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International Women's Day

                                       IWD 2011 : Women and HIV/AIDS

As we look at the devastating toll the global HIV/AIDS epidemic is taking on women, and the critical role of women in fighting AIDS. At the beginning, many people thought of AIDS as a disease striking mainly at men. Even a decade ago, statistics indicated that women were less affected. But a terrifying pattern has since emerged.

All over the world, women are increasingly bearing the brunt of the epidemic. Today, in India, a significant number of all adults living with HIV/AIDS are women. Infection rates in young women are far higher than in young men. In the world as a whole, at least half of those newly infected are women, and among people younger than 24, girls and young women now make up nearly two thirds of those living with HIV. If these rates of infection continue, women will soon become the majority of the global total of people infected.

On 8 March , International Women Day 2011 The Dove Foundation with support from UP SACS ,Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Government of Uttar Pradesh
organized a state level event with theme of Women & HIV/AIDS at JHV Mall, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh. 

The event saw a gathering of around 350 women from all spheres of life , children to grandmother and working women to newly wed women . Keeping the theme of the event 'Women & HIV/AIDS' the participants were educated and made aware the vulnerabilities of women to HIV/AIDS and how they prevent it .
The celebration was conducted in a very interactive way using Videos, Presentations, & Games for giving knowledge about HIV/AIDS, and there were different competitio
ns such as Dancing, Singing, Mehndi, Painting  and fashion show by women of all spheres.


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