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Chapter Five

    Rachel sank deeper into the ocean. The freezing cold water burned her skin. She thought of Leonardo Dicaprio's line in Titanic about cold water feeling like lots of knives stabbing you at once. It had been scary a enough line to talk Kate Winslet out of committing suicide.

 "Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. Rachel." A raspy voice kept repeating her name. It had been going on like this for awhile. Off and on. Silence and then the voice.
"Leave me alone!" Rachel yelled, a little bit out of fear. Although a part of her had this vague knowledge that she was just dreaming. Mostly, she was just annoyed and in pain. She wanted this dream to end.

  Suddenly, she felt herself sinking and then she felt her feet touch something mushy and gross. She looked down and saw a jellyfish-like creature staring up at her.
"Rachel," the fish gurgled. It had a rat like face, gray with whiskers. "Welcome, Rachel."

 She tried to move her foot away, but the jelly fish grabbed on to it, with its tentacles. "It's not time for you to go yet," it said.
"Yes it is," Rachel said. She wiggled her foot. And then it stung her. It hurt! Dreams weren't supposed to hurt this much. "Ow!"
The Jellyfish laughed and let go of her foot. It quickly swam away. Rachel tried to swim, but it was hard. The current was so strong, and her foot was too sore to make much of an effort.
All that was bad, but then things got worse. The theme song to Jaws began to play, and a Great White Shark appeared. Rachel forgot the whole idea of this being just a dream and screamed in absolute terror.

"Did you hear that?" David asked Daphne. The two of them sat in a row boat in the middle of the ocean. Well, it was David's interpretation of an ocean.
"Hear what?" Daphne said.
"I thought I heard someone screaming." He chuckled. "You know maybe this is their dream. Maybe neither of us exist. Perhaps we're both characters in their dream."
"Oh, wow. Deep thought." Daphne rolled her eyes.
"Maybe neither of us exist."
"I exist." Daphne said.
"What about me?" David asked.
 "What do you mean?"
"Am I real?" This was such a weird conversation to have with an imaginary character. What came next...talking to an invisible white rabbit as he walked down Fifth Avenue?  The real Fifth Avenue.  Not a dream Fifth Avenue.  Bring out the white coats and straight jackets.
"You're real,” Daphne said. “But not right now."
David shook his head, making sure this figment of his imagination understood that he completely disagreed.

 Daphne continued. "Right now you're only a figment of my imagination. My interpretation of David Tirlson. Last week, I dreamed about Guy Pearce. This week I'm dreaming about David Tirlson." She looked at him in the eye and smirked. "Oh and by the way?"
"Guy Pearce is so much sexier than you."

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