N.E.W. Diptych Images-1

Some images of diptychs completed by New England Wax artists - to be shown first at Whitney Art Works, Portland, ME 

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 Jeanne Borofsky, NEW (top) + Catherine Nash, IEA, (bottom)  "The Constellations",   24" x 12"


Kimberly Kent, IEA (left) + Jeanne Griffin, NEW (right), "Mountain Mosaic", 12" x 24"

Laura Kleinman, IEA (left) + James Meyer, NEW (right)  "Out of the Darkness", 24" x 48"



Carol Paxton Juliano, IEA  (top) + Lynette Haggard, NEW (bottom), "Rivulets of Whimsey," 24" x 12"