Birth of the gang:
Back in the early 90´s a man from Los Santos came to Liberty City, because of the riots, his name was Joel. He soon
moved to Northwood for a better life. Joel was a Dominican man, with a little hope to get a good life. There were small
gangs around there back then and now: The North Holland Hustlers, Spanish lords, ECT. But the man from Los Santos
bought some drugs from the Hustlers. He could have smoke it himself, though he decided to sell it. Some guys joined
him with the drug trade, also Dominicans. Later the guys became friends. Some memorable members were Mr.Lopez
and Michael Bardas, they both joined the navy. The drug dealing became a way to get some serious money. Soon, in
late 90's it became official. "Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers" were born. Then they did some small time deals with
the Spanish lords, stole some drugs here and there, robbed a store, opened their own fight club... live was good for
Joel. Till some early 2000, he was killed by an unknown gang. But the his gang did not die, even better, Willy Valerio
took the lead and transformed it into one of the biggest drug gangs in the city.

The gang now:
The Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers are a drug dealing operation led by Willy Valerio and Teddy Benevidez. They
are loosely based on hispanic gang dominicans don't play or ddp for short. Valerio and Benevidez captain's are the Gomez
brothers: Alonso and Oscar. The small crew looks more likely to be a Dominican part (or counterpart) of the larger
Spanish Lords Hispanic street gang. The gang is also said to be involved in underground streetfighting.

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