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Chapter Twenty-Six

Rachel tried to play Sims 3, but found it hard to concentrate.
Something in her was growing. A question. Now that she had faced the fact David was real.....The real David was in her dreams. Dreams? Could you still call it dreams?
Maybe? Well, whatever.
David was real. He was not a figment of her imagination. And she was real....not a figment of his imagination.
He read her whole food blog.
No one on Earth had read her whole food blog. Rachel didn't think anyone had ever, in her entire life, showed that much interest in something she had done.
So, what she wondered was....
How did David feel about her?
Did he like her? It seemed like it. But Rachel couldn't begin to imagine how a guy like him could like a girl like her.
 But even with her self-esteem as low as it was, she couldn't imagine he didn't like her. He was so nice.
He just liked her as a friend though. Right?
They shared a huge experience together. It would be hard not to bond in such a situation. You'd have to be wicked like Daphne. Completely hateful.
Anything more than a friend?
No, no. Of course not. Rachel needed to purge the idea from her very soul. She knew that. Kidding herself otherwise would just get her hurt...very hurt.

She needed to be happy for the weird experience, happy she met her favorite star in the world, and just be content with that.
 Asking for more was asking for trouble.
There was no way he'd be attracted to her:

A) She was too young. Eighteen. He was twenty-two. Not a huge age difference, but still.

B) She was completely lacking in style.     

C) David already had a serious girlfriend and Rachel hadn't heard anything about them breaking up. Although, now that she thought of it, he didn't talk about her much. He didn't sound like a guy madly in love. Okay, Rachel. Don't dwell on that. He does love her. He's probably just the type who likes to keep his love life secret. But then again, in the beginning of their relationship, Cassandra's name popped up repeatedly in David's interviews. It was very annoying.

D) If not Cassandra, then there were all the other Hollywood beauties David could choose from.

E) Daphne. Yes, she and David fought all the time. They seemed to hate each other. But Rachel suspected there very well might be sexual tension behind that bickering.  Who would David prefer-a feisty woman who challenged him? Or a shy teenager obsessed with food and obsessed with him?
 Rachel didn't stand a chance.  It was best to just enjoy the dreams while they lasted.
And play Sims 3.

She thought about getting dressed and going for a walk.
But it was too hot outside.
She lay on her bed.
Maybe she'd have a nap. Go into the dreams. See David.
She waited.
No such luck.
Rachel decided to brave the heat.
She got dressed, went outside, walked one block, started to sweat, and then came home again.
She turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. She found one of David's movies. Get it out of Me.... a really bad horror movie. It had received horrible reviews, and the movie deserved horrible reviews. Rachel could admit that. But she still loved it, simply because David was in it.
This was the first time she was seeing David in a movie since...well, since interacting with the real David.

It all felt very weird.