. Muscular and strong. His young arms flexed as his legs gracefully moved across the street. The Chariots of Fire theme played as the man reached the finish line.
    "That's me!" Jason stood up in his seat at the front and turned to face all of them. "That's me! I used to run. I was the fastest runner." The glee on his face abruptly disappeared. "But they don't let me run anymore. The coach doesn't let me run anymore."
"What a jerk," Eddie said with a smirk. "Let's all band together and kill the guy."
 "You're old," Daphne said. "Get over it."
"Okay," Eddie said. "Next wish!"
The race track faded out and a hot tub with bubbles faded in. An elegant Asian woman, with a mud mask, sighed and relaxed in the serene water.
Daphne snickered. "Well, at least I have clothes on. I'm surprised you didn't make this pornographic. I mean I made it. Well, you know what I mean. I mean I know what I mean."
David and Rachel the same time. A mutual laugh!
"Hush!" Eddie said. "Watch.
A butler came into Daphne's gigantic bathroom with a tray carrying wine. "Would you like a drink?"
"Of course," she replied. "Thank you."
"You have manners," David said. "I can't believe it."
"Shut up," Daphne said. "I'm nice to those who deserve it."
The Daphne on screen took the wine, held it in her hand, and then closed her eyes.
She hummed a song. Rachel thought it sounded like Elmo's song, but figured she must be imagining things.  
"Excellent," the Daphne, not on screen, said. "Now what were the rules about winning?"
"Should have listened the first time," Eddie snapped back at her. And then the bubble bath faded, and a bed appeared. A beautiful, model-thin, woman lay in bed. Her head rested upon a man's chest.
 "Yesterday was the happiest day of my life," the man said.
"I never imagined my wedding to be so beautiful." Rachel recognized her own voice, but hoped, like a fool, that no one else would. But come on, process of elimination. One out of four here. It wouldn't be too hard for them to guess it was her wish.
Rachel tried to will herself to disappear.
No such luck.
 But her wish finally disappeared and David's wish came on screen. He stood next to another man. They embraced.
The David next to Rachel stiffened. And the scene faded to black.
"Who is that?" Rachel asked.
 "I brother." David spoke as if he were in a trance.
"A brother?" Daphne said. "You don't have a brother."
David didn't reply.
Rachel was confused. David didn't have a brother. She looked up at him. Then remembered. This was just a dream. Right?
 "What are you staring at?" David demanded.
She looked away.
He stood up and said. "I hate all of this!"
The look in his eyes was mad...not just angry mad, but crazy mad. And all this fury was directed at Rachel. She couldn't handle it.
 "None of this is real," she said. Begging for that to be true. The real David didn't know her, didn't even know she existed, didn't hate her like this.

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