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Meet the Band

Bob, along with his wife Jane, leads the group. A life long musician, he began playing professionally at age 15, and was soon leading a band of high school friends by the name of "The BAND-its". His career is that of a high school band director. He is an experienced saxophonist, clarinetist, and also plays accordion and tuba. He "can’t decide which music he loves most", and thus, it’s only natural the his band plays such a wide variety of styles.


Janie is in many ways the real "leader of the band". She plays "lead trumpet" (yes that’s right… a gal playing trumpet!), and she’s also the "lead" female vocalist. She began performing in her brother’s band at age 13, playing drums, then trumpet, then singing vocals. Her talents appear on dozens of recordings by the Don Peachey Orchestra. She is a vocal music teacher & choral conductor with a love for performance.


Greg is the drummer who keeps the perfect beat to each song. He started drumming at age 11 and was the director’s choice for Jazz Band drummer in High School and college. His playing career began with work in several area bands. He joined "The Downtowners" twenty years ago and has earned a reputation as one of the best drummers in "the territory".


Dan is a master at the keyboards. Besides his work in the band, he is a high school choral director who also accompanies, directs, performs in, or otherwise produces a variety of Broadway shows, children chorales, church choirs, and vocal swing & jazz ensembles. In the band he keeps two keyboards going, producing just the right "comps", "fill-ins", and "choruses" for the horns and vocals.


Annie is the newest member of the group, a 10 year veteran on keyboard bass. She grew up in a musical family, was a stand-out musician in high school, got her degree in Orchestral and Vocal music, and now teaches orchestra. She also uses her keyboard & vocal skills with her church choir. Her musical bass lines provide the band with the perfect musical foundation to provide that "musical treat for dancing feet".