16" Dobsonian


With such instrument, you will be able enjoy the colors in the Orion Nebula: the blue green center, one green wing, the other one reddish, and the strait rainbow. You will be able to compare the various levels of green and blue in the planetary nebula. In dark skies, you will see directly the spirals in M51 and you will discover the Stephan Quintet.

This telescope with already large size, is compact, reasonably light, and easy to handle and transport.  With a f/d at 4, you will not need any ladder.

The whole structure weights around 17 kg. Optics weight 11 kg.  Total weight is 28 kg. No single element is more than 8 kg.




- Cell with 18 points:

The mirror box can be easily removed, with the primary mirror inside.

Height truss tubes, made of aluminium or carbon, it is your choice.

- Focuser Moonlite CR2 or Feathertouch:

Price (shipping cost not included):

- Structure without optics, no mirror box,  including height aluminium truss tubes 23 mm and Moonlite CR2 focuser: 3020 Euro.

- Option removable mirror box: + 250 Euros

- Option: Feathertouch focuser: + 150 Euros

- Option:  8 carbon truss tubes, 20 mm: + 320 Euros

- Option light shroud: + 120 Euros

- Option 4 wheels or 2 wheels dolly: +190 Euros

- You can choose the optics according to the level of expected quality and the level of your budget (see Choice of the optics).

- For example, the whole instrument with optics by Nichols Optic, UK: from 5120 Euro.

- The whole instrument with optics by Mirrosphère, France: from 6795 Euro.

Please contact us for any enquiry.  We can help you in order to minimise the impact of exchange rates and transportation costs: