Choice of the optics

The choice of the mirror is a major decision. It will depend on your expectations in terms of quality, and the level of your budget.  We can assist you in your personal decision process. 

* NIchol Optics in the UK makes good optics at a very interesting price:

* In the US,  John Lightholder makes excellent optics which are well appréciated by users:

* Mike Lockwood, in the US, makes also very good optics, particularly very large mirrors, with very short focal ratio:

* In France, Franck Griere, from Mirrosphère, makes excellent mirrors, may be the best ones in Europe:

*  Alluna, in Germany produces very good optics which are favored by German amateurs:

Obviously, you can suggest your own mirror maker, or provide your own optics, if you have them already.

Some example of prices:
In Euro                               300 mm                  400 mm                 500 mm

Nichols Optics UK                             1200 (fd 4)                2100 (fd4)                  2960 (fd4)

Mirrosphère                                       2000                        3775                           5570
                                                         (fd4,5)                           (fd4)                         (fd4)