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Blood Donation

World Blood Donors Day - 2011 Blood Donation Camp

A two day blood donation camp was organized by The Dove Foundation to remark the World Blood Donor Day-2011 . The highlight of this donation camp were that the persons who came to donate blood were mobilized using social networking website Face Book .
A total of 51 units of blood were collected in the camp and a database was also prepared of the donors who came for donation along with their blood group and contact number so that if a need arises in future the foundation could provide with a ready list of donors.

Voluntary blood donors are the cornerstone of a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products. The safest blood donors are voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors from low-risk populations. Despite this notion, family/replacement donors still provide more than 45% of the blood collected in India , and to promote Voluntary Blood Donation among the common masses this was an initiative taken by The Dove Foundation.