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Chapter Three

A knock on the door, interrupted Rachel and her Sims 3 neighborhood.

 "What?" She said, a bit too harshly. Letting it be known that she was not in the mood for interruptions was not going to stop interruptions. It would just prolong them.

Her mother opened the door with a small package in her hand. "It's for you."
 "What is it?" Rachel asked, wishing she could be as excited to get a package as she used to be. But this was the age of the Internet, and good things rarely came through snail mail. The exception was if you ordered something, and she hadn't ordered anything recently.

 She looked at the package. It was from Jessica. Maybe interesting. Probably not...probably something too embarrassing to open in front of her mom.
"Thanks for bringing it up," she said as nicely as possible.
 "You're welcome," her mother said. And then waited. Rachel waited too. Then her mother got the hint. "I guess you want to open it alone."

 Rachel decided reverse psychology would probably be her best ally here. "No, you can stay. I don't like opening things alone. I could use some company."

"Well, I'm actually very busy. It's hard cleaning up a whole downstairs by yourself."
"Okay, I understand." Rachel said. "I'll open it and then come down to help you."

 "Don't bother," her mom said. "I'm used to doing things myself." Ah, the self pity speech. Rachel hoped it would be a short one. And thankfully it was.
Her mother left.
Rachel opened the package, preparing herself for something disgusting like glow-in-the dark condoms...something with the message: stop being a virgin. It's a horrible disease.
She reached in and pulled out the contents.
Edible underpants. Ha ha. Maybe Rachel would die of laughter.
Then she noticed something else in the package. A little box. An engagement ring box. Rachel opened it and took out a little pebble. She put it in her palm and waited with fear and anticipation for it to start singing or explode in some disgusting and vulgar way. Perhaps it would turn into an inflatable penis?

It did nothing. She reached back into the package and took out the letter. She read it. Jessica said David Tirlson had its twin.
Big deal.
Well, first of all, Rachel guessed that Jessica was simply lying. Second, if David did have the twin, who really cared? It didn't really mean anything. It didn't connect them in any way. It didn't make him love her. It didn't make him know she existed. It just made her realize how pathetic she was...an Internet Junkie with no life and no real friends.

Here in Rachel's hand lay the essence of her entire romantic life. A little black pebble. She threw it in the pink trash can near her desk.  Well, she tried to at least.  It missed and rolled under her bed.

She lay down upon the pillow, sighed, and tried to make herself excited about the pebble. David had the exact same pebble. Wow, how exciting. Well, who cares. They might also have the same socks, and the same books. In all probability, they each owned a copy of a Harry Potter Book. And they probably went to the same websites sometimes. Wow! Let's jump for joys. We have something in common with the love of our life.
The phone rang. Rachel ignored it and then finally picked it up.
"Did you get it! Did you get it!" She sounded so excited. Rachel felt bad for not feeling grateful.
"Yes. Thanks."
"Is it not the most awesome thing ever?!"
"It's great." Rachel tried hard to sound genuine.
 "I knew you'd love it!"   
"I do," Rachel said.
"I bet you're holding on to it and masturbating."
Oh disgusting. Rachel felt completely sick.
"Well, I better run. Got places to go and people to see. You can return to pleasuring yourself."
Rachel quickly said good-bye and hung up the phone. Then she tried extremely hard to busy her mind with innocent and nice things.